Hollywood Babble-On 94

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin get their inner Katniss on while Ralph plays The Hunger Games with a head cold. Recorded live at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater, 8/18/2012."
Runtime: 1:48:05
Recorded Sat, 18th Aug 2012
Released Mon, 20th Aug 2012

LOUD video clip.
0:00 SModCo ads.
7:47 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

8:40 Kevin forced to smoke an entire joint before entering the stage.
9:00 Kevin has only just recently watched The Hunger Games, and cried 10 minutes in. Explains the plot for the uninitiated.
11:35 Ralph doesn't care for movies longer than 2 hours long.
12:33 Quote: "A Chelsea Handler of a head-cold ..."
13:40 Quote: "Trackerjackers ... A man said that ..."
15:00 Quote: "A positive review for a movie that came out three years ago."
16:21 Shout-outs: Tiffany and Elliott get shouted at for not raising their voices. Elliott 37 is celebrating his birthday. 
17:43 Quote: "Forced fun."
18:45 Kevin plugs the recent LOUD clips.
19:15 Quote: "Precum/Pretty Cum." Cum discussed.
20:00 Kyle has his methods questioned, as Amy is leaving to return to Philedelphia. Hogwarts referenced. Christian Bale convinces her to stay.
22:40 Ralph indignant about The Dark Knight Rises. Kevin intrigued.
23:15 Robert from Seattle pissed at Kevin for not getting Dicks after a show in Seattle. Treats Kevin to some 'In-N-Out.'
25:00 Arik Bahorkez creates Drunk Man and Puff Cloud, and needs help explaining to his wife that he does not want relations with Ralph and Kevin.
27:30 Rabel has been a long-time Kevin Smith fan. Pic.
29:10 Quote: "BoyToucher37."
29:40 Bram, Emilia, Gym and Steve from Toronto, Canada, at The Lovitz. Gym gets owned. L.A. hates Steve. "Egged on Melrose." "Fuckin' dozen."
32:55 Mark and Shannon celebrate Shannon's birthday with David Bowie AND Cosby Bowie.
36:30 Email bag: Steve "The Pool Man," sends in a follow-up email.
37:20 Isabelle and Dave celebrate 2 years marriage.
38:20 Jason from Twin Cities asks where Ralph got his "Lindseeeeh Lohan!" it was from this video.
40:25 Quote: "Silky-smooth, cocoa butter skin!"
40:50 Mark Gillard of Palm Coast, FL. Rusty Wagonwheels discussed and recipes asked for, to create a drink for sale at The Lovitz.
42:00 Quote: "YooHoo37."
42:45 Meds kick in. Gay Ghost ad.
43:45 Creepy Clown Tine: Toddske asks for Gay Ghost Creepy Clown.
45:15 Tinseltown Stiffs: Helen Gurley Brown. Jaws Blu-Ray released. Kevin plugs The Shark Is Still Working.
48:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Ron Palillo. (Video unavailable). DJ James adds some trivia.
52:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Joe KubertGentleman Ghost. Kevin spoils Superman (1978). Ralph defends. Maths takes a hit.
55:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Phyllis ThaxterSuperman.
56:00 Quote: "BatmanFan66."
58:00 Superman goes dark.
58:45 Hollywood Helpers: James Remar cleans up a homeless guy's wound.
1:00:50 Kevin's Hollywood Helper: Jay Leno takes a pay cut. Kevin discusses the ratings breakdown for late-night TV. Ralph not a fan of Leno.
1:05:10 Exquisite Acting: Sven Mombasa sends in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
1:07:15 Ralph chastises DJ James.
1:07:30 Quote: "Sigment."
1:08:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Logan's Run. Video not functioning to full capacity.
1:10:45 Kev-In: 2001: A Space Odyssey. Ralph threatens DJ James.
1:12:20 HBO Headlines: Extendibles 2 out. Expendibles 3 due to be confirmed, and possible cast. Ralph questions Clint Eastwood's ability to star in The Extendibles 3.
1:13:20 Quote: "I'm more of an Expendibles protector ..."
1:15:35 Taylor Swift's ridiculous new song. Dating a Kennedy.
1:16:40 Quotes: "Statutory rapist," "She puts the 'cunt' in 'country,'" "Taydolph Switler."
1:19:00 Octomom's Sexy PartyClip.
1:20:15 Snow White and the Huntsman spin-off in the works.
1:21:45 Jeremy Renner joins John Hamm and Daniel Craig in their fight against Kim Kardashian and her family. Eyewear.
1:23:30 Dave Mustaine in bizarre anti-American rant.
1:25:20 Rashida Jones tells John Travolta to come out. Back-peddling furiously.
1:26:30 Donna D'Erico looking for Noah's Ark, and has an accident. Kevin debunks Noah's Ark.
1:28:00 Shia LeBeouf drinking again. Kev-In shown. Shia took some hits for his remarks against Spielberg.
1:31:15 Lindsay Lohan will make $2m from Playboy and endorsements this year.
1:32:20 Michael J. Fox in possible TV return. 
1:34:30 Quote: "Ralph, go back in time and don't make that joke!"
1:34:50 Joe Schmoe Show returns with Ralph Garman. Tough-lookin'.
1:36:50 Geek News: David Duchovny would like another X Files movie.
1:37:45 DareDevil in trouble. Ben Affleck pissed.
1:39:05 Robert Downey Jr. ankle injured, few weeks off. May 1st 2015 for Avengers 2.
1:39:50 Quote: "Iron Man - Porcelain ankle."
1:40:50 Happy Dragon Pictures Batman opening.
1:42:10 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.