Hollywood Babble-On 8: Trannyformers

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin investigate the real meaning of "robots in disguise."
Runtime: 1:09:53
Recorded Sat, 9th Oct. 2010
Released Mon, 11th Oct. 2010 

0:00 Intro by Matt Cohen. 

0:30 Kevin can't work blue, as his mother is there. (Recording SModcast with Kevin after HBO, this evening).
1:40 Email bag: Steve Rogers would like to hear the origin of Ralph and Kevin. (Answer at HBO91).
4:55 Quote: (Jonathan) "The kid in the wheelchair singing 'Born To Run."
5:40 **first appearance** "Roger."
6:13 Box Office Results: #1 Life As We Know it. #2 The Social Network. #3 Secratariat. #4 My Soul To Take. #5 The Town. #6 The Owls. #7 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. #8 Easy A. #9 Case 39. #10 Let Me In. 
10:14 New Harry Potter movie will not be in 3D. 
13:20 Zack Snyder will direct the new Superman film (Man of Steel). Kevin sings his praises.
15:50 Ralph stunt double for Red State was John Wayne's son.
16:50 Casting news: Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. She will host SNL.
19:18 Seann Williams Scott cast as the lead in the hockey movie, Goon. Ralph rants against Canada.
23:00 Quote: "Rogers career dies with Red State."
23:05 Hollywood Helpers: Johnny Depp shows up a school to meet girl who wrote to him.
26:45 Jerry Lewis says his Telethon has been condensed to just a few hours.
28:43 Caitlin Sanchez sues Nickelodeon. Kevin explains Dora, Boots and Swiper.
30:25 Quote: "Fuckin' Roger ..."
32:04 Chelsea Handler story buried in his "Fuck Her," file. She has landed a movie, with Reese Witherspoon. This Means War, and she's dating 50 Cent.
34:58 Hollywood Beefs: Shia LeBeouf Vs. Frankie Muniz.
38:00 Transformers movie news: title: the Dark of the Moon.
38:25 Quote: "Trannyformers: Robots who are guys."
40:00 Ralph has back and forth with the audience over Megan Fox, and she has no interest in playing Wonder Woman.
42:00 NBC is going to remake The Munsters. 
44:45 Jennifer Lopez will be producer on Nannyland.
47:00 MTV is in final negotiations for a new series of Punk'd. Justin Bieber is the new host.
48:10 Ralph did a bit on the radio about Disn*y, who threatened legal action.
50:15 Brittney Jones says Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have an they have an open relationship, they have threesomes, etc.
52:30 Whispered quote: "He is so fucking lucky!"
54:20 Titanic is going to be released in 3D.
54:58 Quote: "Arcing ropes of jism!"
55:40 **first appearance** Charlton Heston.
56:30 Coversation between Harrison Ford and Chuck Heston.
58:25 The estate of Charlton Heston are trying to get his image onto a stamp.
59:29 Top Earning Comedians: Source.
1:01:45 Quote "I partnered up with the fuckin' wrong partner, man ..."
1:04:00 Ralph and Kevin theorize using puppets for Hollywood Babble-On. Davey, Goliath and racism.