Hollywood Babble-On 111

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater on Saturday, January 12, 2013."
Runtime: 1:46:05
Recorded Sat, 12th Jan. 2013
Released Mon, 14th Jan. 2013

Tonights sponsor: The DAVE School
0:00 SModCo ads.
2:05 Kyle Hebert intro.

3:05 Storytime with Lauren Davies: Missing bag. Spa in Canyon Ranch. Ghostbusters XXXXXL t-shirt.
6:55 Storytime with PigPen Smith: Smoke alarm goes off on flight to Toronto. Stewardess' kangaroo court.
7:50 Quote: "I'm more of a piss protector."
9:25 Quote: "I know about you, and planes."
10:00 Kevin's weed connection in Canyon Ranch. Kevin refuses weed. For a stretch. Hollywood Babble-On with non-stoned, non-hockey jersey Kev.
12:45 Ralph accepts a drink, and plugs The DAVE School. Ralph thanks for the Joe Schmo series 3 feedback.
15:20 Shout-outs: Dominic celebrates is 18th birthday. Drunken screaming. Ralph gets Dominic a shot.
17:10 Quote: "It's just not worth it."
17:30 Jeffrey and Jannen Weinmann from Richmond, Virginia. Members of the Richmond Rocky Horror Shadow-cast. Gooper reference. Frank N. Furter asks for the less-stingy leather cheerio. Tim Curry praised.
19:55 James, Randy et al at The Lovitz. Christian Bale and Bane congratulate Randy for being an almost-father.
21:10 Katie surprises Dustin with HBO tickets. Dustin quizzed about the impressions he makes. Pacino-off.
23:00 **first appearance** Quote: "Ohhh, ain't I somethin'?"
24:10 Patrick from Melbourne, Australia writes in for his girlfriend, Lisa. Creepy-Sexy Kev greets her vagina, Ethel.
25:30 Quote: "That's not creepy; it's seductive!"
25:55 Matt and Carly at the Lovitz. Matt about to turn 21. Bowie shout-out.
28:20 Email bag: Jeff Reedy from Winnipeg writes in for his friend, Dave Stock, who has leukemia. Ralph promises to fuck leukemia in the ass.
28:50 Quote: "Double-down on the Fuck You card."
30:10 Joey Martinez sent in some fan-art. Philly-racism. "I'm not racist, I hate everyone!"
31:20 Geryk (?) and Charlotte from France visits all things SMod in the US. Ralph's John Lennon voice. Ralph makes a joke which disturbs even me. File on the verge of being opened.
31:50 Quote: "He got one of those smart ones ..."
33:00 Les Moore of London found this on eBay.
34:20 Matthew Fields asks for a new segment: Green Lantern oath.
34:45 **first appearance** Ralph's Green Lantern Oath, and new Dan Louisell theme.
35:40 Ralph's Green Lantern Oath: Fry Girl.
37:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Patti PageTennessee Waltz.
39:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Kevin's friend, David Ellis. Bio from Kevin, and various stories.
44:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Huell HowserAvocado farm dog. Ralph as Huell Howser.
49:00 Quote: "I'm a better track and field star than Stephen Hawking."
50:00 Hollywood Helper: (Update). JJ Abrams fan passed away hours after seeing Star Trek Into Darkness.
52:20 Hollywood Helper: Charlie Sheen pays for the funeral of a paparazzo killed photographing Justin Bieber. #Winning.
53:35 Hollywood Helper: Justin Bieber visits sick fan in hospital. "Even when he does something nice, he's a dick." "He looks like Vanilla Ice!"
55:45 Shit That Should Not Be: Chad from Boston, MA, sends in High School Musical.
57:55 Exquisite Acting: My old pal Sven Mombasa sends in The Lake House mail box.
1:00:55 Kev-In (Partnership): Magic MikeThe Great White NorthRain Man.
1:03:10 Quote: "Uh oh ... Jersey Girl."
1:03:30 HBO Headlines: Chelsea Award winner Lindsay Lohan on Million Dollar decorators. Bravo considering suing Lindsay Lohan. Here is what happens when you cast Lindsay Lohan your movie. Filming, partying, fired. "Lindsay. Go home!" Disturbing audio.
1:09:50 Kim Kardashian turns down $3m for exclusive baby pictures. New mansion. Khewbacca selling her old clothes. Fro-yo fund.
1:13:00 Justin Bieber sued by former bodyguard. Ralph as Mr. Burns.
1:14:40 Donald Trump threatens to sue for Bill Maher for $5m. Teabagging discussed.
1:17:10 Taydolph Switler breaks up with Harry Styles of One Direction. Who gives a fuck? That's right, no-one! "She won't put out."
1:19:10 Charlie Sheen dating a porn star. 24 year-old Georgia Jones. "Kryponian Tits."
1:22:22 Pamela Anderson in Dancing On Ice. Cyborg Nipples. Buck Rogers chat. DJ James impresses.
1:23:30 Don Johnston told Rolling Stone that he's not THAT big.
1:24:30 HBO Warning: Midgets going nuts. Two oompa-loompahs attacked a man in Norwich. Ralph's Wonka. Smurfs attack a man in Victoria, Australia.
1:29:20 David Bowie releases Where Are We Now?
1:31:20 TweenChronic - SkipRope. Seal Team Six Double Tap.
1:33:15 Geek News: Ultimate RobinUltimate BondMk II.
1:35:10 RC Superman flying down the California Coast.
1:36:55 Magic shot. Honey Boo Boo converted into a SuperHero.
1:38:20 White House refuses to build the Death Star.
1:41:40 Kevin plugs the SModCo/ShirtPunch partnership.
1:42:50 Liam Neeson's Cock Jokes.