Hollywood Babble-On 88

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin are reunited and explore Galactic Diplomatic Immunity"
Runtime: 1:55:06
Recorded Sat, 30th June 2012
Released Mon, 2nd July 2012

0:00 SModCo ads.
4:13 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

4:55 Kevin gets the night, and possibly city, wrong.
5:25 Adam Carolla annoys people elsewhere by stating "Women aren't funny," and it's touched upon here.
6:20 Kevin explains where he's been these past few weeks, and plug the upcoming Comic-Con gig.
7:40 Shout-outs: Kevin saw Magic Mike, and NOT Ted, much to Ralph's chagrin. Kevin plugs the shit out of Magic Mike and its actors ALL through the show.
9:18 Kevin Smith: "The Master of Cock in Cinema!"
9:50 Quote: "A Hitch-Cock."
15:45 Quotes: "B.O.B's; Battery Operated Boyfriend's," "Magic Mike 2: Heavy Kevvy."
17:15 Quote: "Don't work with a stoner, people, it's exhausting."
18:20 11 minutes later, Ralph can proceed with the shout-outs: Cheryl, Adam move to L.A. Jason asks for a shout-out. Kevin plugs a transsexual taco van.
19:50 Angel and Shannon are on date night, and go to see Ted. Ralph plugs Ted ... and he has lines! Hetero-anal talk.
22:05 How not to do anal.
22:25 Jason, Chris and James celebrate James' birthday.
22:50 Kevin enjoys twitter, and quotes a tweet. #DiplomaticImmunity
23:20 SuperWeiner. "Dick-El."
24:00 Philip and Serjio at The Lovitz. Serjio has the spelling of his name questioned. Philip was a jizz-mopper.
25:35 Batman's Mexican Villain: Brown-Eye.
26:20 Ozzy and Laura celebrate Ozzy's birthday. Laura is from Philedelphia. Philly-chat. Doesn't know Ralph.
27:22 George and Sarah were patients at a mental hospital. Celebrating George's birthday with "The Better Vagina."
28:25 Quote: "This is like a Cure song!"
30:25 Rich, Christina et al. celebrate Jill's birthday. Christina talks a lot of cock.
32:15 Email bag: Dana can hear again after an operation; needs to relearn to listen, using HBO. HBO previously interpreted via sign-language.
34:35 Greg is going to marry Teri. Best wishes and tips.
36:35 Tony and Cathy from NJ celebrate 10 years of marriage.
37:37 Brianna sends in paper dollsFinished product.
38:45 Jason from Texas made a Creepy Clown theme.
39:10 **first appearance** Creepy Clown Time theme.
40:02 Tony from Phoenix asks for Bobcat Goldthwaite Creepy Clown.
41:40 Tinseltown Stiffs: Doris SingletonPic.
43:50 Tinseltown stiff: Don GradyPic.
44:50 Kevin clarifies "Big bucket of win," as opposed to "Big bucket of wind."
45:15 Tinseltown stiff: Richard LynchPic. Ralph plugs Vega$. "King of the 80's."
48:45 Tinseltown stiff: Nora Ephron.
49:15 People trapped in the elevator are freed. Reese Witherspoon movie unlikely to be made. Ralph joyful. Kevin met her at the Michael premiere. "How to Eat a Child."
51:55 Hollywood Helper: Jennifer Lawrence helps a teenager. Pic 1. Pic 2. "Modern Day Batman."
53:50 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
54:30 Shit That Should Be: You Only Live Twice.
56:40 Exquisite Acting: Ben Affleck in A Body To Die For. Avengers joke. Gigli joke.
59:30 **first appearance** Kev-In theme.
59:50 Kevin doesn't remember that he won't be at HBO the next week, as his assistant Megan is marrying Alan Wysocki. Kevin's replacement will be ... Jon Lovitz!
1:00:45 Kev-In: Back to the FutureRichard Nixon 1968 Presedential Rally. Gremlins.
1:02:55 HBO Headlines: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are getting a divorce. Ralph offers explanation. Scientology video. Ralph sings to old German National Anthem. Tom had Nightingale Poop Facials.
1:03:40 Quote: "Jesus? You know that guy?"
1:07:10 Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis finish. Johnny Depp now with Amber Heard.
1:08:39 Ralph plugs Ted. Teddy Ruxpin creator pissed. Kevin on his old Teddy Ruxpin doll. Kevin plugs Magic Mike again. Two-handed vibe. Kevin advises how to get laid using Magic Mike.
1:14:50 Magic Mike: The Broadway Musical in the works.
1:15:20 Ralph into The Spice Girls reunion. (Fuck that song). Zoom. Ralph speaks Klingon, and almost makes a faux-pas against Jersey Girl. Audience-chat.
1:19:35 Alex Trebeck had a small heart-attack.
1:20:00 Quote: "What is a myocardial infarction?"
1:20:30 Octomom has a boyfriend. "Looks like the tanning mom." Ralph plugs the upcoming Octomom stripping dates.
1:23:00 Snoop Dogg busted with cash and marijuana in Norway. Kevin speaks with a Norweigan accent.
1:24:34 Lindsay Lohan's Terry Richardson photo. Kevin mentions Old Robert Downey Jr.
1:26:00 Quote: "Knuckle-head."
1:26:45 Megan Fox in Hawaii ... but not pregnant. "B.A.G." Step-mom/Spank bank.
1:28:25 Chris Brown and Drake offered cash to box. Kevin can't understand why Chris Brown is popular.
1:30:10 Justin Bieber on Letterman. "I'm not going for the sixteenth chapel." Dumb-ass.
1:31:50 Ke$ha gets a new tattoo.
1:33:10 Kim Kardashian to go to divorce court. Ex-husband to reveal all.
1:34:50 Khewbacca tries to mate with a human. Going to take fertility shots.
1:35:45 Casper Smart allegedly gay, and using Jennifer Lopez for her money.
1:38:00 Movies That Will Suck: Raging Bull 2. Highlander reboot, with Ryan Reynolds.
1:40:30 Uggie gets his paw prints outside Graumands Chinese Theater. UggieSpecial hosts.
1:42:00 Geek News: The Star Wars That I Used To Know.
1:44:00 The Avengers one of the highest grossing movies of all time. New Justice League LEGO movie in the works.
1:45:15 The Human Fly to be made into a movie.
1:45:50 Tetrachromatic woman from the UK.
1:47:20 William Shatner pants drop at LAX.
1:49:11 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. The Land Before Time.