Hollywood Babble-On 137: August 23, 2013

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Enhanced Audio Version: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at the Gotham Comedy Club in NYC on August 23, 2013."
Runtime: 1:36:46
Recorded Fri. 23rd August, 2013
Released Mon, 26th August, 2013

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1:48 Kyle Hebert intro.
2:40 GARMY! chants.
3:15 Kevin recalls the inspiration that New York has game him, and recalls wanting to write for SNL.
4:50 Kevin on #BatFleck "You know if this was the 90's, I'd be The Penguin!" Ben Affleck announced as Batman. Kevin owns Wayne Manor. "Underbite." "Giant chin." "I've seen Batman's dick!" 
8:20 Kevin plays Batdance by Prince. Kevin mentions the petition against Affleck. Ralph would pick RuPaul or Marley Matlin, to be Batman. Ralph is not pleased with this choice.
10:30 Ralph plays a clip from Jersey Girl, and mocks DareDevil. Kevin on a little Affeck history. "BatCave Entrance." "This dude has been to the bottom ... He's been in a couple of Kevin Smith movies."
13:45 Ben Affleck Batman Statement. Kevin does Bale. "That's smoothe, that's Affleck!"
15:30 Crying Batman. "I'm like ... Liam Neeson, man!"
16:10 Kevin on his current relationship with Affleck, and the future. Kevin says Superman V. Batman will make $2bn. "The J-Loker." Kevin plugs Dogma and Changing Lanes.
21:05 Ralph shows the Butt-Man cover.
22:00 Adam West tweets Ben Affleck.
22:22 Richard Dreyfuss tweets, too .. Guesses at the Batman voice.
23:58 Ben Bat Voice.
24:40 HBO is 3 years old.
25:07 What Strain Is Kevin On? "I don't know!" "I'm trying to get Jason Mewes as The Riddler!"
26:10 Shout-outs: Michelle Ykrewell (?) is alone, and asks for advice for the newborn baby. Kevin plays BatDance. Ralph on lesbianism. "Bad! Bad! Bad!" Kevin on how to treat her.
30:30 John and Jacy from Brooklyn waited 3 years to see HBO. John does Travolta .. Gay Ghost tells Jacy what Babble-On is like.
33:00 HBO: Light on anal, tonight.
33:20 Anthony, Pete, Rachel and force non-drinker Anthony to drink his first beer. The German's on the importance of beer.
35:35 Travis, Melissa and TJ from Oakdale, Long Island, ask Bane for advice. "For you ..!"
38:00 Pat and Steph from Philly are booed, and Rocky explains why Philly is such a great place.
39:10 "YRGREEDYNLAZY! Did you believe Ben Affleck is Batman?!"
39:30 Deborah and Dalek Socks Frank recall their story of how they met, Bowie sings to celebrate their one year anniversary..
42:20 "I've never done that in New York before ..."
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45:15 Part-time HBOHelper helper John sends in repentant Bruce Willis.
46:08 "Douche Willis!"
46:25 Mike from Liverpool sends in Toilet Flush mom in Breaking Bad.
47:30 JT asks for Al Pacino to sing the Mna Mna song.
48:30 Babble Story Time: Drew Helmich asks for Charlton Heston's performance of Everyone Poops.
49:40 Tinseltown Stiffs: Lee Thompson Young. "He was the ... black kid!" Clip.
51:45 Tinseltown Stiff: Ted Post. Kevin asks about Magnum Force. Hang 'Em High.
54:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Elmore LeonardGet Shorty.
55:40 Shit That Should Not Be: Aaron sends in Kindergarten Ninja.
58:26 Exquisite Acting: The Keep. "Taaake iiit!" "Magneto: The Disco Years!"
1:00:30 Kev-In: True Boner, "You see his dick ..." Smokey and the BanditKev's Big Boy.
1:03:50 HBO Headlines: No-one gives a fuck about sober Lindsay Lohan, less than $1m viewers. "Loaded and airtight!" Kevin on Tyler Perry "Fuck him!" 
1:06:30 Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham denies rumours that she is an escort. Amazon wishlist.
1:08:30 Justin Bieber's Make-A-Wish granted wishes dwarfed by John Cena (400).
1:10:00 Dick Van Dyke rescued from a burning car.
1:11:15 David Cassidy pulled over for drink driving. "What's new, pussycat?"
1:13:00 Cardboard David Hasselhoff causes crime and injury.
1:14:55 Wentworth Miller out, but not in Russia. Fred WTF?! "FILE IT!"
1:17:00 Cameraman suing Kanye West
1:18:30 Mel Gibson pumped. "He's got some sugar tits ..."
1:19:20 Demi Lovato sex pics circulating. (Not yet leaked). "Where is the Edward Snowden in this case?"
1:20:45 Olivia Munn dislocates her shoulder.
1:22:10 TV Shows That Will Suck: Mermaid in Miami. Rambo: The TV series.
1:23:35 Movies That Will Suck: Hulk Hogan biopic. "Affleck as Hogan!" Sean Connery in Sir Billi.
1:26:30 Canadian dentist wants to clone John Lennon from DNA in his tooth. Giant John Lennon.
1:28:30 Madonna's grillWho is who? "Take it doooown!"
1:30:10 Geek News: Thor Disneyland attraction.
1:31:10 Ralph's Junk.
1:32:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.