Hollywood Babble-On 11

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin get airtight."
Runtime: 1:22:48
Recorded Sat, 30th Oct. 2010
Released Mon, 1st Nov. 2010 

0:00 Intro by Matt Cohen.

0:25 Ralph comes to the SModCastle dressed for Hallowe'en dressed as Indiana Jones, and armed with candy.
2:20 Ralph moves the candy away as Kevin recounts the tale of him eating everyone's sandwiches.
3:05 Quote: "Side-shitting."
3:40 Email bag: Kyle Ebert amends opening.
6:00 Ralph is still referred to as "Roger" and "Frank."
6:25 Greg asked is Too Fat for 40 is coming for DVD. Asks if there is backlash for Ralph's Chelsea Handler remarks.
8:21 HBO Drinking Game rules added: (Billy Eaton the Zamboni Driver)
- When Ralph does an impersonation (1 drink).
- If deemed unacceptable by Kevin (finish drink).
- If Kevin describes how he would make a movie and finishes with "Credits." (Finish drink).
- If Kevin impersonates sucking a cock with the microphone (Take drink).
- Take a shot of JD if Kevin mentions Ralph's alcohol problem.
- Pass drink to the left, and take drink if Kevin mentions his weed addiction.
- If you don't know the Tinseltown Stiff, take a shot of Jaeger.
10:30 Email from Nick Del Sesto: Al Pacino audio theme.
11:00 Box Office news: Kevin would like that the numbers are based on admissions, not money.
#1 Saw 3D (with franchise history). #2 Paranormal Activity 2. #3 RED. #4 Jackass 3D. #5 HereAfter.
16:40 There is a guy dressed as Kevin for Hallowe'en.
16:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Alexander Anderson.
19:00 Kevin tells a tale of travelling to L.A. by train as a child. (Rocky and Bullwinkle, Dudley Do Right Emporium).
Tinseltown Stiff: George Hickenlooper.
Tinseltown Stiff: James MacAuthor. (Ralph berates the audience). Hawaii 5-0 theme with new lyrics.
24:52 Leonard Nimoy Recovering after surgery.
25:45 Ralph does DeForest Kelley.
26:15 Matt Damon has new daughter. Kevin speaks highly of him.
27:00 Celine Dion has twins.
28:50 Quote: "You're attacking babies now!" 
29:50 Quote: "Woodstock for Harley Davidson?"
30:35 Quote "Gal pal!"
31:10 Hallowe'en Talk. Ralph talks about his family traditions.
32:25 Fandango releases best-selling Hallowe'en costumes of 2010. Kevin refuses to accept the list.
35:15 Quotes: "Did you write this list?!" "I don't fucking believe that!" "Bullshit!!" "This is making me angry! Did Chelsea Handler write this list?!" "BULLSHIT!!!" "BULLSHEEIT!!!!" "BULLSHIT!"
40:30 Title of Batman 3 announced. Ralph is unimpressed. No 3D Batman, no Riddler.
42:43 Kevin laments that Ralph has a Frank Gorshin impression.
43:45 Ralph plays Schwarzenegger playing Mr. Freeze.
44:00 Pam Anderson takes the record for most Playboy appearances (11). 
45:55 Ralph has a list of people of note who have refused playboy.
- Jwoww. $400,000
- Mel B. $400,000
- Kate Gosling. $400,000
- Nelly Furtado $500,000
-Lindsay Lohan $900,000
48:20 **first appearance** "Airtight."
- Melissa Joan Hart $1,000,000
- Ashley Simpson $4,000,000
- Jennifer Aniston $4,000,000 + incentive package; % of sales.
- Lady Gaga offered the same deal.
51:45 Ralph thinks Lady Gaga is a dirty person.
52.20 Red State wrapped. Charlie Sheen goes apeshit and destroys a hotel room. Capri Anderson sues Charlie Sheen. Kevin explains protocol of hiring hookers.
56:30 Quote: "For that kind of money, I should be able to operate on her ..."
58:08 Randy Quaid fears the Hollywood Star Whackers.
59:45 Oprah Winfrey would like Halle Berry to play her in the movie about her life. Frankie and Alice rush-released.
1:02:40 A tiger escaped at Russell Brand and Katy Perry's wedding.
1:03:25 Big Love cancelled, as is Caprica. Battlestar: Blood and Chrome announced. Charlies Angels TV series announced.
1:06:00 Kevin shows pictures from the abandoned Superman Lives project.
1:08:00 Casting couch stories. Kevin talks about his wife. Casting couch source.
1:10:00 Quote: "Big fuckin' lips."
1:11:15 Megan Fox needed to clean Michael bay's car. Ralph offends Argentina.
1:12:30 Quote: "Unt."
1:15:06 Kevin has quite the attraction to Helen Mirren.
1:16:50 Portia De Rossi releases a book, Unbearable Lightness about her bulemia and anorexia.
1:18:38 Quote: "Lupus?! She became a werewolf?!"
1:20:10 Quote: "Dedicated Vagitarian." No HBO next week.
1:21:00 Indecent Proposal hypotheticals.