Hollywood Babble-On 87

Episode: Link.
Comments: "While Kevins away, Ralph and special guest host David Koechner discuss their shared experiences and appreciation of fat c*ck."
Runtime: 1:27:45
Recorded Sat, 16th June 2012
Released Mon, 18th June 2012

Special guest host: David Koechner.

0:00 SModCo ads.
2:40 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

3:35 Ralph introduces David KoechnerTosh .0.
5:45 David on Communism, appearing in Anchorman 2. Filming next February; explains why the trailer came first, so far ahead of release.
7:45 Shout-outs: David says there are 3 men with their cocks out.
8:50 Helen and Helene from the UK are a no-show. Bored to death at a Nickelback concert.
9:20 Quote: "Which one is Nickel?!"
9:45 Candice and Ashleigh celebrate Candice's 28th birthday. David worked on the same movie as Christopher Lloyd, recently. David explains Candice's explanation. David will provide color commentary for the home listeners.
12:00 Email bag: Anthony J. Bradley Jr sends in the Wikipedia page for Alan Scott. David on sexuality/homosexuality today.
14:45 Jessica asks to celebrate husband Vernon's birthday as Kermit. "Froggy-style."
15:40 Tinseltown Stiffs: Henry Hill. David unimpressed.
17:00 Ralph references Green Acres. Theme sung.
17:35 Tinseltown Stiff: Frank CadyGreen Acres. "Bald guy workin'."
19:35 Shit That Should Not Be: George W. Bush in Game of ThronesStill. David on severed heads, and modern news-feeds and multi-national corporations. Scene will be removed from future releases.
22:50 Quote: "Rent heads by the basket."
24:50 Exquisite Acting: Heidi sends in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Space Drunk.
26:20 Quote: "Nitrogen narcosis."
28:20 HBO Headlines: Lindsay Lohan found unconscious in the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey.
30:00 David says "Fuck off," and "Fucking crazy," several times. David explains being tired.
34:10 Said assistant was driving her Porsche at time of crash. Cast in new Bret Easton Ellis movie; The Canyons, with James Deen (made 4,000 x-rated porn movies).
35:25 Quotes: "Does he lean against doorways?" "She's gonna go straight to grandmothers."
37:05 Madonna shows her tit on-stage in Istanbul. "Look at those arms!" David enrages Madonna with his Poker Face. Ralph makes a They Might Be Giants fans. "Madonna; Revenge of the Mummy."
40:00 Madonna's contract rider. David calls foul on the rider.
42:10 HBO: "Sweeping generalizations and semi-facts."
42:30 Lady Gaga/Madonna feud. Cunty. David pleased with Lady Gaga's level of fame. Hit in the face with a pole.
45:45 Quotes: "Pole to the mug." "Sorry, bro ..." "Fulcrum ..."
48:10 George H. W. Bush does not care for Justin Bieber. HBO now like Bush Sr. David annoyed at interviewer. And Kathy Lee Gifford. 
52:08 Chris Brown bottled. David on war and the ecomony. Ralph translates Chris Brown's tweet.
54:30 Quote: "He said 'LOL?'"
55:45 Celebrity Sick Bay: Tone Loc. Wild Thing.
57:40 Celebrity Sick Bay: Jerry Lewis passes out. Jerry goes nuts! Directing Nutty Professor musical on Broadway.
1:00:20 Snooki nude pics leaked. SnookiSnook. Dina dancing drunk in traffic. David discusses the Jersey Shore.
1:03:20 Octomom jerks it. David has a stroke. Celebrity pillow fighting.
1:04:20 Quote: "Someone fuckin' give her money!"
1:06:15 Kim Kardashian is the spokesperson for QuickTrim. Marble ArchBig Ben. Kim Kardashian should join the Jersey Shore. David on terrorists/television.
1:10:55 Khewbacca finding it difficult to get pregnant. KK. KK. KKO.
1:12:30 Al Pacino in Glengary Glen Ross.
1:13:15 Blowjob at Cirque Du Soleil.
1:15:45 Movies That Will Suck: Twi-Harder. Moby Dick. "Battleship with a whale." Sony announces Adam Sandler's Tonka; The Movie, CandyLand and Risk. David plugs Inside Job.
1:21:05 Pierce Brosnan renting out his house in Malibu - $250,000 a month. Previous Tenant.
1:23:10 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.