Hollywood Babble-On 93

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Recorded at the Coach House, San Juan, Capistrano 8/11/2012."
Runtime: 1:29:29
Recorded Wed, 8th Aug 2012
Released Sun, 12th Aug 2012

LOUD video clip.
0:00 SModCo ads.
5:14 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
6:30 It's a hot night at The Coach House, tonight.
7:45 Marky Mark discussed.
8:30 Kevin pauses True Blood to look at dick.
9:00 There is a guy signing to the audience for the deaf.
9:50 Signing: "Rectal-fist-fucking," "give that penis a sandwich," "Skeet, skeet, skeet!" "Confetti," "Pac-Man," "Wakka wakka wakka wakka!" "too soon-ami," "Hawaii Five-O,"
12:32 Shout-outs: Saito and Cici finally show up. Time travel email.
13:25 Quote: "The tsunami washed away his calendar."
15:15 Quote: "Tsunamis and radiation are waiting to kill us around every corner."
15:46 Austin Jordan with mom, dad and brother. Degree in Media Arts (Youtube).
17:40 Quote: "Try the bunch-a-lunch!"
18:00 Eileen asks for Josh to give up his rusty wagon wheel. Kevin reports on a finger and a hairbrush.
19:30 San Juan Vs. Needles. Brian has a kidney stone and Jen advised to carry the BatShield.
21:00 Steve "The Pool Man" sings for Rhonda, before his appearance on The Voice. Asked to perform. Steve getting laid tonight.
23:00 Rhonda loves Ralph.
24:25 Quote: "Balloon knot."
25:00 Zach is alone and asks for Bane to give that penis a sandwich.
26:30 Ralph saw The Dark Knight Rises. Ralph liked it, but had issues. Avengers/Dark Knight Rises comparisons.
26:50 **first appearance** "8 years off!"
28:15 Quote: "I need a Bat Lozenge." "I'm rorry Bane."
29:00 Shoney, Jules et al are a no-show. "Fuck 'em!" Generic Bowie.
30:42 Email bag: Matt from Canberra, Australia asks for Aaron Neville's Edelweiss.
33:10 Sarah from British Columbia, Canada plays the drinking game. Kevin's doubt does 180° in 4 seconds. Ralph refuses to do voices.
34:10 Amy from Ireland asks for a Travolta shout-out for her brother.
34:55 Brandon from Nova Scotia asks for a post-stroke Dick Clark Creepy Clown Time.
36:55 Tinseltown Stiffs: Marvin HamlishSunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows EverywhereThe Sting.
39:00 The crowd hoots at Megan. Kevin gets defensive.
39:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Judith Crist.
40:00 Quote: "Asking her to review your movie was like asking the Boston Strangler to massage your neck."
40:15 Old, wizened Ralph on HBO 2420.
41:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Carlo Rambaldi.
43:35 Tinseltown Stiff: Mel StewartBoat Ride. Ralph cries.
45:25 Quote: "And the Oompah's they are blowing!"
45:55 Weird Willy Wonka.
47:20 Shit That Should Not Be: Snozzberries.
50:20 HBO Headlines: Randy Travis Mugshot, after weird arrest. Kevin mocks Ralph's Hillbilly Horn. Kevin punches Randy Travis in the dick.
54:05 Quote: "Felony count of Redneckery."
54:10 Amanda Bynes crashes into a Toyota Corolla and leaves the scene of an accident.
55:25 Joe Simpson interview. Jessica Simpson can't lose weight.
57:25 Sarah Silverman Pro-Obama video
58:20 Quote: "Big naturals."
58:45 Kristen Stewart depressed. Kevin agrees that she should be.
58:55 Quote: "Trampire."
59:45 Ellen Page is receiving death threats.
1:00:55 Kanye West releases Perfect Bitch about Kim Kardashian. Rob Kardashian wants to be a lawyer.
1:02:15 Quote: "One man's trash is another man''s treasure."
1:03:00 Abby and Brittany have a reality show on TLC
1:04:20 Liberace movie in the works. Set haunted. **first appearance** The Gay Ghost.
1:05:50 Quote: "Boo!"
1:06:23 Gay Ghost on HBO. "Could you blow me?"
1:06:50 Lindsay Lohan had a sleepover with Lady Gaga. Freakout.
1:08:45 Madonna and Elton John bitching at each other. No-one cares. Fairground Stripper.
1:10:40 Jaden Smith drops Kicks Like Me. Ralph dissects the lyrics.
1:13:45 Movies That Will Suck: A.L.F. Movie. Bill and Ted 3.
1:16:05 Geek News: Gillian Anderson splits with boyfriend, allegedly with David Duchovny.
1:17:45 Joss Whedon signs on for The Avengers 2, and a TV series for ABC in The Avengers Universe. Kevin watched The Avengers on the plane, and wept a little, causing his neighbor to O_ó.
1:19:15 Ben Affleck in talks to direct The Justice League movie.
1:20:20 Marvel and Fox negotiating for character swaps, and reboots.
1:21:15 Fantastic Four Radio Play featuring Bill Murray.
1:23:20 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.