Hollywood Babble-On 142: October 4 , 2013

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Comments: "Recorded live at The Improv in Hollywood, CA on 10/4/2013."
Runtime: 1:47:12
Recorded Fri. 4th Oct. 2013
Released Sun. 6th Oct. 2013

Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 SModco ad for DAVE School.
1:00 Kyle Hebert intro.
1:45 Babble-On named Best Live Conversation Podcast of 2013 by LA Weekly. "Kevin is the lovable mischievous kid-bear" "Kid Bear! -He's your gay buddy."
3:45 Kevin sings Master of Puppets.
4:55 Shout-outs: Ron, McNab and Rebecca. Can Adam West and Bane do Ralph's ABC Afterschool Special: Class Act, A Teachers Story.
8:15 Derek and his hetero-life-mate Alex. Alex wants to turn Derek into his homosexual life mate.
9:50 Kevin gets hard thinking about them. "Let's pretend we're them.." "No! Let's not."
13:46 Alex Ohata, teacher, brought in coworkers and boss who've never heard the show. Can Kevin welcome them with his sexy voice. "Put your feet up... on my shoulders".
15:27 Ashley, Heather, and Page. Ralph's Dudley Moore impression. Heather lost her virginity to Clerks and on a separate occasion had two dicks in her.
18:10 "There's fucking hot gay action on the left." "This girl's getting airtight over here".
18:25 Could Dr. Frankfurter, Tim Curry, wish Heather Happy Birthday.
19:37 Val Garcia and friends studied abroad Prague. "Was there any hot lesbian action in Prague? There was? This is the greatest night ever!" Bowie welcomes to LA.
22:14 Email Bag: Josh from Halifax, Nova Scotia wants Sylvester Stallone to sing Sweet Transvestite.
23:35 Colton Lee Thompson sends in photo of Miley Cyrus full arm tattoo naked, tongue out riding wrecking ball.
24:45 Kieran Maguire and Bill Verstegen send in photo of Jennifer Lopez looks like Gossimer from the Loony Toons. Miley Cyrus looks like Bill the Cat.
25:48 Ryan Spillman wants Bill Cosby to sing Mahna Mahna. Kevin really enjoys how Ralph looks like a turtle.
27:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Tom Clancy. Kevin once spoke with him on the phone. Tom Clancy LOVED Dogma.
30:25 Kevin told him his Tom Clancy story.
32:55 **First Appearance** Ralph's Ben Affleck impression.
33:10 Shit That Should Not Be: Ciercy Harding sends in John Carpenter's Vampires.
35:24 Exquisite Acting: Keanu Reeves awful English accent.
37:52 Kev-In: Kevin's a topless Miley Cyrus.
39:30 Kev-In: The Creation (The moment HBO started).
40:00 Update: There will be a Halloween show this year after all.
40:50 Kev-In: Gilligan and Skipper.
42:16 HBO Headlines: Miley Cyrus was a total cunt to Sinéad O'Connor. Tweets.
48:10 Turns out Sinéad O'Connor was right to tear up that photo of the Pope on SNL. "Fight the real enemy".
49:06 Miley softcore porn shoot. 1 2 3
52:32 Breaking Bad finale. Walter White latex mask sold for $41,000.
55:15 Zac Efron vacations after rehab in Peru, world capital of cocaine production.
58:10 Mia Farrow's son Ronan is possibly Frank Sinatra's, not Woody Allen's. Photo.
1:00:35 Ralph's Columbo impression, discovering Ronan's true father.
1:04:40 Justin Bieber had 2 charges against him dropped.
1:07:34 Bieber carried along the Great Wall of China.
1:08:50 Band films porn of the lawn of Westboro Baptist Church.
1:10:00 Farrah Abraham only got $10,000 for that anal porn video, not the $1 million she claimed.
1:12:00 Farrah has chin implant removed this week.
1:13:06 Kardashians in the news: Chris Jenner hits on her daughter's men. Partied with Joe Francis while husband was undergoing skin cancer surgery.
1:14:36 Husband kills wife, commits suicide after wife refused to try out for Family Feud with him.
1:15:30 Casey Kasem's wife Jean won't let his kids visit him, afraid he might change the will. He's 81 and suffering from Parkinson's. The kids picketed outside their own house.
1:17:10 Ralph's Casey Kasem impression: Long distance dedication from Casey's kids to him.
1:17:30 Ralph tells awful Parkinson's Joke: "How ya feeling, Dad? A little shaky?"
1:18:09 Adele to star in a movie as Dusty Springfield.
1:20:55 Paris Hilton releases teaser for new single with Lil Wayne.
1:22:10 **First Appearance** Ralph's Paris Hilton baby sounding voice.
1:23:10 Angry Ralph's back.
1:24:06 Geek News: Doctor Who returns Nov. 23 for 50th anniversary. Regeneration clip.
1:26:41 Samuel L. Jackson accidentally confirmed Elizabeth Olsen is the Scarlet Witch.
1:28:28 7 year old boy had awesome Make a Wish as Robin.
1:31:48 Real superhero in Manchester, England (England). His name is Captain Manchester "Manchester England, Englaaand. Across the Atlantic Sea".
1:34:44 J.J. Abrams apologised for all the lens flares in Star Trek Into Darkness.
1:35:38 Shatner releasing 5th album Ponder the Mystery, this time all original music. "Set phasers for sucks."
1:38:00 Star Trek pet uniforms. "I hope that fucking dog gets hit by a Klingon milk truck".
1:40:30 "Don't put clothes on dogs. I got one rule in life: I'll do anything else but I will not put clothes on dogs".
1:42:03 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.