Hollywood Babble-On 7: Babble-Dabble

Episode: Link.
Comments: "How dare you, sir. And whatnot."
Runtime: 1:29:21
Recorded Sat, 2nd Oct. 2010
Released Mon, 4th Oct. 2010 

0:00 Intro by Matt Cohen. 

0:30 Ralph reads a piece from the LA Times on the SModCastle. Everyone is mentioned in the article; minus Ralph. 
3:00 Joseph Monks (Blind director), tweeted thanks to HBO for the money he needed.
5:00 Joseph Monks blasts Hollywood Babble-On after listening to the last podcast.
5:58 **first appearances** Listener email, Hollywood Babble-On drinking game.
6:30 Neil Tyner starts the Hollywood Babble-On drinking game.
- If Ralph says "How dare you sir!" take 1 drink. - If Kevin says "And whatnot," take 1 drink.
- If Kevin says anything close to "Give that penis a sandwich!" Finish drink.
7:30 **first appearance** Hollywood Babble-On email. hbopodcast@aol.com (If you like HBO) adamcorrolla@fuckyou.com (if you don't like HBO).
7:54 Kevin plays a track by MC Chris for HBO.
10:00 Box Office numbers "That's a new flick, Kev!"
#1 Social Network. #2 Wall Street; Money Never Sleeps. #3 The Town. #4 "Hoot." #5 Easy A.#6 Let Me In. #7 Case 39. #8 You Again. #9 Devil. #10 Resident Evil: Afterlife. #12 Inception.
11:40 Ralph and Kevin have been filming Red State.
12:12 Ralph tells an amusing anecdote about his father.
19:25 **first appearance** Sharktopus.
23:30 Kevin talks about his set designer RatFace and M. Night Shamalamalamalan.
26:00 Ralph compares M. Night's films to jerking off.
26:35 Quote: "Shooting dust."
28:05 Lone Star cancelled.
29:40 **first appearance** "...and now another edition of Tinseltown Stiffs!" "Big Bucket of Win!"
30:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Tony Curtis.
31:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Arthur Penn.
31:28 Tinseltown Stiff: Stephen J. Cannell.
32:33 Ralph and Kevin sing the theme to The Greatest American Hero.
33:23 Kevin jerked off 3 times today. Ralph claims Kevin is a liar for looking at pictures of his wife.
35:20 Ralph tells the story of how he masturbated multiple times for the morning show, to break the record. He arrived at 21. Maybe Ralph holds the record.
37:15 Quote: "The journey of a million miles begins with a single yank."
37:40 SDCC is staying in San Diego. Those 4 days bring in $68 million to San Diego.
40:00 Hollywood Doom Prediction: Wonder Woman TV series.
43:40 $#*! My Dad Says has launched, with good numbers. Twitter based programs follow.
46:00 Shakespeare in a tweet.
46:25 Jermaine Jackson can longer afford to pay child support for Jermajesty and Jaafar.
50:00 Quote: "If you call your kid Jermajesty, that's gonna be an expensive kid."
50:55 Stephen Fry to play Sherlock Holmes brother, Mycroft, in Game of Shadows. Professor Moriarty will be Jared Harris.
52:30 The Lost In Space movie is raked over the coals.
54:55 Ralph discusses Red State, being on set and Michael Parks. Filmed chapel scene, this week.
1:02:52 Kevin has an elevator in his house. Before it was Affleck's house, and Terrence Trent D'arby.
1:05:16 George Lucas says Star Wars will be released in 3D. (Phantom menace, first).
1:07:35 Quote: "Fuck you, George Lucas!" Crystal Skull is discussed.
1:09:25 **first appearance** Mumbling Harrison Ford.
1:10:20 The audio footage which supplied Harrison Ford and the Mumble of Doom.
1:12:00 Star Wars theory, Jedi blood.
1:14:00 The Lone Ranger news and theory. Johnny Depp will play Tonto. Gore Verbinsky will direct.
1:18:20 Hollywood Doom Prediction. Glee; The Springsteen Edition.
1:19:43 Quote: "Hollywood Rational Slap-in-the-Face!"
1:21:05 One of many "Give it a chance, Ralph!"'s.
1:22:58 Quote: "Gloryholin' it." Kevin tells the tale of a gloryhole in Virgin Records.
1:24:44 Quote: "Did you ever get drunk through your ass?" General alcohol abuse talk.