Hollywood Babble-On 9: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Titles

Episode: Link.
Comments: "You wanna know what this episode is about? No title will tell you. You just gotta listen to Ralph and Kevin."
Runtime: 1:15:39
Recorded Sat, 16th Oct. 2010
Released Tues, 19th Oct. 2010 

0:00 Intro by Matt Cohen.

0:32 New mics; the new pods now have better audio quality.
2:20 Email bag: "Dear Roger, fuck you! Love Canada."
Correction: Russel Peters is a Canadian-East Indian comedian.
Fan art: Hollywood Babble-On Muppets. Here.
8:00 Ralph and Kevin are fans of easter.
9:00 **first appearance** Hollywood Helpers Theme by Shane LaRue.
10:00 **first appearances** Tinseltown Stiffs themes (Good and bad). Hollywood Doom Prediction theme.
12:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Barbara Billingsley.
14:10 Kevin does an impression of Stan Lee. Description of "Excelsior." Stan teamed up with the NHL to provide superheroes for each of the 30 teams. Calgary Flame. 
18:20 Chelsea Handler news: second Handler series; After Lately.  "Jive Turkey" sporadically interspersed. Handler Vs. Cannon in twitter feud. 
20:55 Quote: "Chelsea Handler and Nick Cannon arguing over who is funnier, is like Stephen Hawking and Christopher Reeve talking about who is the better dancer."
21:05 Nick Cannon quote about Chelsea Handler origin at E! with Ted Herbert. Source.
23:00 Nick Cannon challenges Eminem to a charity boxing match. Source.
25:50 Ralph reveres people who are funny; hates people are anti-funny.
26:42 Geek News: Spider-Man Casting News. Rhys Ifans as the Lizard.
29:50 New Batman movie: Tom Hardy is cast in an unknown role. Batman talk.
33:40 **first appearance** Ralph as Cesar Romero.
34:07 James Cameron announces to make Cleopatra in 3D!(!)
35:00 Kevin watches Avatar with Jen.
39:00 Live action Hulk series announces, also Punisher.
40:55 Two actors left in Hollywood: Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper. Batman and Flash on TV Guide.
42:35 Marmaduke and Owen Wilson take a reaming,
43:07 Emma Stone news/Hollywood Helper: Paul McCartney. Story. Kevin berates the story.
46:35 Quote: "Hollywood Horn-dog."
47:00 Ralph imitates Paul McCartney. Quote: "I read One-Legged Girls Monthly!"
48:00 Al Pacino will play Phil Spector in a TV biopic. Kevin doubts Ralph's story.
50:43 Quote: "No, no ... call yourself 'Roger.'"
51:05 Kevin tells the story of the Canadian Hooker.
53:05 Stars with guns: Like this.
56:10 Movie Chart: #1 Jackass 3D. #2 RED. #3 Social Network. #4 Life As We Know It. #5 Secretariat. #6 The Town. #7 Ga'Hoole. #8 My Soul To Take. #9 Easy A. #10 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. #15 Devil.
1:02:25 Ralph knows what to get Kevin for his birthday. Haps le births! (Star Wars chat.)
1:03:15 Han Solo and Darth Vader eating a meal.
1:05:18 Quote: "Try to shoot me? I'm gonna make you suck the wookies dick!"
1:06:15 Too Fat For 40 will be on Epix, soon.
1:08:23 Spike announces they will make a reality TV series called Coal.
1:10:10 **first appearance** "Wobbly H."
1:12.30 Ralph has finished on Red State.
1:14:00 "Hollywood Mutual Suck-Off."