Hollywood Babble-On 89

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and special guest co-host Jon Lovitz explore the in and outs of the rusty wagon wheel."
Runtime: 1:58:21
Recorded Sat, 7th July 2012
Released Mon, 9th July 2012

Special guest host: Jon Lovitz.

0:00 SModCo ads.
3:32 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

4:00 Ralph explains that Kevin is at Megan and Alan's wedding, on the East Coast. Ralph plugs upcoming dates.
5:10 Ralph introduces Jon "The Podfather," Lovitz, and starts by mocking him. Jon plugs his club.
7:15 Jon went to the Playboy mansion for the 4th of July. Pic.
8:00 Picture of Jon. Ralph mocks Jon; Lovitz counter-attack. Ralph worked for Playboy: Jon, too.
10:00 Shout-outs: Chris and Genevieve from San Diego. Chris has listened to a lot of HBO. Did not bring gifts. 
11:40 Freddy and Tina celebrate Tina's birthday. Jon does his cake bit. Ralph explains that people already know the bit. Al Pacino Bowie birthday wishes.
12:25 Quotes: "We'll fix that in post," "A little brown hole ..." "The hole reserved for poo ..." "Muddy doorbell," "Gimme the shit!" "The Final Frontier." "Peeing bloody corn."
14:15 Jon not a fan of anal. Jon knows medicine as his father was a doctor. Gas "entering the urethra."
18:10 Ryan, Lindsay and Harrison at The Lovitz. Lindsay is targeted by Jon all through the show. "Back-stage door." Harrison writes in, too. "Drop a bucket in her backyard well." Jon promotes Rodeo-Style.
22:15 Michelle Danny celebrate's Danny The Werewolf's birthday. Ralph does Jon's birthday cake bit.
23:40 Andrew and Willow celebrate Andrew's birthday. Lovitz Shatner and Garman/Lovitz Shatner.
25:30 Vanessa and Jason Perez are about to marry. "Goddamn dirty groom!"
26:45 Al Pacino and Chuck Heston in the backyard well. 
28:10 Email bag: Jake leaves for training for the air force, as the Dark Knight Rises premieres. Ralph with advice on how to get dishonorably discharged.
29:20 Gayla and Chuck discuss HBO at their Middle-School. Fries Girl and Harrison Ford have a chat.
31:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: Ben DavidsonPicConan. Ralph offers to check Jon's prostrate.
33:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Eric Sykes. Ralph takes a swipe at Jon. HBO threatened with new premesis.
34:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Andy Griffith. Jon references A Face In The CrowdOpie's Allowance.
37:50 Ralph stops Jon saying anything anything political. Jon imitates Aunt Bea.
38:10 Who I know: Andy Griffith, Alec Baldwin, Ron Perlman, Jack Nicholson, Howie Mandel, Cher, Rick Calamaro, Tom Cruise, Sarah Jessica Parker, William Shatner, Samantha Ronson's family, 
39:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Barry BecherGinsu ad.
41:25 Jon and Ralph comment on Lindsay's food.
43:00 Hollywood Helpers: Alec Baldwin donates $1m to the New York Philharmonic Orchestra.
44:40 Hollywood Helper: Ron Perlman. HellBoy. Kid.
47:35 Shit That Should Not Be: Connor from Philedelphia sends in Casablanca.
50:00 Exquisite Acting: Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider. Ralph talks about his part in Ted, and takes a swipe at The Benchwarmers.
53:30 HBO Headlines: Howie Mandel thought he heard a sexual assault. Jon on shaking hands with strangers, and interacting with the homeless.
56:45 Chris Rock tweets on the 4th July.
58:00 Cher tweets against Mitt Romney and Mormonism. Ralph sings a line from If I Could Turn Back Time.
1:00:30 Kim Kardashian plug the shit out of their family. Jon on popping his (non-HBO) cherry.
1:04:05 Kimye lasts longer than her marriage, at the BET Awards.
1:05:20 Justin Bieber popped for speeding. Fisker Karma. Jon and Ralph bicker. Ralph quotes Justin Bieber graduating from High School. Ralph explains that he dislikes untalented people.
1:09:55 Rick Calamaro, Charlie Sheen's personal assistant, passed away. Jon on people passing away from drugs/alcohol.
1:11:45 Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorcing. List of reasons for divorce. Sea OrgBeckham. Jon on maturing females. Tom Cruise #1 on the Forbes Rich List for actors.
1:16:30 Lindsay taking some hits; Jon asks her if she likes it. Forbes source.
1:18:50 Jennifer Lopez has a metric shit-ton of perfumes on the market. Forbes source.
1:19:50 Christopher Nolan's hands and footprints placed outside Grauman's Chinese Theater.
1:23:20 Collectable news: (Jon discusses Batman). Gallileo Shuttlecraft70 large.
1:26:00 Jon on talking to Shatner about Star Trek.
1:27:10 Lindsay Lohan finishes principle photography on Liz and Dick. Jon mentions Samantha Ronson, and Jane Fonda sitting Lindsay Lohan down, and telling her to sort herself out. 
1:30:15 Movies That Will Suck: Raging Bull 2. Jon provides trivia, and Three Amigos, mentioned. The Jimi Hendrix biopic, without Jim Hendrix music. Jimi and Andre 3000.
1:34:45 Jon asks Lindsay a question. Anal sex discussed again.
1:37:20 True Blood to return for Season 6, as will Newsroom and Eastbound and Down. Ralph knows Danny McBride.
1:38:10 Anderson Cooper announces he's gay. No-one shocked.
1:39:25 American Bible Challenge announced, with Jeff Foxworthy.
1:40:50 Van Halen cancels remainder of their tour. Jon saw them before cancelling.
1:42:10 GOTYE Shoots himself in the head.
1:43:20 Quote: "Horny for corny!"
1:44:00 How Chelsea Handler got on the air.
1:45:25 Willow Smith has a new single. I Am Me. Ralph furious. "Born on third base, and think they hit a triple."
1:49:35 Chuck E. Cheese ... revampedSay 'Cheese!' It's funner ...
1:51:40 Jon screaming a lá Sammy Hagar. 
1:52:40 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.