Hollywood Babble-On 73

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin miss the Maui but feel fantastic."
Runtime: 1:52:23
Recorded Sat, 3rd Mar. 2012
Released Mon, 5th Mar. 2012

0:00 SModCo ads.
1:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
2:15 Kevin is on a new strain of weed. Maui Waui has ran out, so he's on Cap'n Fantastic.
3:30 The responsibility of the show is placed onto Ralph's shoulders. Kevin went to NY to see The Book of Mormon, and gushes all over it.
4:20 (!) **first appearance** The Book of Mormon. "Don't fuck de baby!"
11:15 Shout-outs: Megan, Ray, Meg and Nick visiting newborn nephew, 'Taco.' DJ James reminds Ralph that he forgotten the theme.
12:55 Quote: "Carnitas."
15:00 Clayton Marshall celebrates his 28th birthday with family, at the Lovitz.
16:30 Michael and David travel from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, gets most of his email ignored and search for payment of a bet.
17:50 Hockey Goal Lamp.
18:20 Ralph asks Yoko why she broke up The Beatles. York, PA.
20:35 Mike and J. Sierra celebrate Mike's birthday.
21:25 Quote: "Minty."
22:05 Email bag: Tigiernan Noonan. Mr Tayto.
24:40 Asa Jordan asks for no more spoilers. Nope! "Ase Hole."
25:34 Juan from Panama writes in with Ron Jeremy Rum. Hockey Lamp sounds!
26:45 John to start Navy basic training.
28:20 James from Melbourne made a Clerktopus Animation. (Technical difficulties).
30:00 Jeremy Klein from Isreal asks for a joke to be read.
30:40 Travis Monson is a new dad. (Photos unavailable at this moment). Ralph's office referenced.
32:20 Josh from London asks for HBO to go to London. Arnold Creepy Clown.
35:15 Tinseltown Stiffs: Neil Hope (2007 death). Pic.
38:05 Tinseltown Stiff: Ralph McQuarrieConcept art.
39:35 Quote: "Ralph's die in 3's."
40:05 Tinseltown Stiff: Jan BerenstainBerenstain Bears. Ralph on the bears.
43:45 Tinseltown Stiff: Davy JonesArtful DodgerGirl.
44:00 Ralph recounts stories of his friend, Davy Jones.
49:30 Shit That Should Not Be: Peter Melnick sends in a Rocky discrepancy.
51:25 Exquisite Acting: Matt Panzer sends in Judge Dredd.
53:10 HBO Headlines: People boo The Artist. Jennifer Lopez nip slip.
54:00 Quotes: "Lipple," "Areolla Borealis."
55:50 Sean Young arrested after slapping security. Sean Young history. Ralph would like her as a guest on HBO.
58:00 Ralph plugs the Razzies, and specifically Adam Sandler's recent movies.
59:00 Red State unscathed.
59:10 Kirk Cameron on homosexualityThe Banana.
1:01:45 Quote: "He's a fuckin' nut-loaf."
1:04:15 Kevin erect.
1:04:50 Seth Rogen is High Times Stoner of the Year. Kevin upset at not being able to win an award.
1:05:50 Ralph imagines The Hulk jerking it.
1:06:20 Quote: "Would you like to try some Hulk cum?"
1:06:25 Justin Bieber turns 18. Sues Joustin' Beaver.
1:08:30 Whitney Houston's gravesite under guard.
1:09:25 Quote: "Even in death, Whitney needs a bodyguard ..." Hockey Lamp. Precious ridiculed.
1:11:37 **first appearance** Movies That Will Suck theme, by Dan Louisell.
1:12:00 Movies That Will Suck: Die Hard 5. Five Against A Bullet. Top Gun 2. One Hit Wonders. National Lampoon's Vacation.
1:13:30 Ralph and Kevin describe seeing Top Gun in the 80's. Ralph hopes for gay sex.
1:15:20 Quote: "Top Cum."
1:18:00 Lindsay Lohan is on SNL tonight. Today Show, with Matt Lauer.
1:20:00 Britney Spears settles out of court with bodyguard.
1:21:00 Quotes: "And a Pringles can shoots out .." "Funions."
1:21:35 Kim Kardashian wants to get back with Reggie Bush. Relationship history.
1:23:10 Snooki is pregnant. Garbage.
1:23:19 Quote. "Snooklet."
1:24:40 Dancing with the Stars cast announced. The balls ...
1:26:20 Christina Aguilera drinking causing problems on The Voice.
1:27:10 Zac Efron Condom. The Lorax questioned. Ralph's balls.
1:32:00 Tarzan can't play with jungle cats anymore. Saved by a lion.
1:35:00 Brazillian Man tries to open bank account with fake ID. Ralph speaks Spanish instead of Portuguese.
1:36:10 Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift dating.
1:37:37 Quote: "Body of Christ, body of Christ, body of Christ ..."
1:38:00 Arnold and Maria Shriver back again.
1:39:15 Sex and the City prequel announced. (Images unavailable). Ralph on Taylor Swift.
1:41:40 Quote: "Richer than Roosevelt."
1:42:15 Scarlet Johanssen in a movie on the making of a movie on the making of a movie on the making of a movie on the making of a movie.
1:43:15 Vivid Entertainment announce Ferris Bueller's Day Off: The XXX Porn Parody, Austin Powers, and Clerks.
1:45:20 Geek News: Leonard Nimoy to appear in The Big bang Theory.
1:46:00 Comic Heroes Magazine with Best Superheroes.
1:48:15 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.