Hollywood Babble-On 72

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin blow the dust off after going on walkabout and explore Celtic roots."
Runtime: 1:41:09
Recorded Sat, 25th Feb. 2012
Released Mon, 27th Feb. 2012

0:00 SModCo ads.
1:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

2:00 Technical difficulties: Ralph's Mic for this sold out show. Ralph was on vacation, last week.
3:24 Kevin compares himself to Hurley from Lost.
3:45 Shout-outs: Kevin brought a shout-out for Ralph:
5:20 Recorded message to Ralph from Kevin in Dublin.
6:10 Irish Trivia: Loch Garman was Ralph's ancestors stomping grounds. 
6:55 Quote: "Sláinte!"
7:30 Tim and Shelby Landucci celebrate their 9th and 10th anniversaries. Maths 101 with @ThatKevinSmith. Kevin didn't like A Beautiful Mind, and doesn't like movies about maths geniuses (But not Good Will Hunting).
9:50 Jamie and Jonah McCaslin celebrate Jonah's birthday. Jonah grilled for losing weight.
11:40 Quote: "Jonah The Whale."
12:00 Kevin recounts dating as a younger man, and his grandmothers advice. Kevin went to investigate getting a gastric bypass.
14:10 Quote: "Cat-gut."
14:30 Serjio celebrates his birthday. Question for anal-centric question. Kevin on ass in the UK.
15:55 Kevin called the "Fag Enabler," by the Phelps'. Ralph doesn't like to use the word.
17:00 Ryan Batchellor celebrates his birthday. Sketch.
18:35 Antoinette and Sjoerd from the Netherlands get their email ridiculed, and celebrate Antoinette's birthday. Antoinette pregnant!
19:30 Quote: "94 points in Scrabble ..."
21:10 Marco and Stephanie celebrate Marco's birthday. Marco loved Red State and met Kevin Pollock.
22:00 Brooke and mother celebrate mother's 65th birthday. Seen every Askewniverse movie.
24:00 Eric and Johnnie call Christian out on his bullshit. (Christian killed a dude with throwing knives).
26:10 A Laundry list of Christian's bullshit stories.
26:50 The Most Interesting Man In The World.
27:10 Jorge and Christina make their way to the stage. Jorge asks Christina to marry him. She says yes!
28:45 Ralph makes dreams come true!
29:30 Email bag: Doug Smith made Babble-On, on Weed.
30:15 An Evening With Adam West has reached the halfway point. Go download!
30:50 Patrick Delgado asks about a SModTank show.
31:30 David Hanson made an image, for HBO.
32:15 Jacob Ross congratulates Kevin on Comic Book Men. Ralph likes the show. Kevin advocates podcasting among friends.
34:45 Babble-On Begins poster. Lines recorded.
37:30 Louis Doc Brown's himself via HBO.
38:44 Quote: "Put a rice cake on your taint."
39:00 Jorge in Buenos Aires searches the annals of HBO for factoids.
39:15 Hollywood Babble-On Drinking Game rules:
- "A special place in Hell for Ralph," - take a drink.
- "If there groan inducing pun from a media reference." - take a drink.
- "If Ralph yells at the audience," - take a drink.
- "If HBO virgin in shout-out," - take a drink.
- "If ralph and Kevin learn a new euphamism for 'asshole,'" - Take a drink.
- "If a joke is told to be filed," - Take a drink.
- "If the joke is filed," Take 2 drinks.
40:20 Kevin asks where "File it!" comes from. "The Would You Like To Take That Back? File." Kevin advocates listening to the Kevin and Bean pod.
41:04 Rob draws up a cast picture.
41:50 Farhad met Kevin on his birthday. Made a poster.
42:20 Quote: "Reefer and Teddy Bears."
43:15 Base from the Netherlands. Kevin spits some Public Enemy. Ralph; Grandmaster Flash. Kevin steals. Creepy Clown, Crosby Clown and Louis Armstrong Creepy Clown. 
47:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: David KellyGrandpa Joe.
48:00 Tinseltown Stiff: Billy StrangeNancy Sinatra riff.
49:00 Ralph adores women from the 1960's.
50:20 Quote: "This dick was made for suckin'."
50:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Scully.
51:00 Kevin talks about his last moments with Scully. A toast for Scully.
54:45 Exquisite Acting: George C. Scott in The Exorcist III.
56:45 Shit That Should Not Be: The Hitcher.
58:30 HBO Headlines: Gerard Butler in rehab. Ralph's issues with cocaine.
1:00:00 Arnie and friend have shoulder surgery. The Total Recall vacuum.
1:01:20 Quote: "Two guys poopin' in bedpans."
1:01:50 The Tomb.
1:02:45 Rachel McAdams perfume ad discussed.
1:03:00 Whitney Houston in Star Magazine. Oprah interview. Dealer interviewed. Bobby Brown writing a tell-all book. National Enquirer coverElvis image. "Silver spoons."
1:10:45 Quote: "Big bathtub of win!"
1:11:00 Lindsay Lohan getting her life on track. Hosting SNL, landed the role of Elizabeth Taylor.
1:12:30 Oscars tomorrow! The Dictator on the red carpet.
1:14:30 Chris Tucker owes $12+m in taxes.
1:15:20 US Weekly asks actors about their fantasy professions.
1:17:40 Kevin said he'd like to own a deli. Ralph wanted to be a P.I.
1:21:15 Kim Kardashian cheated with Ray Jay while married to her first husband.
1:23:00 Khewbacca Kardashian had a sex swing.
1:23:55 Instructions: "Not approved for Yeti use."
1:24:05 Adele certified for 2m+ sales on iTunes. Cut off by Blur on the Brits! Yeah! Blur! Fuck Adele! She's not cute.
1:26:20 Sinead O'Connor volunteers to pose for Playboy.
1:27:30 Steven Hawking likes to swing. Ralph's Hawking impression.
1:30:40 Geek News: Michael Rohrer's comic collection.
1:32:15 Star Wars Episode 1 hits $1bn. Star Wars XXX - A Porn parody.
1:34:04 Quote: "Let The Wookie Cum!"
1:36:10 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.