Hollywood Babble-On 78

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin make it magic and pray for no sweaticus. Also, #DarkSideKnight choices revealed."
Runtime: 1:44:27
Recorded Sat, 7th Apr. 2012

Released Mon, 9th Apr. 2012

Tonight's sponsor: Audible.com

0:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
0:45 Kevin went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida.
2:00 Quotes: "No-sweaticus," "Snowicus!" "Devil-snow," "Big One," 
3:35 Kevin perplexed by Butterbeer. Unable to buy a wand.
7:00 Ralph plugs Audible.com and Tough Sh*t.
7:30 Kevin was waaay into Jam On It and New Shoes, and finally Tough Sh*t.
8:30 Great Moments in Celebrity Autobiographies: Leonard Nimoy - Letter to Spock.
10:20 Quote: "Small, glass gaming spheres."
11:00 Shout-outs: Amanda the Elevator Girl celebrates her birthday. Kevin explains the Elevator Girl origin.
12:20 Ralph drinks Kevin and Bean.
14:14 Eric, Ben and Moodyman celebrate Ben's 21st birthday. Pacino Creepy Clown.
14:45 Quotes: "Loose butthole," "MoodyMan Sloppy," "Ralph Garman - the man of like, 20 voices."
17:15 **first appearance** Pacino Creepy Clown (Used in theme).
17:45 Melanie and Jeff celebrate Jeff's 35th birthday. Ralph chides Melanie. Davey and Goliath shout-out. Ralph up to 31 voices now.
19:40 Louis, Rob, Liz and John celebrate John's 21st birthday. Louis annoyed at Rob and Liz. Louis' tattoo.
22:15 Holly and Joseph from Portland Michigan. Kevin inquires about the various Portlands scattered across the States. Ralph inquires about the current owners of Michigan, and chides Holly for wanting to celebrate her birthday; four months late. Holly is fond of Lovitz.
24:44 David A and Carlos celebrate Carlos' birthday. Kevin confused about his sexy voice.
25:10 Quotes: "37?!" "Why is it creepy?!"
26:25 Josh Gilmore (30th) and Doug (finished film school) at the Lovitz. Met Kevin when promoting Clerks II.
28:30 Chris Morris from Canada gets a long-distance dedication from his buddy. Ralph on the States invading Canada. Shout-out to the Vancouver Film School. Ralph mocks Kevin for dropping out of school.
33:37 Justin and Chris from Bellflower celebrate Justin's birthday. Fries Girl Bowie. Kevin disappoints the crowd by saying he won't dance.
36:45 Flavors.
37:15 Email bag: Kev-In: Mark T sends in this.
38:30 Violet from Croatia asks for Christopher Walken to wish her boyfriend Pete a happy birthday.
39:30 BatRalph and Kev(Rob)In.
40:20 Reuben's friend crashed his bus while laughing at HBO.
41:00 Jonathan pissed off his friend Adam Levantis.
41:15 Kevin chides the Sad Hulk Music.
42:00 Nick sends in Kevin's cameo on Law & Order. Kevin without a beard. (Video unavailable).
45:00 **First appearance** "E Chu Ta!"
45:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Jim MarshallWild Thing.
47:55 Exquisite Acting: Mo Shawnette sends in Jeremy Irons in Dungeons and Dragons.
49:25 Hollywood Helpers: Ryan Gosling rescued a woman from being hit by a cab.
51:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Star Wars Kinect. "B.A.N.T.H.A.S!" Childhood killed. Harrison Ford quote. Kevin interjects on what he has just saw.
56:00 HBO Headlines: New Releases: Titanic 3D, A.T.M. Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's HopeAmerican Pie: The Reunion.
59:20 Ralph and Kevin with be at Comic-Con, this year.
1:00:00 Kate Winslet hates My Heart Will Go On. Me, too! Good on you, Kate!
1:01:10 Adam West's star finally placed down in Hollywood. Ralph paid complements from Adam West and Kevin. Go donate!
1:05:00 **first appearance** Fucked-up Amanda Bynes; hit a cop car. Kevin recalls seeing her in the cinema.
1:07:00 Bruce Willis a dad again.
1:07:50 Lisa Robin Kelly has a new mugshot.
1:09:00 Daniel Craig to drink Heineken as James Bond. Olympic commitee asks for a James Bond section for the Olympic Opening Ceremony.
1:11:55 Ralph references Sean Connery being interviewed by Barbara Walters. Ralph back to 29 voices. Doesn't do women.
1:13:00 Bully reclassified, and discussed.
1:14:40 Nicolas Cage needs to pay a ton of tax.
1:15:30 Quote: "I pee fire," "I'm more of a treasure/puck protector."
1:16:10 Kim Kardashian dating Kanye West. Theraflu. Amber Rose claims seem to be true. Pic.
1:19:50 Barbie is bald. Friends. Inappropriate Barbies, by Ralph.
1:21:50 Movies That Will Suck: Michael Bay has the rights to make the next Halloween Movie. Dumb and Dumber 2. Angry Birds movie. Grown Ups 2, with Taylor Lautner. The Mummy reboot. Bigfoot movie. Bigfoot discussed.
1:26:40 The Beatles: The Next Generation.
1:27:40 The Jackson Four to tour, without Touchy. Jesse Jackson not involved.
1:29:00 Boy George got his ass kicked. Pic.
1:29:50 David Lynch's Crazy Clown Time. Ralph not a fan. Ralph and Kevin plug Twin Peaks.
1:34:50 Geek News: Kevin likes to smoke weed. Batman Vs. Darth Vader. Hollywood Babble-On cartoon coming soon. III (Josh Stifter). II (AnimatedPhil). I (Yagimoth).
1:40:15 Ralph shouts-out to Jamie Walton and The Wayne Foundation. (Image unavailable).
1:43:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.