Hollywood Babble-On 83

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin explore where the KY comes from at the Improv in Louisville, Kentucky. Recorded live on 05/16/2012."
Runtime: 1:22:32
Recorded Wed, 16th May 2012
Released Mon, 21st May 2012

0:00 SModCo ads.
2:23 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

4:30 Ralph wants to get his photo taken with the Colonel Sanders statue. Kevin, too.
5:35 Quotes: "The Colonel Sanders of indie film," "KY; home of the lube."
6:50 Shout-outs: Drew Swain lost weight and got his degree, thanks too HBO.
8:30 Quote: "Keep calm and Babble On."
9:54 Andy Parker (Cincinatti) and Teresa (Nashville) reconnect after 30 years. "PlayDoh Cutter."
10:45 **first appearance** Ralph Garman (For Teresa).
13:05 Quote: "You got a great ass! (And it's gonna get punctured!)
13:30 Christine begs for anal, from Jason. Toast for Christine.
14:57 Blind guy Todd and Melissa celebrate Melissa's birthday. Christopher Walken Happy birthday.
15:50 Quotes: "Welcome to the South!" "Ass-braile."
17:25 Will from Indianapolis searching for 'sweet trim.' Kevin mentions Mewes' techniques.
19:15 Jarrod and Warren from St. Louis, going through a divorce
19:30 Ralph warns he will be picking on Todd, the blind guy.
20:35 Quote: "McRib is sex on a bun ..."
20:54 Matt and Amy celebrate 7 years of dating. Matt called a dick by Ralph.
24:10 Email bag: Jay needs 2 new strains of cannabis to be named, by HBO: "Babble-On Bubble-Up," and "Creepy Clown," or "Garmy Strong."
25:50 Quote: "We paid $40! Do the clown!"
26:30 Chad Silverstein asks for Cesar Romero Creepy Clown.
29:25 Tinseltown Stiffs: Mitchell Guist. Weekend at Gators.
32:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Donald "Duck" DunnGreen Onions.
33:30 Hollywood Helpers: George Lucas Housing Plan.
36:00 HBO Headlines: ***John Travolta Erection Update*** 2 more masseurs suing John. Gloria Allred representing first claimant. Listener says she stayed at the hotel. Kevin says he knows Ben Affleck. Cruise steward offered $12,000 for sex. Hollywood Fabian-On! 4 claimants, at this point. Advice on how to do it properly, a lá Kevin Smith.
41:40 Stevie Wonder extortion case. Kevin defends Part-Time Lover, as he jerked off to it.
43:50 Sarah Hyland from Modern Family had a kidney transplant. Kevin jealous because Ralph would give a kidney to his daughter, but not for him.
45:40 Kate Gosling fan cruise cancelled. Kevin discusses SModCruise.
47:15 Quote: "Both people refunded."
47:55 Tanning Mom gets a reality show, and possible Playboy offer.
49:05 Quote: "FireStarter."
49:30 The Houston Family Chronicles will be aired on TV.
50:10 Paris Hilton is now a DJ. Celebrities who are bad in bed.
50:45 Quote: "Blowing guys for coke."
54:10 Quote: "Pussy over his dick."
54:40 Kim Kardashian: FTC says Skechers Shape-Ups do not work.
56:30 Kourtney's boyfriend vomiting in Atlantic City.
57:20 Joey Lawrence to work as a Chippendale in Vegas.
58:10 Carrie remake: Chloe Moretz, with Julie-Anne Moore.
58:39 Quote: "They're all gonna laugh at you!"
58:50 Men In Black III to be released any day now. (Cost $375m to make). Trailer-chat. Ralph not jealous.
1:01:30 Movies That Will Suck: Ashton Kutcher shooting the life story of Steve Jobs. Aaron Sorkin to write another Steve Jobs movie.
1:03:20 Ralph's Steve Jobs impression.
1:03:35 Battleship promotion in Israel. Peter Berg instigates a war on a press junket.
1:06:15 Elton John crazy in Vegas.
1:07:10 Freddy Mercury back from the dead.
1:08:15 Olivia Newton John auctioning her pants from Grease. "Get physical!"
1:09:45 Michael Jackson's clothes to go on tour, then on auction.
1:10:35 Geek News: Leonard Nimoy done with Star Trek.
1:11:30 Robert Downey Jr. earned for $50m The Avengers. (Salary and profit participation). The other Avenger earned $2-3m, each.
1:12:55 Samuel L. Jackson met Kevin at Comic Con, and described working for Marvel.
1:15:10 Emma Stone interviewed for The Amazing Spider-Man; will have action figure. Kevin besmirches Emma Stone to Ralph.
1:16:40 Bond statistics
1:17:10 Quote: "Virgin!"
1:19:15 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.