Hollywood Babble-On 162: March 28, 2014

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Description: "Recorded LIVE at The Brea Improv on Friday, March 28, 2014."Runtime: 1:53:41
Recorded Fri, 28th Mar. 2014
Released Mon, 31st Mar. 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ad for DAVE School.
1:18 Kyle Hebert intro. 

2:05 Quakes in L.A. ( ...And the rest of the Pacific Rim).
4:10 "O.G. Richter." Kevin ponders Bryan Johnson promoting Comic Book Men to Hasbro. Mingstagram. Jon Hamm makes an HBO return. "It's a dark, Fun-House mirror ..." Jon Hamm listened to HBO. "I won't have him killed!" "I gotta change all of these stories ..."
9:00 Cock-chat.
10:25 HBO has a pilot. (Comic Book Men has S4, and Rob Bruce has his own show!)
11:50 "I came to watch you drink!"
12:25 Shout-outs: Megan gets her email scrutinized. Creepy Clown Medley. 
15:15 Creepy Clown Time: Huell Howser, Bill Cosby, Harrison Ford and Christian Bale.
16:50 Jacob, Keith, Kim and Saul from Diamond Bar fail to attend. J/k. "He's a dick!" -waitress. Sexy Kevin encouragement. "It's not gay at 2.A.M. It's fun!" "Sticky."
19:45 Eammon and Jennifer from Brisbane at The Brea. Jennifer disliked the Fries Girl. 
21:45 Schwarzenegger sings the Lonely Goat Herd. Tank.
22:30 Email bag: Jed in London sends in a Selma Hayak quote.
24:50 David writes in about girlfriend Rue's pronunciation of "Bowie."
26:43 Gary Dunghill asks for Wedding Night advice from Al Pacino. "One-eyed Cat."
29:40 Dynamic Duets: Donna Haber asks for U Got The Look. (Sheena Easton and Prince.) BaneCat.
33:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Montecore. "Roy's all 'Nrrrrghhhh!'" "Why do you know so much about this?!"
37:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Dave BrockieGoodnight Moon.
40:45 Tinseltown Stiff: James RebhornObituary.
43:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Lorenzo Semple, Jr. (Video unavailable).
47:50 Hollywood Helpers: Channing Tatum Bucket List.
52:00 Exquisite Acting: Captain Eo, starring Anjelica Huston.
54:35 Shit That Should Not Be: Pinocchio Candle.
58:00 Kev-In: Oz. Godzilla. Public Pissing.
1:01:15 HBO Headlines: Chris Hemsworth and wife have twin boys.
1:02:45 Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow to divorce. Conscious UncouplingMom difficulties. Kevin breaks down her day.
1:12:00 Kim Kardashian on Vogue BreathRogen. Polyglot. Cultural Phenomenon.
1:15:40 Justin Bieber replicates James Dean. Ciggies.
1:17:15 Zac Efron gets into a fight with some bums. "He just got out of rehab!" "Private treatment!" "High School Snoozical!" Vanessa Hugdens nude photos. "Bushy-scrapy."
1:21:40 Miley Cyrus Make A Wish missed, and her influence on society.
1:25:00 Lindsay Lohan's Fuck List, is thrown into doubt via James Franco. More of a Wish-List. Date Night discussed.
1:27:50 I Wanna Marry Harry on Fox sounds horrible. April 10th is the 50th anniversary of It's A Small World.
1:30:30 Malaysian Airlines missing flight discussed.
1:30:20 Geek News: Chris Evans ready to quit acting after Captain America. Marvel Movies on Netflix.
1:33:40 Star Wars Football Teams logos. Ralph on WarNog, Klingon beer. Walking Dead Dock Street Walker. "Irritated Goat Disease." "Goat Brain cupcakes."
1:37:15 Chinese junkyard Transformers. Mark Wahlberg says Transformers is the most iconic franchise.
1:40:50 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer. Origin. "'Za!"
1:43:00 Ralph Blows: 0.09. Batman Blu-Ray box hints. Ralph plugs his upcoming movies.
1:46:38 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.