Hollywood Babble-On 85

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin rise from the ashes at STAND UP LIVE in Phoenix, AZ. Recorded live on 05/24/2012."
Runtime: 1:36:18
Recorded Thu, 24th May 2012
Released Mon, 4th June 2012

Note: Due to an issue at the venue Ralph's microphone had issues for the first 9 minutes. All was done to bring you the best we could..after 9 minutes Ralph can be heard loud and clear.
Props to Declan Quinn, who did a great job in cleaning up the audio.

0:00 SModCo ads.
1:01 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

3:30 Complaints about the heat.
3:45 Kevin gives a shout-out to a local radio show.
4:20 Kevin prophesises that he will have a heart attack on-stage, one day.
5:00 Shout-outs: Joe and Ron's Phoenix Coyote's progress far in the Stanley Cup. Joe liked Kevin's "Dear Batman ..." tweets. Joe's prayer read out. Sound engineers having a decent conversation, before one of them figures out to plug Ralph's mic in to the soundboard, properly.
8:14 Chelsea the transgender gets a shout-out. It's a little inaudible.
8:45 Ron and Will from Santa Fe try to get Will to confidence to get himself some Laura.
10:15 Al asks about the evolution of Al Pacino.
10:45 Cliff, Todd, Tom and designated driver. Anne Heche's butthole.
11:25 Quote: "Do it in post!"
11:55 José attends on his own. Kevin mocks. Moving to Seattle.
12:35 Quote: "One, please ..."
15:00 Samantha and Brent celebrate Samantha's birthday.
16:45 Roman from El Paso is celebrating his birthday. Question for Mr. Smith. Mallrats proper blu-ray release. Blu-ray Vs. HD DVD. Meet Joe Black gets a jab. External audio seems not to be working. Kevin's Tour Manager is working on it.
19:28 Email bag: **first appearance** Ralph and Kevin singing the email bag theme. Sound back.
20:25 Quote: "Number 2."
20:40 Roman's Bowie shout-out. Kevin hurt his finger.
22:00 James Lasby unable to attend due to surgery. Pre-stroke Kirk Douglas shout-out. Kevin impressed.
23:10 Jai asks if Kevin is making a music video with Amanda Palmer. @stoya. Kevin thinking it over. Eventually Wayne Coyne takes over.
24:40 General scat.
25:10 John Skemell has a specific request for Ralph.
26:00 (Name inaudible) asks for David Lynch Creepy Clown.
28:50 Kevin had a foreign hair in his mouth.
29:10 Tinseltown Stiffs: Eugene Polley. Kevin wants to live in the universe of Wall-E.
31:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Robin Gibb. "The Ugliest of all the Gibbs." Bee Gees 60's Medley. Kevin guesses his final words.
33:55 HBO Headlines: Transformers 3 extra settles suit.
35:30 Stuntman jumps out of helicopter without parachute. Rain Man in the audience.
37:15 Quote: "96 Jaws'!"
38:50 Michael McKean hit by a car.
40:00 Will Smith on LettermanReporter sorry.
41:30 Jim Parsons outed by the New York Times. Kevin's friend Dave Mandel on The Big bang Theory.
44:35 Ralph plugs Ted. Ralph unimpressed with his appearance in Ted. Release date moved forward. Ralph tries to mediate between Kevin and Seth MacFarlane.
45:55 Quote: "Come hate it in 3 dimensions!"
46:30 7 dudes suing over Travolta. Lawyers suing each other. 
48:30 Siegfried and Roy's Roy being sued, a lá Travolta. Oxygen tube whipping.
50:55 Bill Clinton and porn stars. Ralph on the history of lube.
53:03 Quote: "Schindler's fist."
53:30 Ralph sings Space Oddity. Johnny Depp made an honorary Comanche.
55:20 Quote: "Man who carries Burton," "Swollen liver," "Blue Man Too Fat To Fly."
56:00 Kim Kardashian in the UK. Ugh. No women backstage. Has own green room.
57:10 Quote: "What's up? I saw you in a fuck tape once!"
57:20 Snooki having a boy.
59:00 Kevin handed a suspicious drink. Lindsay Lohan a nightmare on set, wants choice who plays Burton. Wants to go to England. Kevin does Bill Murray on Scrooged.
1:01:25 AMC movie theater chain purchased by chinese company. Kevin and Malcolm Ingram go to see Batman Begins.
1:03:20 Skyfall trailer released. People pissed that James Bond is drinking Heineken. Ralph annoyed. George Lazenby against it. 
1:05:05 Quote: "Beer of Kings!"
1:05:15 Movies That Will Suck: Matt Le Blanc in LoveSick. Sarah Jessica Parker gets a jab. Tom Cruise in The Seven Samurai. Cruise jabbed. Theme. Ralph asks Kevin to make a western movie. Beef commercial. A.L.F: The Movie. Ralph on A.L.F.
1:09:45 Bono at The Book of Mormon showing. 
1:11:25 Britney Spears to judge on X Factor. Contract rider. The Man of 83 voices. Herve Villachaise impression. Ralph wants to see her go to 800lbs.
1:15:20 Geek News: SyFy announce Insane or Inspired, featuring Ralph. Angry heckler.
1:16:50 James Doohan finally reaches space. Kevin berates Ralph.
1:18:20 Ron and Snape working together on a movie about CBGB. Ralph finally watched the last Harry Potter and enjoyed it. Kevin tells of when Alan Rickman wore his wings on Dogma.
1:19:00 Kevin announces Spoilers on HULU.
1:22:11 Avengers Blu-ray release date announced.
1:23:00 The Dark Knight Returns animated films announced. Kevin interviewed Peter Weller and John Lithgow. 
1:25:15 Marvel announce first gay wedding. "Fabulous X-Men!" DC to announce a gay character.
1:28:15 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.