Hollywood Babble-On 92

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin reunite in the Field of Dreams. Recorded at the Jon Lovitz Podcast Theater Saturday, August 4, 2012."
Runtime: 2:26:14
Recorded Sat, 4th Aug 2012
Released Mon, 6th Aug 2012

LOUD video clip.
0:00 SModCo ads.
5:57 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
7:15 Ralph had a beard, for a TV show (Joe Schmoe Series 3).
8:55 The first of several Chris Hansen jokes. "Are you BatFan697?"
10:00 Kevin turned 42 recently. Ralph brings cake for Kevin. "Birthday, birthday, FatBoy, yay!"
11:40 Shout-outs: Saito and Cici are a no-show (More on that next week).
13:20 Ben from Northern Virginia gets chastised for being too quiet. Ralph educates Kevin on the Virginias. Ben introduced to HBO by his father. Early shows discussed. Adam West and Christian Bale argue with each other over who is the better Batman.
16:30 Kevin takes a huge hunk o' cake.
18:21 **first appearance** Kevin as Bane.
18:40 Ralph appeared with Kevin on FatMan On Batman #9. This was also posted as HBO #105, when Ralph was away when his mother passed. FatMan on Batman 8 leads into SModCast 218.
20:50 Adam West Vs. Bane.
22:00 Herb, Ben's father wrote to Ralph.
23:50 Ralph mentions Field of Dreams. Kevin explains seeing the film at home. Field of Dreams ending.
25:20 Chelsea and Kyle return to The Lovitz sideswipe Ralph into buying Chelsea a drink. Chris Hansen questions Ralph. Ralph buys Chelsea a drink. Lovitz' kid pops in.
28:20 Manny has the perfect woman in Marina, but needs to push the envelope a little further.
30:03 Quote: "The fire rises!" Ralph buys the guy a drink.
31:05 Brian Therion from Arizona wanted Adam West Edelweiss. Gentle GiantPic.
33:00 Doug and Karen Careaux from Edmonton, Alberta celebrate one year of marriage, and are trying for a baby. Al Pacino parenting advice.
35:45 Kevin saw Al Pacino at his daughters school.
37:05 Jay and Graham from Tampa, FL. Graham praises his step-father, Jay.
38:45 Ralph's mic smells of pussy. Kevin talks of Ralph's tics while doing impressions.
39:15 Jason and Melissa celebrate 4 years of marriage. Photon Torpedo/Exhaust Port. Missed the show several times due to cancellations.
40:20 Shatner/Bowie. Difficulty level: refused!
42:15 Email bag: Twitter dude gets chastised.
43:00 Nicole from Aurora, Colorado asks for a moments silence. Kevin talks about what happened over those days.
47:50 Nate and Dan send in Cosby Bane. Ralph still hasn't seen The Dark Knight Rises.
50:15 Kevin and Ralph handed porn.
51:20 Jost from the Netherlands met Khewbacca Kardashian.
52:15 Kevin would enjoy sex with a wookie.
52:40 Adam Christiansen went to rewarder.com and found this. Kevin would do it. Screencap
55:10 Creepy Clown Time: Ralph plugs Masters of None, who ask for Christopher Walken Creepy ClownYoung Chris.
56:25 Tinseltown Stiffs: (Zack Holterhaus sends in a big bucket of win). Gore VidalCaligulaBob Roberts. Ralph sings Ragtime Gal.
59:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Mary TammPic.
1:00:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Tony Martin.
1:01:13 Quote: "Side-pussy."
1:01:30 Ralph is a fan of character-actors, and explains watching them as a young Garman.
1:02:02 Tinseltown Stiff: John FinneganPic. An American Tale gets sung. Aaron Neville mentioned for the first time, and recurs over the next few weeks.
1:04:20 Quote: "The Original American Tail:" Linda Ronstadt's singing vagina.
1:04:40 Tinseltown Stiff: R. G. ArmstrongPruneface. << Ralph's balls look like this.
1:06:15 Tinseltown Stiff: Norman AldenSuper FriendsBack to the Future.
1:10:00 Exquisite Acting: Simon from London sends in Al Pacino in The Local Stigmatic.
1:12:15 Shit That Should Not Be: JP from NJ sends in Airplane! Kevin explains the logistics of movies then, and now.
1:15:10 Kev-In: BaneMagic MikeBreakin' 2.
1:17:35 HBO Headlines: Samuel L. Jackson's Olympic tweets.
1:19:50 Voting and Celebrities; Clint Eastwood endorses Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney's joke sent to the file. Ralph informs Kevin about Mrs. Eastwood's reality TV show. Jenna Jameson endorses Mitt Romney.
1:23:20 Quote: "Mitt. What kind of fuckin' name is Mitt?"
1:23:35 Both Kevin and Ralph would like to give Obama another four years. #DiplomaticImmunity
1:25:00 Octomom (NSFW) is single again. Go Fund Me, to buy a house. New single. Artwork.
1:27:50 Snoop Dogg is now Snoop Lion. La La La.
1:30:00 Courtney Stodden announced that she is heading out for her own reality show (Couples Therapy). Age Difference a problem! WTF?!
1:32:10 Kim Kardashian announced younger sisters will have their own reality show. Ralph describes upcoming "plots." Ralph describes the ideal kidnap.
1:35:15 Clerks' Veronica Marilyn Ghigliotti threatened with the release of a sex-tape. Kevin describes meeting her, and he involvement in Clerks. Invasion for Flesh and Blood.
1:44:00 Fred Willard arrested, again. Shows cancelled. Kevin on jerking off, surprisingly.
1:48:00 Clive Palmer creating dinosaurs using DNA. Also, Titanic II.
1:50:25 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart split, after Kristen Stewart cheats. Custody battle over dog. Upcoming film gossip provided by Huggy Bear. Apology video.
1:51:40 Quote: "I wish them both ... no ... good."
1:54:20 Lindsay Lohan making a movie called The Canyons. Makes crew strip while filming.
1:54:30 Quote: "There is no cake.
1:55:15 Hand-check for The Lovitz' resident Fred Willard. "Yeah!"
1:56:25 Quote: "I don't want anyone to see my nipples."
1:57:10 Ralph references An Officer and A Gentleman.
1:58:00 Professor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Think Tank. Lecture example. Ralph explains Preacher Curls.
2:00:40 James Bond cologne to be released. Using cologne debated. Available at Harrods.
2:02:00 Quote: "Pot, Pachouli and Rights for black people."
2:02:15 Vince Vaughn to make the Brady Bunch reboot.
2:03:10 Kevin plays with a laser. Ralph removes it.
2:03:30 J.J. Abrams making an Earthquake movie. San Andreas 3D in the works, soon.
2:04:55 Ghostbusters III to go ahead without Bill Murray. Kevin mentions Blues Brothers 2000.
2:05:30 Movies That Will Suck: Beach Boys Movie. Kokomo.
2:08:20 Bret Michaels making a movie about his life story.
2:09:20 Geek News: The Dark Knight Rises errorDark Knight XXX Porn Parody DVD.
2:12:10 Christopher Eccleston to play the villain in the new Thor movie.
2:13:00 Peter Jackson to make 3 Hobbit movies, instead of 2.
2:13:35 Star Trek, Star Wars, Alien and GhostbustersX-Men auction prices.
2:15:25 Quote: "Really crippled."
2:17:50 Star Wars: Episode VII.
2:19:45 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.