Hollywood Babble-On 156: January 31, 2014

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Comments: "Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on 1/31/2014"
Runtime: 1:58:18
Recorded Fri, 31st Jan. 2014
Released Sun, 2nd Feb. 2014
Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 Kyle Hebert intro.
0:46 Ralph's on more drugs than Kevin, has a cold.
2:00 Kevin got free tickets to an NHL stadium series game at Dodger stadium.
4:30 Jen and Harley spot Jon Hamm. He leaves early but approached Kev to say "I'm such a huge fucking fan". Leaves Kevin's wife and daughter amazed. Classy guy.
9:20 Happy Chinese New Year, year of the horse. A big year for Sarah Jessica Parker.
9:52 HBO won Best Entertainment & Pop Culture Stitcher award. Thank you listeners/voters!
10:32 What Strain is Kevin On? XJ-13.
11:20 Talking about Ralph getting z contact high on the New Years Eve show.
12:10 Shout-outs: Nick Molina wants Charlton Heston to wish him happy 30th birthday, plus 2 Italian guys.
16:28 Jamie Cook & friends are in the Navy. Ralph's dad was in the Navy. "He saw us with his wife." Huell Howser welcomes. "You guys are all seamen. I love semen. It's amazing"
20:07 Lawrence & Amanda are getting married and want suggestions from Sexy Kev.
21:29 Craig's here without his wife. Sean Connery shares wisdom: Find transvestite hookers.
23:48 Sean Connery come down on Kev's smoking. "The penitent man kneels before pot".
24:26 Steven & his girlfriend Ghoncha (?!) A Scott and a German. Ghoncha jumps on the mic in German. The Germans welcome.
28:00 E-main bag: The replacement DJ James, DJ Josh is introduced.
28:45 Allison from Indiana wants to hear Al Pacino sing "The Bare Necessities".
30:45 Brad from Australia is watching Ralph on NYPD Blue. Ralph discusses his recurring role of Officer Gruden. Shows clip.
Currently none of the photos and videos from this ep have been posted on smodcast.com, but I've linked what I could find.
34:13 Zach from Australia noticed Ralph's Army in Zach and Miri Make a Porno. HBO predicted?
35:20 Pharrel's hat. Sam from Australian sends in Taylor Swift attacked at Grammys. Clip.
37:00 Dynamic Duets: Harry from Newfoundland  requests "Islands in the Stream".
39:50 Kevin wants to do a whole album of duets. Ralph resists.
40:15 Smodco ads.
48:58 Tinseltown Stiffs: Pete Seeger, Activist and folk singer. Recorded 100 albums.
52:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Arthur Rankin Jr. Co-founder of Rankin/Bass ProductionsYear Without a Santa Clause. Ralph: "Just stay out of my fucking business, Mrs. Clause. That's what he wanted to say to her. You can tell." Ralph's favorite song.
57:01 Tinseltown Stiff: Jim Jacks. Kevin's toughest. Early Kevin Smith believer, Mallrats producer, friend of 20 years.
58:42 How Kevin met Jim Jacks at Sundance. He brought Mallrats to Universal. Kevin and Scott Mosier lived with him. Kevin talks about Jim's career and eulogizes his friend.
1:08:20 Kevin goes to the funeral. Kev has a lot of respect for Sam Raimi.
1:10:40 Shit That Should Not Be: Kevin submits Rocky 3 mistake. High school band plays "Gonna Fly Now". Ralph: "How the fuck do they know that song from Rocky 1? Cause in the movie it's not a movie, so there's no song! It made me nuts. That song doesn't exist in Rocky's universe!" And Mr T. autographed a drum. Clip. Rocky impression.
1:15:38 Exquisite Acting: Christopher Walken in Gigli.
1:19:21 Kev-In: Supporter of Justin Bieber, Stand-in for Bieber mugshot, Bieber TV series.
1:29:59 HBO Headlines: Bieber smoked weed in air on his jet. Was searched, nothing found.
1:25:44 Bieber arrested in Toronto for slapping a limo driver.
1:26:50 Obama must weigh in on Bieber because of a petetion calling for deportation. Ralph's Obama.
1:29:43 Kim Kardashian and Kanye settle with 18 year old Kanye beat up. $250,000.
1:31:14 Jay: "Shit yeah, we GOTS ta get paid." Kevin: "What the fuck is going on?"
1:31:24 Pharell's hat. Photo. 
1:33:41 Miley Cyrus. Kevin spills a drink. New special with Madonna. Kevin busting Ralph's balls come back to bite him in the ass. Picture. Ralph: "Madonna doesn't have to do that. She's Madonna. She's gotta be home by 6 because it's tapioca night."
1:38:22 Movies That Will Suck: Vin Diesel coming back for XXX 3: The Return of Xander Cage.
1:40:18 What if Vin Diesel wanted Ralph to star as Officer Gruden?
1:40:42 Vin Diesel dances and lipsyncs to Katy Perry and Beyonce in this 7 minute video. Goodbye Horses.
1:43:10 Kevin and Ralph are in love.
1:43:37 Geek News: Jesse Eisenberg to star as Lex Luthor in Batman vs. Superman. Photo. Kevin Defends. Richie Rich vs. Superman. Jeremy Irons to play Alfred.
1:47:13 Gal Gadot signs 3 picture deal starring as Wonder Woman.
1:47:40 Doomed the Movie. Documentary about the never released 1st Fantastic 4. Clip.
1:49:52 Captain America 3, teaser for the teaser. Clip.
1:51:03 There is now an real operating Batterang. Clip.
1:52:30 Liam Neeson's cock jokes.