Hollywood Babble-On 98

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded live at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA on 9/22/2012...."
Runtime: 1:30:56
Recorded Sat, 22nd Sept 2012
Released Mon, 24th Sept. 2012

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9:51 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

11:10 Quote: "You're not Agouraphobic ...?" (Filed).
11:35 The Dark Knight Returns came out this week. Kevin plugs it like crazy. Cried, and Jen unimpressed.
13:20 Ralph has special fondness for The Canyon Club, and runs of some of the bands he likes, and saw there."
14:25 Shout-outs: Jen bought Ralph a bottle of Jack Daniels Select. Breaks Ben's Babble-On cherry.
15:50 Chris Gold celebrates his birthday with friend, Cash. Harrison Ford and Bane.
17:20 Ron Aitkins and Adrienne come for the Fun and Funny. 
18:30 Tim Carrigan and Jill celebrate one year together. Silent Bob and Caleb shout out.
19:55 Lynn and Jeanine Ottman from Rochester, NY, drove in from Vegas. Big Fan Bonus! (w/ happy ending). 
21:00 Quotes: "Holy pedophiles!" "The Boyfuckers."
21:45 Derek and girlfriend are a no-show.
21:55 Travis and Aliza present. Kevin sideswipes Ralph into anal.
23:45 Email bag: Frederick sends in this article.
26:06 Andy from Michigan had a bad 9/11. Ralph doesn't like Andy's ex.
27:00 Dan and buddy formed a friendship over HBO.
28:20 Nicole from South Bend (?), IN is attracted to Kevin. Advice for Mitch, via Nicole. 
30:20 Justin sells his Batman comics, movie collection and guitar, to help with his upcoming kid. Sean Connery slaps some sense into Justin.
31:30 Creepy Clown Time: Kenny in Las Vegas demands Larry Flint Creepy Clown. Ralph scats.
34:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: John Ingle. General Hospital discussed, as well as his former students.
36:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Steve SabolJohn Facender.
38:55 Hollywood Helpers: Russell Crowe helps out a broad on Noah. Kevin unimpressed.
40:40 Hollywood Helper: Kevin Smith and Richard Branson serve mimosasTweetsPodcast. Kevin on Branson history.
45:45 Quote: "How can he know all dat?!" Game-show: Indiana Jones Blu-Ray boxset up for grabs. Kevin playing for Brandon and Myriam. First question right. Second question wrong (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Life). Third question 1/2 right. Box-set gifted.
52:35 HBO Headlines: 15 Amanda Bynes stories. Car taken away in Burbank, CA. Talks to herself, and inanimate objects. Uncontrollable laughing. Locked in dressing room. Took off shirt in spin class. People Magazine interview.
56:45 Lindsay Lohan knocked off the Hot Mess Throne. For a while. Hit a dude with her SUV. Goodyear offers driving lessons.
57:00 Quote: "Lindsay has like, 9 kills."
58:40 Dina Lohan batshit crazy on Dr. Phil.
59:45 Kim Kardashian lookalike and Kanye West sex-tape being shopped around.
1:01:00 Honey Boo Boo Child under the microscope. More money demanded.
1:04:00 Many celebrities live in the local area. Kardashian Khurch discussed.
1:05:00 Justin Bieber Duct-Tape released. Offered a hockey contract.
1:06:30 Trenton Titans Coaching Contract offered to Kevin Smith. Kevin says he'll do it.
1:08:08 Lady Gaga turns up in London wearing a bhurqa. PETA unimpressed. PETS unimpressed.
1:09:30 Kristen Stewart revealed that Robert Pattinson likes to lick under her armpitsFetischen.
1:11:45 SkyFall about to be released. Best Bond Themes discussed. Ralph saw Live and Let Die on the cinema. Kevin leaves Ralph hanging.
1:14:00 Movies That Will Suck: SONY announce Manimal: The Movie.
1:14:20 Quotes: "Simon McCorkindale," "How dare you know that?!" "How can you know all dat?!" "Yeah, solid ..." 
1:16:45 Clint Eastwood defends his recent political appearances.
1:17:55 Arnold Schwarzenegger's book's trailer released. Kevin says huge Arnold story released this week.
1:21:10 Geek News: William Shatner was oblivious that George Takei was homosexual.
1:22:45 Hutchinson, Kansas wants to be known as Smallville. Kevin agrees. Ralph ... not so much.
1:24:30 Dennis Hof and the Alien Cathouse. Kevin a fan.
1:26:10 Quote: "She's beautiful!"
1:28:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.