Hollywood Babble-On 10.

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin bite the hand that feeds."
Runtime: 57:25
Recorded Sat, 23rd Oct. 2010
Released Tues, 26th Oct. 2010 

0:00 Intro by Matt Cohen.

0:30 Kevin reads a letter from Mark Mendes. (Can't locate images).
2:07 Email Bag. The Wobbly H also known as "the Spit Roast," and further explanation of "Excelsior." Ralph reads as Comic Book Guy. Then Harrison Ford.
4:20 **first appearances** Kyle Ebert. Frank Garman. 
6:40 Too Fat For 40 debut today. (See previous entry.) Kevin's hockey shirts. 
8:00 Kevin talks about John Goodman on the set of Red State.
9:44 Hollywood Helper: Johnny Depp buys jackets to keep crew warm on Pirates of the Carribean 4.
11:40 Hollywood Helper: Kevin Smith. Walter Gretzsky Street Hockey Tournament 2010.
13:11 Movies: #1 Paranormal Activity 2. #2 Jackass 3D. #3 RED. #4 Hereafter. #5 Social Network. #6 Life As We Know It. #7 Secretariat. #8 The Town. #9 Hoot Pt II. #10 Easy A.
16:00 Mel Gibson axed from the Hangover 2.
17:26 **first appearance** Liam Neeson supposedly has the biggest cock in Hollywood.
18:25 Carrie Fisher high on Hoth.
19:30 Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis and Ian McKellen cast in The Hobbit.
20:30 Tinseltown stiff: Tom Bosley.
23:00 Tinseltown stiff: Bob Guccione.
26:05 Russell Brand and Katy Perry got married. Russell Brand went to Kevin's house. 
27:53 **first appearance** Dudley Moore.
28:39 Twitter show picked up by CBS Dear Girls Above Me.
30:30 The Simpsons are Catholic. Dora the Explorer practices Santaria.
32:05 Lady Gaga Hallowe'en costume. NJ Meat Association says Don't Do It.
32:45 Alien prequel announced. (Later repackaged as Prometheus.)
35:08 Al Pacino is going to be on Broadway, in The Merchant of Venice. Harrison Ford pops in.
37:55 Daniel Radcliffe will be in Broadway, starring How to Succeed in Business Without Trying.
39:00 Jayden Smith's next film 1,000 AE by M. Night.
40:45 Rihanna to star in The Expendables 2. Dolph Lundrun directing The Killing Machine. Dolph Lundgrun facts, and hotel story.
43:15 Top 10 Celebrity SexTapes. Check it.
44:45 Kevin tells the Mewes sextape story. Ralph has made one of himself.