Hollywood Babble-On 143: October 12 , 2013

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Comments: "Recorded live at the Improv in Hollywood, CA on 10/12/2013."
Runtime: 1:24:24
Recorded Sat. 12th Oct, 2013
Released Sun, 13th Oct, 2013

Show notes by @Forgeticus

0:00 SModco ad for DAVE School.
0:42 Kyle Hebert intro.
1:52 Kev talks about how fucked up the walrus costume for Tusk is.
3:12 Jon Lovitz and the Lovitz are discussed with DJ James.
3:40 Shoutouts: Drunk chick interrupts. " Did you send an email in, lady? Then fuck off. 'No, I didn't send one in...'"
5:33 Ralph withdraws his fuck you and wishes drunk chick happy birthday.
5:50 Amy and Enzo. Amy is a huge drunk, Enzo is the one with the huge boner.
7:09 "What the fuck is going on, man?"
7:30 Kelsey and Rob. Could Huell Howser tell Rob how amazing he is.
7:55 Canadian race war ensues.
9:57 Mike and Shopa. Could Kevin welcome Shopa in his creepy sexy voice.
13:35 Jillian and John on their honeymoon. John's been "tapping the maple tree". Thanks Michelle for introducing them to the pod.
15:47 John and Jovay want a honeymoon shoutout from The Germans.
17:00 Email Bag: Shawn Lopez sends in David Bowie car wash coupon. What would that sound like?
19:22 Chris Barry sends in Kid Bear and the Puppet Master comic book cover.
20:25  Jose Vasquez sends in Kid Bear and the Puppet Master photo.
21:02 Michael sends in the only curses version of HBO.
22:50 Jason compares Miley Cyrus to a giraffe. Miley's licked off her makeup.
23:57 Alessandro wants Charlton Heston to sing Mahna Mahna. "Mahna, Mahna... Ahhhhh!"
24:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: The Pogues guitarist Phillip Chevron.
26:48 Shit That Should Not Be: Jim Carrey visible on camera before his cue in Batman Forever.
29:00 Kevin just rewatched Batman Returns for Fatman on Batman "...and holy fucking shit".
30:20 Tommy Lee Jones was awful as Two-Face. Squeals like a girl in Batman Returns.
32:11 Kev-In: Kev was there the night we got Bin Laden.
33:22 Kev-In: Kev was there when Lee surrendered to Grant.
33:50 Kev-In: Was the model for Michaleagelo's statue The David.
34:17 HBO Headlines: Charlie Hunnan pulls out of 50 Shades of Gray.
36:20 Kardashian news. Bruce and Kris Jenner to divorce.
38:58 Kayne West was a douchebag on Jimmy Kimmel. "If he was pushing a shopping cart, you would think he was fucking insane. You'd think he was a mentally ill homeless person".
42:50 Justin Bieber cheap shot punched a guy in a nightclub and ran away like a bitch.
45:47 Miley Cyrus gets a tongue lashing from The Stroke Association. Gets offer to direct porno.
50:55 Courtney Stodden gets wax-candy-looking lip injections.
52:30 Lindsay Lohan solicits investors to help her open her own rehab.
54:25 Tom hanks has type 2 diabetes.
56:20 Jaden Smith tweets retarded stuff on twitter. "How old is this kid? 16. You can let him go for that". "Trees are never sad! Is he a 16 year old special needs kid?".
58:43 Farrah Abraham has questionable parenting skills.
59:51 Norwegian TV blows. 5 hours dedicated to live knitting. "Maybe you fuckers didn't hear me. For FIVE hours, on television, they're gonna show knitting."
1:01:25 Speaking of TV, Comic Book Men is back Sundays at midnight on AMC.
1:01:50 Remington Steele is coming back without Pierce Brosnan.
1:02:25 Ralph's Pierce Brosnan impression.
1:02:56 Bad TV news: New Fox reality program Slide Show.
1:03:30 New Syfy show Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge. Woman afraid of muppets.
1:05:24 R. Kelly has a new song; His girlfriend's vagina looks just like an Oreo.
1:06:55 Paris Hilton's song "Good Time" still exists. Ralph's Paris Hilton impression. Radio interview.
1:09:26 Britney Spears also had a weird radio interview in San Francisco; Thinks gays are thrilling, adorable, and hilarious.
1:11:21 Mormon boy band video promoting modest dress for young girls.
1:14:00 Geek News: Captain Manchester tweeted Ralph/Kevin. Was a creation of a an advertising agency. "Pick up some more litter, ya fuck."
1:15:34 Fantastic Four reboot casting news/rumors.
1:18:04 Harrison Ford interested in making another Blade Runner movie. What would that sound like?
1:18:37 Harrison Ford talks cagey about appearing in next Star Wars movie.
1:20:20 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. LNC vs riot police.