Hollywood Babble-On 160: March 8, 2014

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Comments: "In the Headlines? BABBLE! In the Geek News? BABBLE! An all-BABBLE news home show!"
Runtime: 1:07:04
Recorded Fri, 8th Mar. 2014
Released Tues, 11th Mar. 2014
Show notes by @HBOhelper

0:00 SModCo ads. squarespace.com (Offer code: turnpike) DAVE school

4:40 Kyle Hebert intro.
5:30 3 Big Babble-On stories coming your way!
6:55 First story: Jay, Ralph and Kevin coming to the UK!

- HBO. Vicar Street, Dublin. June 28th
- HBO. O2 Academy, Birmingham. June 29th
- HBO & Groovy Movie. Hammersmith Apollo London. July 1st.
- J&SBGO Coleston Hall, Bristol. July 2nd.
- J&SBGO Manchester Apollo, Manchester. July 3rd.
Tickets at seeSMod.com.

9:50 "Put your ham in my knot!"
19:15 Second story: Kevin plugs Comic Book Men, and reveals HBO will make a pilot for AMC.
27:45 Kevin berates Shecky for interrupting the Babble-On Secret Origins.
34:30 "I saw Hollywood Babble-On before they replaced Ralph Garman with Joe Rogan!"
35:00 Kevin mentions Sunday Jeff.
36:40 SModCo ads. squarespace.com (Offer code: turnpike)
39:00 Third story: '66 Batman meets the Green Hornet, with Ralph and Kevin )Available May 21st, dig. June 4th paper). BatHistory.
55:00 Alex Ross Justice League.
59:15 Ty Templeton, Alex Ross and Adam West possible guests at the FatCave.
1:04:00 Ralph tries to make Kevin cry. No HBO next week.