Hollywood Babble-On 77

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin take a stairway to the danger zone."
Runtime: 1:33:12
Recorded Sat, 31st Mar. 2012

Released Mon, 2nd Apr. 2012

0:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
0:55 Sold out show; the responsibilities of performing well.
1:35 Kevin has been away promoting his book, Tough Shit. Was on The Tonight Show. Grills Christina Aguilera on how much money she has.
6:15 Quotes: "Lot of ground to cover," "she's got the lighter beard."
7:25 Ralph plugs upcoming dates.
8:00 Ralph plugs Adam West's star to be installed on Hollywood Boulevard. Ralph to take out Kevin Conroy.
10:10 Shout-outs: Kevin weirds out Ralph.
11:25 Mike and Erica from Tucson, Arizona celebrate their birthdays.
12:30 Ray and Jemmy refer to Kevin as Robin, Ralph as Batman and get married. Music by Kevin.
14:45 Nick from Kansas with the saddest shout-out ever. Poor fella.
16:50 Trent and Kristal saw HBO at ComicCon. Special Needs teachers who ask for the Fries Girl Creepy Clown.
17:30 Quote: "America's true superheroes."
17:40 Kevin gave tickets to The Book of Mormon to his old Spanish teacher, Mr. Sheen.
20:00 **first appearance** "Creepy Clown Time?" Creepy clown time.
21:40 Kevin cuts off a shout-out, to fill in the request of a fan; Adam West Creepy Clown.
22:45 Eric Martinez, Mart (?) and Nancy with a Schwarzenegger shout-out.
23:23 William and Vantha Haridose (?!) have been married for 3 years.
25:47 Email bag: Phil Wilson from Shefield, England, saw the Wrath of the Titans.
27:00 Gaz in Nottingham starts a new segment; Kev-In. Plate. Sgt. Kevin's Lonely Heart's Club Band.
27:30 **first appearance** Kev-In.
28:00 Rob from Canada suggests a few Creepy Clown voices.
28:50 Drew made this video.
29:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Warren StevensPic. Video unavailable.
32:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Earl ScruggsFoggy Mountain breakdownThe Ballad of Jed Clampet. 
33:00 Quote: "It just makes you want to fuck a relative."
34:50 Exquisite Acting: Matt Young from Peterboro, Canada sends in Daniel Craig in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.
35:26 Shit That Should Not Be: Sven from Germany sends in Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds.
37:55 Grease-chat. Ralph video unavailable. Kevin in Grease.
43:10 Quote: "The Ralph Cramden School of Dancing."
43:45 HBO Headlines: Octomom toplessBefore. On welfare.
46:30 January Jones eats her own placenta. Talking trees take a knock.
47:50 Quote: "We have supermarkets!"
49:30 Jessica Simpson spending $1m on the delivery of her children. (Eventually sells pix for $800k).
51:10 Alicia Silverstone feeding her kid.
53:30 Justin Bieber's new single out. "Boyfriend." Well, that was friggin' awful. Who buys this shit?
55:26 Quotes: "I got a Woody!" "Ice to see you."
56:06 Lindsay Lohan's probation has ended. 25 Years in 1 minute. Kevin grosses himself out with sexual innuendo. Lohan puns.
59:15 Kim Kardashian is the most over-exposed celebrity in North America. Source. Khewbacca withdraws from PETA.
1:02:00 Bully threatened to be released as Unrated. Permission slip. Kevin rails against the Ratings System.
1:06:40 Racist Hunger Games fans. 12 and 3Tumblr.
1:09:20 Chloe Moretz to play Carrie.
1:09:40 Will Ferrell announces Anchorman 2.
1:10:50 Movies That Will Suck: Twins will have a sequel; Triplets. No script.
1:12:55 Quotes: "What if he was black?!" "What if I have a baby, and the baby is black?!" "Black Ploughman." "But the guy running with me, is black?!" "But I was black ... on Mars?!"
1:15:00 Geek News: Viper Flight Simulator.
1:16:40 Ralph on Geek Women. Spencer gifts superhero bikinis. "Safety goggles."
1:18:10 Quote: "Beware my mind ... I am jizzing in your eyes!"
1:18:35 Beware the BatmanBeware the Batman in Maryland"I'm Batman."
1:21:40 New Superman logo released.
1:22:45 Superman ChequeZoom.
1:23:55 Avengers XXXChyna-Hulk. Kevin on buying porn.
1:28:45 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.