Hollywood Babble-On 110

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Hollywood Babble-Eve 2012 recorded live at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater on Monday, December 31, 2012."
Runtime: 1:59:31
Recorded Mon, 31st Dec. 2012
Released Tue, 1st Jan. 2013

0:00 SModCo ads.
0:57 Kyle Hebert intro.

1:30 Drunken screaming.
2:20 The Charges of Life. Lots of drunken shouting. Looper discussed.
3:35 Quote: "The eye-high is not for me."
3:50 How Can He Know All of Dat?! Game to be played later.
5:10 Chelsea award will be awarded today.
5:30 Kevin discusses the changing of the chairs.
6:50 Shout-outs: (Kevin's Tonto impression). Two set's of Ryan and Alicia are in attendance. One is drunk, and is told to sit the fuck down. DJ James struggles to find the sad Hulk music. Ryan hugs Alicia. Gay Ghost asks for Valentine Date. Kevin astounded. Ralph getting ignored. Second base reached.
10:25 Quote: "Nutella pleasure tunnel,"
11:00 Ryan Inojos writes in, too. Adam West asks Alicia girlfriend to be his girlfriend. Kevin asks if they are spies. the Order of things is questioned. The January Situation discussed. Ryan thrown under the bus.
14:25 Ryan presents Ralph with a gift (Rum-cake).
15:30 Michael and Christie travel from Utah. David Bowie advises leaving Utah.
17:20 Quotes: "Fucking Spring Breeeeak!" "It's not gay if it's 2012."
17:45 Josh Dagg (Thor from Comic-Con Theater) wishes Kat a happy birthday. Creepy Adam West Laugh. "To the Pun Cave!" Chuckles. Kevin amazed and Josh offered a job. Anne Hathaway's performance shelved.
21:00 Marti and Paul (Paul dressed as Silent Bob), Paul was in Afghanistan, and comes with Marti who are the new Mr. Penis and Ms. Sandwich for 2013!
23:50 Quotes: "Take it ooooff!" "Thank you, Mr. Peeeenis!"
25:45 Email bag: Meghan DuPont and Coco won the Rusty Wagonwheel drink. Toast to 2013. A lot of drunken screaming.
27:14 New Drinking Game Rules. (Kevin about to, or actually crying - take a drink).
27:55 Jeremy sends in the Shark jersey.
28:25 Zach Hoover travels to Orlando for the Walt Disney marathon, Kermit answers "What is best in life?"
29:30 Morrisey is on call and can't attend. Shout-out to working nurses. Bulbs in asses discussed. Stuck Up.
31:45 Cam saw Magic Mike and makes an addition to the Anne Heche Memorial Library of Cinematic Celebrity Butt-holes.
33:20 Quote: "Sphincter: It's what's for dinner."
22:40 Creepy Clown Time: Christian Bale's Batman. Billy Reynolds Graphic.
35:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Fontella Bass.
36:05 Tinseltown Stiff: Charles DurningTootsie.
40:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Gerry AndersonCaptain Scarlet.
41:55 Tinseltown Stiff: Jack KlugmanThe Odd Couple.
43:50 Hollywood Helpers: JJ Abrams shows cancer patient the Star Trek Into Darkness rough cut.
45:15 Hollywood Helper: Harrison Ford serving food on Skid Row.
46:40 Exquisite Acting: (Hugh Hefner marries Crystal Harris). HH in The House Bunny.
49:49 Quote: "Whaaaaat?!"
50:05 Shit That Should Not Be: Logan's Run. (Orig. post: HBO 94, 1:08:00).
52:50 Kev-In: Cheech and Chong (and Kev)Ball DropzoomThe Spice Kev's.
55:40 HBO Headlines: Fuck-Tapes Kim Kardashian pregnant with Kanye West's child. "Yeast meets West." Noise.
59:30 Jessica Simpson got pregnant again. Big Sis.
1:01:00 2013 Chelsea Award Nominees: Jessica Simpson, Courtney Stodden (Returning Champion), Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Ke$ha and Justin Bieber. Jon Lovitz announces the winner: Lindsay Lohan!
1:03:50 2012 in review for Lindsay Lohan.
1:04:40 Ring.
1:05:20 Kate Winslet married this week, to Ned Rocknroll. Virgin Galactic discussed.
1:07:25 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez vacationing in Salt Lake City, UT. Irate fans. Shakespear tweets.
1:08:30 Angelina Jolie/Police Academy sex-tape discussed. Drunken female Adam Sandler. "They have a kid who is 42!"
1:11:30 Movies That Will Suck: Eddie Murphy in Hong Kong Phooey. Ralph and Kevin tell each other, "Fuck you!" "Joke Level: Ralph Garman level of quality."
1:14:20 Geek News: The Dark Knight Returns Pt II trailer. "My girlfriend died and my leg hurts!"
1:18:15 Peter Parker is dead. Ralph calls bullshit. Radioactivity discussed.
1:20:00 Christopher Lee's Little Drummer Boy.
1:22:30 Liam Neeson's Cock Jokes:
1:26:35 How Can He Know All of Dat?!: Rules explained.
1:28:20 Prize: The Dark Knight Returns. Ryan asks a Comic Book Men. Wonka impression.
1:29:55 Prize: Joe Schmo 2 signed DVD. Dude asks an Archer question. Dude wins!
1:31:00 Prize: Tough Sh*t softcover. Alex Ross' first comic question. Heckler shushed. Dudette wins!
1:32:45 Prize: Joe Schmo 2 signed DVD. Heckler denounced. Les Miz question. Jonathan wins!
1:35:00 Kevin pimps Les Miz. Drunken person shushed.
1:37:20 Prize: Avengers Dr. Pepper can briefcase: Clerks porn titles. Trevor wins!
1:39:50 Prize: James Bond Blu-ray box: Amalgam Universe question. Thor wins!
1:42:10 Prize: DC Comics History DVD. Dude drops pants for a dare! Dude wins!
1:43:20 Prize: Green Lantern Emerald Night Blu-Ray. McRib automatic win!
1:44:00 Joker question.
1:44:30 Prize: Justice League, Crisis on Two Earths Blu-ray. Automatic win! Asks Lost numbers.
1:45:45 Q&A: Drunkard ignored.
1:46:20 Georgian drunk asks a Clerks III question.
1:47:00 Mr. Penis asks about Ralph's character in Hit Somebody. Toothless guy wants to be an extra.
1:48:20 Ralph's New Year's Resolutions.
1:49:00 Ralph will cry tears of joy when BeerMug is fired by K-ROQ.
1:49:55 The drew the best Silver Surfer?
1:50:20 Al Pacino remembers 2012.
1:51:20 When is Hockey coming back?
1:51:30 The Inspiration behind Clerks.
1:52:40 Wives to the stage. Thanks all around. Something creative for 2013. Countdown.
1:54:52 2013