Hollywood Babble-On 12

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin plan a move to England to see their favorite Super Friend in person."
Runtime: 1:27:26
Recorded Sat, 13th Nov. 2010
Released Mon, 15th Nov. 2010 

0:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

0:25 Ralph and Kevin each claim to feel like the Elephant Man due to a new opening/entrance at the SModCastle. Varying Elephant Man chat.
2:58 Quote: "Let's Dance, bitch!"
3:15 BREAKING NEWS: Hollywood Babble-On will be leaving SModCastle, moving to the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club.
4:45 Ralph valiantly defends Universal against Kevin's sexual insinuations. Kevin reminisces about City Walk.
9:00 Email Bag: Diana keeps saying 'Whatnot.'
10:30 Kenny Swan: No-one knows who Chelsea Handler is outside the US.
11:25 Drinking Game rules: Britney from the UK
- Drink when Kevin talks about cock.
- Down beer when Ralph yells at the audience for disagreeing with him.
- Drink when Ralph talks about his love of Emma Stone, or calls Chelsea Handler a talentless cunt.
- Take a drink when Ralph does an impression, but finish if it's Harrison Ford Al Pacino.
13:20 New Movies:
#1 Unstoppable. #2 MegaMind. #3 Due Date. #4 SkyLine. #5 Morning Glory.
15:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Jill Clayburgh. The Tinseltown Stiff was an elaborate plot for Ralph to do an Al Pacino impression.
18:30 Quote: "I get all kinds of shitty dick ...!"
20:12 Quote: "She's a MILF (In name only ...)."
21:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Dino De Laurentiis. Ralph is unimpressed. Kevin defends.
23:12 **first appearance** Conan The Barbarian. Kevin likes the impression.
28:20 **first appearance** "Spoilers."
28:45 Kevin berates Ralph for his Charles Bronson impression.
30:10 Ralph thanks Dino for Mandingo 
31:08 Celebrity Sick-Bay or Serious Condition But Quite-Dead-Yet!: Jerry Rafferty.
Quote: "They might be missed!"
32:00 Ralph plays a portion of Baker Street and Stuck in the Middle With You.
35:18 Celebrity Sick Bay: Jane Fonda.
36:00 Celebrity Rehab Watch: Butch Patrick.
39:00 Celebrity Rehab Watch: Demi Lovato.
41:29 Batman Live Show coming.
42:54 **first appearance** "Manchester, England, England!"
44:49 Nude Kat Dennings pictures leaked.
47:00 Miranda Kerr nude and pregnant.
48:50 **first appearance** Ralph's favorite story of the week: Courtney Love beat Gerard Butler at $17,000 for lunch with Adrien Brody. Ralph compares fucking her to "sticking your dick in battery acid."
51:00 Best story of the Week: Dick Van Dyke surfs; falls asleep; and is pulled into land by porpoises.
53:15 Quote: "That is like finding the box of Mr. Sparkle!"
53:50 Madonna's kids have head-lice. Kevin-centric Madonna story.
55:43 Quote: "Give that porpoise a sandwich!"
55:55 Joe Francis got married.
56:30 Toxic Avenger movie announced.
57:43 Walking Dead renewed for a second season. Rubicon cancelled.
58:40 Adam Sandler gifts Maserati's to Grown-Ups co-stars.
59:30 Jon Favreau to direct Magic Kingdom.
1:00:23 Quote: "My head hurts!" (JFK).
1:02:19 Russell Brand already bitching about Katy Perry. Ralph ecstatic.
1:03:45 Quote: "The 80's called ... they want their leather jacket back!"
1:04:20 The 3 Stooges movie is dead. (Sadly, that isn't the case). Stooges trivia.
1:06:50 Mel Gibson news: To appear on Mad Men.
1:08:30 Superman casting: Joe Manganiello to be Superman.
1:10:35 Green Lantern trailer released.
1:12:10 Blake Lively to be in The Dark Knight Rises. Ralph blasts Maggie Gyllenhall.
1:13:25 Quote: "Pussyyyyyyyyyy!" **first appearance** Ralph as Christian Bale's Batman.
1:13:50 Anne Hathaway, Kiera Knightley, Natalie Portman, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weiss rumoured for a female part in Batman.
1:19:45 Porn Parody news: PronNail Her Swift and Kanye East.
1:21:00 Tron is a collectable, as you can't buy it right now. Only Ralph cares.