Hollywood Babble-On 74

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin give each other a thorough check up with small hands."
Runtime: 1:49:33
Recorded Fri, 9th Mar. 2012

Released Mon, 12th Mar. 2012

0:00 SModCo ads.
1:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

1:50 Ralph is drinking Jack Daniels and club soda. Kevin is drinking an Arnold Palmer.
2:00 Quote: "It's not the first man you've drank!"
2:10 Kevin goes to the proctologist.
4:00 Internal monologues of doctors.
6:30 Lung-talk.
7:05 Pants-less, in a hockey jersey.
7:50 Quote: "The ball-clutch."
9:30 Scrotal-check. Fletch and Moon River.
11:10 The taking-it-up-the-butt angle.
12:17 "Tissues."
13:00 Kevin sings the praises of the doctor.
14:25 Show starts: Ralph plugs upcoming dates.
15:20 Babble-On Begins.
18:00 Shout-outs: Anthony, Amanda and Brian celebrate Anthony's 21st birthday.
20:25 Tony, Memo and Arthur bring Liz to HBO for the first time. (Guillermo) Memo gets his name ridiculed.
22:00 Quote: "Say hello to her little sphincter!"
22:30 Robert from Germany been to see HBO, three times. 
22:50 Kevin would lay down his life in the Chocolate War.
24:00 All German-speaking people fear Arnold Schwarzenegger.
25:20 Email bag: Zac requests David Lynch Creepy Clown, and recent history. Sean Connery Creepy Clown.
29:20 John (See HBO 73), got recognized, and chewed out. "In The Navy!"
30:30 Quote: "There's a lot of seamen in the navy."
30.55 Kevin as Cap'n Fantastic. (Kevin smoked OG Alien, and Skywalker, today). Book of Mormon plugged again.
34:20 Steve García says Nick from Middletown, NJ refers to Canada as 'Canadia.'
35:40 Kimble made a ComicCon Theater poster.
36:30 Eric sends in a list of euphemisms for the asshole.
37:30 Quote: "The better vagina."
37:45 Raymond Barcelone sends in Kev as Kenickie. Ralph as Danny.
39:15 Quote: "We should do a musical!" Kevin would like to make a vinyl record.
40:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Jimmy EllisDisco Inferno. Ralph dances.
42:25 Tinseltown Stiff: Sheldon MoldoffBat Family.
45:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Robert ShermanJungle Book. The Boys.
47:40 Kevin loves Bed-knobs and Broomsticks. Ralph recently watched The Jungle Book.
51:10 Kevin eating Twinkies - The Tigger Song.
52:00 Eeyore on suicide watch.
53:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Will Ferrell in Everything Must Go (Tao, Israel).
55:30 Exquisite Acting: Al Pacino in Dunkaccino (Diane Isis, Glasgow). Godfatherly advice.
59:20 HBO Headlines: John Carter bombs (Hollywood Doom Prediction!). Ralph on The Long Ranger.
1:02:00 Whitney Houston left her money to her daughter. ($27.19) Will talk to Oprah this weekend. Kevin would like to appear on the O.W.N.
1:03:30 Dick Van Dyke got married. Mary Poppins score.
1:03:55 Quote: "Dick is still working ..."
1:05:10 Hawaii 5-0 guy in rehab.
1:05:45 Quote: "C.I.S. Alabama."
1:06:15 Coolio arrested, and see's his son. Mugshot. "Grtis"
1:08:20 Hulk Hogan sex-tape being shopped around. Kevin ponders sex-tape politics.
1:10:01 Tila Tequila had a brain aneurysm.
1:11:00 Snooki's pregnant. Cover.
1:12:00 Jessica Simpson pregnant. Cover. (Finally named Maxwell Drew).
1:13:10 Elizabeth Berkeley pregnant.
1:13:30 Lindsay Lohan is a redheadDebbie Harry.
1:15:00 Kevin promotes Bindlestiffs.
1:17:30 Rihanna's Father said Chris Brown is actually a really nice guy.
1:19:00 Celebrity Titty Pictures: Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn. MoleVein map.
1:21:44 Quote: "We rest our case."
1:22:40 The fake phone hacking.
1:23:10 Casey Nicholaw to direct Animal House: The Musical.
1:24:25 Movies That Will Suck: Ouija Board: The Movie. Katy Perry: Part of Me. A Star is Born. Fading Gigolo. Bret Ratners Hercules.
1:29:50 Lady Gaga has 20m followers on twitter.
1:30:40 John Lennon was bulemic.
1:32:30 Quote: "Is this thing on?!"
1:32:50 Geek News: New Robocop will be played by Joel Kinnaman.
1:34:00 Thor's HammerSheildIron Man autopsy. Auction.
1:36:20 Lionsgate to make a movie about Nic Cage's comics being stolen.
1:37:35 The Long Ranger.
1:40:20 Brazil has a real Batman. Ralph mistakes Portuguese for Spanish again.
1:43:45 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.