Hollywood Babble-On 138: August 30, 2013

Episode: Link.
Enhanced Audio Version: LinkComments: "Recorded live at the Improv in Hollywood, CA on 08/30/2013."
Runtime: 1:53:26
Recorded Fri. 30th August, 2013
Released Mon, 2nd Sept, 2013

0:00 Jay Mewes promotes draftkings.com.

1:40 Kyle Hebert intro.

3:00 Hot as Hell in L.A., these days.
4:15 Kevin encountered a TMZ guy in the alley, whilst "prepping" for the show, and is asked about #BatFleck.
5:40 Kevin mentions Patton Oswalt's defense of BatFleck
6:10 Twerking.
6:45 What Strain Is Kevin On?: Wonderkind OG.
8:00 Shout-outs: Josh, AKA The Mighty Thor celebrates his birthday. "Josh's gash." Bane and Ed Wynne birthday wishes. 
11:00 Lindsay and John Connor from Fresno celebrate John's birthday.Kevin given a Cham-wow. Arnie birthday wishes. Kevin given another towel.
13:20 Steve and Nana from Tokyo, Japan has Christopher Walken and Al Pacino explain HBO sexual euphemisms.
15:40 Beth and Omar "Mine car and the Temple of Doom." Beth writes in, too. "Large diamonds and alcohol."
17:45 Thomas and Irene from Calgary, Alberta "You really shouldn't sue, eh!" Nic Cage congratulates Thomas becoming a lawyer. "Uhh, congratulations."
19:30 Sarah from Riverside, CA, "I hate these old men." Large sci.fi collection. "Get the fuck out!" Met Stan Lee.
21:20 John Landis served Ralph at Arby's, this afternoon. "You're a fucking prick!" Bowie sings for Sarah's 30th.
23:30 Ralph asks Kevin why he is biting his boob, after 3 years.
24:00 Song continues. "Give him a towel!" "It's a jizz-rag!" Ralph does drunk lady.
25:05 Email bag: Rich Williams is selling his Justin Bieber track on iTunes..Kevin berates Ralph for the drunk lady, and Ralph attempts to walk off-stage,
27:15 Babble Story Time: Brian Coyle asks for The Cat in the Hat with Lewis Black, Ralph is given a drink.
29:00 John sends in Breaking Babble.
30:00 John in Brooklyn threatens to clone Kevin from the NYC towel. Genetic clean-up.
32:00 Jeff sends in Douche Willis.
32:40 Sylvester Stallone sings Mahna Mahna.
33:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Gilbert Taylor, The Omen discussed. Jizz.rag again ..
36:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Julie HarrisEast of Eden. "Cock-tease!"
38:50 Hollywood Helpers: Justin Timberlake meets a brain surgery survivorScreen saver.
41:40 Shit That Should Not Be: Gymkata. "He got runned over ..."
44:35 Exquisite Acting: Andy Bus sends in Ralph Garman in ABC Afterschool Special: Class Act, A Teachers Story. "That's how gay porn starts ...!" "Dick-dockin'." Jizz-Rag takes some swipes ..
49:45 Kev.In: BatmanPerfect StrangersTwerk, twerk, twerk!
53:20 SModCo ads. DAVEschool.comhuluplus.com/babble
59:09 HBO Headlines: Miley Cyrus is Venom, Kevin defends Miley. "File!" "Fuck you! That was good!" "The Worst Stripper ..." Foam finger inventor pissed. Hall of Fame of Tongues. "XL-stina." 
1:06:20 Lady Gaga's sexuality disussed. The Smiths shocked.
1:07:45 Tadolph Switler tells some asshole in 1D to shut the fuck up. "Sorry for my arm ..."
1:10:00 Emily Pattinson's blog. Hitler quotes. "My Hitler-a-Day calendar."
1:12:45 Justin Bieber pulled over for speeding. "This shit's so SWAG!" Not licensed to drive in California.
1:14:50 New Justin Bieber song called Twerk to be released this week.
1:17:00 Alec Baldwin vs. The Photographer.
1:18:45 Joe Francis falsely imprisons 3 girls. 270 days in jail. "Did she at least get a t-shirt?" "Keanu Reeves quote." Kevin recalls sitting near Francis on a plane. "Kick him off the plane!" Babble-Island.
1:22:20 David Schwimmer is a dick
1:23:40 Charlie Sheen on a 10-100 for Anger Management, for an eventual $150m. Chartered a plane to Alaska to find the Kushtaka, the land-otter man.
1:26:45 The US apologizes for sending Courtney Stodden and Dustin Diamond to the UK Celebrity Big Brother. DD's cock discussed.
1:28:10 Kris Jenner's talk-show cancelled.
1:29:22 Pippi Longstocking sex-tape being shopped around. "Is that your sex face?" "Arm boob." 
1:31:10 **first appearance** Backdoor Teen Mom theme. Farrah Abraham's amazon list completely bought-out. Days of our Lives. "A one-shot." "Fucking nimrod." 
1:35:40 Miss Philippines see's some shit. "Seeing is the best sense that we could ever see ..."
1:38:00 Geek News: The MeTV Network shows the 60's Batman and would like Adam West to play a cameo in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie. Adam West chimes in.
1:41:00 Bryan Cranston cast as Lex Luthor .. for a spell. Then it was denied. Kevin says John Goodman as Commissioner Gordon. Kevin mentions Tusk, and a read-through with Michael Parks. Ralph recalls Michael Parks on the set of Red State. "Performance Yoda."
1:43:20 Superman Vs. Batman to shoot in Detroit.
1:44:30 James Spader will play Ultron in the upcoming Avengers movie. "I thought it was cool!"
1:46:20 James in Glasgow sends in new gargoyles. Alien. Ralph does a Scottish accent.
1:49:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.