Hollywood Babble-On 139: September 6, 2013

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Comments: "Recorded live at the Improv in Hollywood, CA on 09/06/2013."
Runtime: 1:33:52
Recorded Fri. 6th Sept, 2013
Released Mon, 9th Sept, 2013

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1:17 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:00 Ralph is already drunk, and is handed a free drink.
2:19 DJ James is back!
2:40 TimeWarner/CBS bury the hatchet. Ralph turned Jay onto Ray Donovan.
4:40 Kevin announces that a pilot for AMC is going to be made, directly from Babble. Ralph has made almost 20 pilots.
6:04 RoboCop trailer causes controversy. RoboCop discussed. "BatFleck, and now this?!"
8:11 What Strain Is Kevin On?: All day; Pure Kush. Now; Girlscout Cookies.
9:00 Shout-outs: Doug Hoxter Jr. celebrates his birthday.
10:00 Seth, John and Erin from Philly, PA. Sylvester Stallone explains Philly-speak. Ed Wynne Public Shaming.
12:05 Bruno writes in for Thomas from Denmark and tells Thomas "The Melancholy Dane," to stop killing hookers, as Bill Cosby. Kevin's Danish joke. "Hamlet, Piglets father."
14:15 James is back!
14:50 Jay Smith, John and Denise celebrate their engagement. Sexy Kevin Marital Advice. Kevin's post-sex voice. "They get away."
18:05 Adam and Anna from Melbourne, Australia. Sad Hulk Music. George Takei.
21:00 Ashleigh and Paul from St. Louis Obispo. Bowie shut-out.
23:11 Email Bag: Ryan from Newcastle, Australia asks for Ralph's Bloodbath speech. Stallone, Christopher Walken, Arnie and Al Pacino step in.
26:15 José made merchgarmystrong.com
27:15 Steve Guthrie GizmoStripe. "Yep. James is back."
28:40 Samuel L. Robinson asks for the McDonalds Fry Girl to sing Manha Manha. "I couldn't resist ..." "What kind of sauce?!"
29:55 Babble Story Time: The Germans read The Very Hungry Caterpilar. "The egg was white!" "Like an oven ..." "Fucking pig!" Not-so-popular Hitler. Kevin references Fawlty Towers.
33:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: David FrostJohn and Yoko on Frost.
35:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Tommy MorrisonRocky 5.
37:30 Exquisite Acting: Sean Curtis sends in Tim Curry in The Three Musketeers. (Video unavailable).
39:50 Shit That Should Not Be: No Retreat, No Surrender. "Yeeeeah!!!" Choco-pop. "Terrence Trent D'arby."
45:00 Kev-In: Glen sends in The GooniesTemple of DoomMola Ram.
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52:54 HBO Headlines: Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson cast in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation. Ralph laughs at on-line petitions, and rightfully so. Ralph gives his reasons why he turned it down.
56:30 Miley Cyrus won't stop talking about the VMA's. (Video unavailable). (The double-tap makes a comeback!) Ralph hypothetical Rosa Parks. "Fuckin' llama-toothed bitch!"
1:00:00 Robin Thicke in trouble with his wife. PicLost car keys. "Socialite."
1:01:30 Eddie Murphy released reggae track with Snoop Dogg/Lion, Red Light. Reggae discussed. Ralph plays Boogie in the Butt.
1:03:50 Mel Gibson pulled over on the Pacific Coast Highway and screams at the officers.
1:05:45 Zack Miller makes video to go with Rich Williams' Justin Bieber theme. Attacked in a Toronto nightclub. Missing a $40,000 necklace.
1:09:50 Farrah Abraham on MTV Teen Moms. "I'm pretty feminine ..." and future business prospects. "Fifty Shades of Grey will have their money!"
1:13:13 Kim Kardashian wants to pose in Playboy again.$150 to meet Khloe!
1:15:25 Stallone signing and meet and greet for $850.
1:17:10 Rocky: The Musical tickets on sale this weekend. "Apolloooooo!"
1:18:15 Jack Nicholson retiring, due to memory loss.
1:18:30 Robert Pattinson pleasured himself on camera, as Salvador Dalí.
1:20:10 Movies That Will Suck: Transformers: Age of Extinction (Transformers: Out of Gas (Transformers: Give Us Your Money)), with Stanley Tucci and Kelsey Grammer. Dumb and Dumber 2, with Kathleen "Ernest Borgnine," Turner. The Fall Guy, with The Rock. Heather Thomas poster. "Spackling." How Ralph escaped Philadelphia.
1:24:45 Geek News: David Hasselhoff would like to play Nick Fury. "Stan Lee says that about everyone .."
1:26:20 First look at Terry Gilliam's new movie, The Zero Theorem. "I would fuckin' go to that church!"
1:27:30 Bradley Cooper cast as Rocket Raccoon.
1:28:30 Justin Timberlake would like to play The Riddler. "Swaaag!"
1:29:28 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.