Hollywood Babble-On 97

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Comments: "Ralph and Kevin take this prime time, even though it cuts into Kevin's weeeee time. (Recorded live at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater, 9/15/2012)..."
Runtime: 1:31:05
Recorded Sat, 15th Sept 2012
Released Mon, 17th Sept. 2012

LOUD video.
0:00 SModCo ads.
2:28 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
3:35 Batman steps in to host HBO. Everyone in attendance has free tickets to Batman Live. (Thanks to Wendy and the people at Golden Voice).
7:40 Kevin went to interview Adam West for Fatman on Batman. Episode here. Kevin describes meeting Adam West.
13:00 New HBO start-time.
14:00 Meghan informs Kevin that there was two females in the green room who were hot for him. Ralph disparages the story.
16:50 Quote: "Help me bury the body ..."
17:45 Shout-Outs: Adam Leibreich Johnson owns Ralph in front of a sold out Lovitz! Fiancée recovering from chemotherapy. Ed Wynn shout-out.
20:20 Quote: "Lady balls!"
20:45 Frankie and Francesca saw HBO at the SModCastle. (HBO 8) Iron Bruiser!
23:30 "Buttfuck" Brian Lipgow and "Assleigh," Ashleigh from Philly, PA celebrate Ashleigh's birthday. Ralph berates a heckler. No Apollo Creed impression. Bill Cosby Owls. Kevin with color commentary of the evolution of Ralph's impressions. revealing email from best friend.
28:40 Email bag: Jon Andersen sends in this article.
31:40 Giancarlo draws Gar-Man
32:30 Wayne from Newfoundland has been putting off emailing HBO for his new wife. Newfoundland discussed. New sexually agressive Kevin/Pacino.
34:46 Pam writes in for friend Dustin, overcoming cancer and his 39th birthday.
36:40 Quotes: "Air pussy," "Just Do It."
37:20 Ben from Shitty, AL, finishes with girlfriend asks for David Bowie.
39:40 Creepy Clown Time: Chris from Leyton, Utah, asks for Steven Hawking Creepy Clown.
42:40 Tinseltown Stiffs: Dorothy McGuireSincerely. Kevin not a fan.
45:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Ron Taylor. Chain-mail shark suit.
48:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Lance LeGaultColonel Roderick Decker.
50:25 Hollywood Helpers: Julia Roberts $500 tip. Pretty Woman discussed.
53:00 Hollywood Helper: The Rocketeer saves a life. Audience member bogarts one of Kevin's jokes.
55:35 Quote: "Every fucking week."
55:55 Shit That Should Not Be: Boogie Nights.
58:20 Exquisite Acting: Spider Mann sends in Nic Cage in Ghost Rider 2. "He's scraping at the door!"
1:01:25 Kev-In: Airplane! Home AloneBale-In.
1:02:45 Kevin offers to lend his FleshLight to Ralph.
1:03:40 Quote: "Spit valve on a trumpet?"
1:04:50 HBO Headlines: Google's the Bacon Number. Ralph. Kevin. Wild Things discussed.
1:08:50 Lindsay Lohan to appear in Scary Movie 5. Blows off rehearsals.
1:10:20 Amanda Bynes Mega Update: PipeSmokeBaja Fresh.
1:14:40 Quote: "Horcruxes, and shit."
1:15:00 Tara Reid in France.
1:15:50 Larry Flint offers $1m for anyone who can get Mitt Romney's tax returns. "Creepy Clown Flint!"
1:16:30 Alison Pill nude tweet.
1:17:55 Kim Kardashian learned stuff from her 72 day marriage.
1:18:50 Nick Nolte, 71, takes 5 year-old daughter on the bumper cars.
1:19:50 Nic Cage creeping around Vanessa Hudgens on the set of Frozen Ground.
1:20:35 Geek News: Green Lantern got married.
1:22:30 Godzilla to be remade. "Gujirra!"
1:24:00 Star Trek Into Darkness title released. "Star Trek Sucked My Dick."
1:25:20 Emma Watson nipple slip. Zoom. "Magical nipple shield!"
1:27:05 Quote: "I'm more of as nipple protector."
1:27:09 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.