Hollywood Babble-On 157: February 7, 2014

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Comments: "Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on 2/7/2014"
Runtime: 1:37:05
Recorded Fri, 7th Feb. 2014
Released Sun, 9th Feb. 2014
Show notes by @Forgeticus

1:45 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:55 Ralph's childhood hero, McGruff the Crime Dog, is going to jail for 16 years.
5:33 Special guest in attendance tonight. Director of Sharktopus Declan O'Brien.
6:26 Shout-outs: Cory and Mike. "Do you know anyone from Dr. Who?" Huell Howser.
10:18 Joey, Niah, Tim. Al Pacino welcomes and congratulates a pregnancy.
11:53 Dagmar & Tannar. Bowie sang some hits in German. Bowie congratulates anniversary.
16:00 Eric, his spectacular mustache, & Natalie. Kevin is so baked. Sexy Kev & anal woes.
   Kev: "Maybe it's like a biblical asshole? Better a camel to pass through this asshole than     a rich man to get in Heaven." ... Ralph: "You told her to dress up like a female NFL player."
20:50 Email bag: Jeff wants Arnold Schwarzenegger to sing the Snow Miser song.
   Ralph quoting the email: "'Here's to another 5 years.' We've only been doing it 3."
23:07 Jennifer made Kevin and Ralph cake pops. 1, 2, 3. Kev: "We look like friends!"
24:39 Ken sends in Vin Diesel dancing to Goodbye Horses.
26:19 Ray altered a luggage trolly at LAX. Welcome to LA. Put a dick in your mouth. Photo.
27:00 Dynamic Duets: Dan Forton wrote a theme song. "Ain't No Mountain High Enough".
30:10 Smodco ads.
40:42 Tinseltown Stiffs: Richard Bull, actor, Little House on the Prairie. Photo.
44:02 Tinseltown Stiff: Maximilian Schell, stage and film actor. Clip.
45:36 Tinseltown Stiff: Phillip Seymour Hoffman, actor. Clip. Kevin's PSH.
52:40 Hollywood Helper: Clint Eastwood saved a choking man. Ralph does Clint Eastwood.
54:42 Shit That Should Not Be: Live and Let Die 007 custom tarot cards. Clip. Screenshot.
57:43 Exquisite Acting: Peter O'Toole in The Ruling Class. Clip.
59:39 Kev-In: Ron Burgundy. Billy Jack remake. The Joy of Painting.
1:01:37 HBO Headlines: The Bieber flight crew speaks out.  Sucking on titties. Gay kiss.
1:07:16 Kevin forgets they did the White House petition story last week.
1:08:21 Katy Perry took John Mayer to a strip club after the Super Bowl. Photo.
1:10:00 Kylie Jenner hospitalized after sharing trampoline with Khloe Kardashian. Photo.
1:11:25 Miley Cyrus in W magazine. Cover photo. Tits out. Sounds like an idiot in article.
1:12:58 Celebrity Boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX. (since cancelled)
1:14:55 BBC Chinese New Year, Year of the Whores closed captioning mistake.
1:16:43 Sony snaps up Tusk for distribution all over the world. Article. #walrusyes
1:20:09 Sylvester Stallone did not rip off idea for Expendables from book. Sly's response. "Books?! Who reads books? You're being rude."
1:21:07 Movies That Will Suck: Zombeavers, a zombie beaver movie. Al Pacino as zombie beaver.
1:23:15 Olivia Newton-John announces Vegas residency. Ralph masturbated to "Let's Get Physical"
1:24:32 Crazy guy rushed onto stage at a Taylor Swift concert. Clip. Photo.
1:26:31 Awful Canadian band Skinny Puppy suing US Government for using their music as torture at Guantanamo Bay.
1:28:34 Geek News: AMC announces The Preacher is coming to TV.
1:30:04 Michigan Protectors, real life super heroes, leadership in question. Michigan Batman.
1:31:27 Back to the Future musical to start in London in 2015.
1:32:22 Paul Bettany to play The Vision in Avengers 2. Photo.
1:33:45 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.