Hollywood Babble-On 112

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater, 1/19/2013"
Runtime: 1:33:28
Recorded Sat, 19th Jan. 2013
Released Mon, 21st Jan. 2013

Tonight's sponsor: The DAVE School.
0:00 Kyle Hebert intro.

0.55 Kevin went to see the L.A. Kings and irks twitter followers in the process. Ralph writes down a Liam Neeson's cock joke - Hockey chat! #PuckNuts.
3:30 Ralph updates on the OG Batmobile auction. Batman Vs. Bane.
4:55 Shout-outs: Kevin promotes sucking microphones in the futures.
5:45 Joe (The drummer) and wife, drunk and up front. Fry girl pimps a message from Rabel.
8:30 Rob and Robbie bond over Babble-On. Ed Wynn with advice on how to be a man.
9:53 Morgan, Tommy et al celebrate Tommy's birthday. Chris Walken delivers news. (Naval orange).
11:00 Quote: "Anal!"
12:10 Dawnie and Craig from Silicon Valley at The Lovitz. Kevin inquires on how much they spent to arrive. Dawnie asks to get her chest signed (arreolagraph).
15:35 Ron H sends in the Clerks XXX Porn Parody. Ralph breaks down the plot (Haha).
17:15 Brad Petersen from De Moines, Iowa saw Adam West on Bewitched, and would like The Rainbow Connection sang by Adam West.
19:11 Mariah Evans' dog had cancer. Kevin berates Ralph on his meanness.  Kevin tries to read as Casey Kasem, but can't and follows as Bane. Kevin talks dirty to Mariah's dog.
23:25 Carl and Annie Belsen from British Columbia ask for a Bowie-Ass mix. Kevin presents the Circle of Life.
25:25 Ralph's Green Lantern Oath: Steven in Kansas City asks for Huell Howser.
27:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Jimmy O'NeillBeach Boys on Shindig! Ralph blasts The Beach Boys.
29:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Robert F. ChewProposition Joe.
30:25 Tinseltown Stiff: Conrad BainDiff'rent Strokes. "Bonar." "Hug the black kids." Joke filed.
34:00 Hollywood Helpers: Stan Lee reaches out to Bowe Cleveland. Stan Lee could comfort Kevin to death.
34:40 Tragic, But Cool: The Ralph Garman Story.
37:00 Hollywood Helper: Christian Bale calls Zach. Return of the "Good! For! You!"
39:00 Ralph bring up when Christian Bale called up K-ROQ, as previously mentioned in HBO 96 (59:35). Ralph says he may bring in the tape. Joe Schmo Season 3 plugged.
41:28 Exquisite Acting: Hassan in Mexico sends in F. Murray Abraham in Star Trek Insurrection.
43:05 Shit That Should Not Be: Travis Monson sent in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
45:55 SModCo ads.
53:00 Kev-In: (Westerns) Django UnchainedBrokeback Mountain and Back to the Future III.
55:35 HBO Headlines: Eva Longoria Wardrobe MalfunctionZoom. Stolen nudity a turn-on. 
57:25 **first appearance** Tits That Should Not Be.
58:20 Kevin tells the story of a naked chick on the freeway, with Scott Mosier.
59:30 Fuck Tapes Kim Kardashian and sister receive bi-coastal and local police escorts. Ralph willing to donate bullets. Kevin tells of his own Police Escort.
1:03:35 Three Las Vegas hotels would like Britney Spears as their resident act for $200m a year.
1:05:10 The W Hotel in NY still cleaning up after Lindsay Lohan's last visit. Kevin's mind; blown.
1:06:19 Fired long-time attorney, for trying to bargain a plea deal.
1:06:30 Quote: "A blow job!"
1:07:35 Michael Lohan says that Lindsay is paid to date rich, old men.
1:08:45 Kevin informed about Lindsay's alcohol intake, and not thrilled with Michael Lohan.
1:10:40 Megan Fox interviewed by Esquire Magazine; speaks in tongues.
1:11:50 Amanda Bynes' face pierced, but not for attention. 
1:12:40 Quote: "Dumbass!"
1:13:20 Michael J. Fox wouldn't like Tadolph Switler to date his son. Everybody loves Michael!
1:14:40 Joe Paterno movie in the works, by Brian De Palma, with Al Pacino.
1:15:50 Movies That Will Suck: Tyler Perry (Boo!) in A Madea Christmas, Jerry Lewis in Max Rose, and Fifty Shapes of Grey. Kevin exhausted after one Seductive Squat.
1:20:55 Bane on excercises.
1:21:10 Geek News: Superhero Hockey. Kevin calls Ralph a Marvel Zombie.
1:23:00 Women of Geekdom 2013 calendar. MonthDoctor Who. Ralph corrects Kevin on Doctor Who.
1:24:30 Superman Vs. Spider-Man scene.
1:26:15 Keep calm and babble on: SMorgy next week. Space Monkeys, here on Feb 2nd.
1:27:40 The Secret Life of Superheroes. BatmanSupermanWonder Woman.
1:28:45 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.