Hollywood Babble-On 71

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin get thir geek on in the house that Jake & Elwood built. Recorded at the House Of Blues in San Diego, CA, 7/22/11."
Runtime: 1:35:23
Recorded Fri, 22nd Nov. 2011
Released Mon, 13th Feb. 2012

0:00 SModCo ads.
1:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

2:00 Quote: "Comi-KhaaaAAAaaan!"
2:50 First show outside Hollywood. Kevin references Max Rebo and Bat-Mite.
3:55 Ralph thanks the audience for coming, and has missed alcohol. Kevin asks for a penis colada.
5:00 Shout-outs: (Ralph forgets the theme, shout-out for DJ James Franco). Big Steve and Matt from Cincinatti (Gay nurse 0069).
6:45 Ralph handed a drink.
7:15 Quote: "At Comic-Con, it's not gay."
9:00 Quote: "That would be the tits ..."
10:17 Joel Samson in the front row, with Babble-On virgins. All-time favorite moment in comics. The 52 reboot causes problems.
17:12 Amy and Jarrod celebrate their anniversary. Amy makes a Star Wars reference. HBO Star Wars Sex References.
17:30 Drunk chick applauses everyone's hometown. Ralph blasts Friends With Benefits.
20:33 Quote: "Shitty dick."
22:30 Grant from Australia is a no-show. Mitch Death and Courtney Print.
23:45 Email bag: Kate from Devon is recruiting for the Garmy. Uncomfortable Dad. 75% Anal. Drunk chick weighs in.
25:10 Quote: "Clerktopus!"
27:15 Caitlyn is a fan of Edelweiss. Drunk Ashleigh joins Ralph on-stage to sing Edelweiss.
30:20 Ralph chastised for ejecting Kevin from his seat. Ralph apologizes.
31:20 Adam Wells reminds Ralph about The Villain. The 'Up and At Them Confusion.'
33:20 Ralph ignores Kevin's Arnold impression.
33:44 Joseph from Chile is to be a dad again.
34:40 Quote: "Fuck you, Joseph!"
34:50 Steve Nash caught Ralph Garman on Charmed. Kevin tells someone to be quiet.
37:20 **first appearance** Gar-Bage Theme Tune.
39:00 James can't get the clip to play (see below - 59:40).
40:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: David Ngoombujarra.
43:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Stormtrooper Clunk.
44:40 New Releases: Friends With Benefits and Captain America: The First Avenger.
45:15 Kevin chastises the play-by-play lady. Ralph defends Cap'n. Kevin praises The Avengers clip.
51:15 HBO Headlines: Rebecca Black to release My Moment. Kevin confounded by the Rebecca Black hate.
54:15 Ralph did the 30 Minutes or Less panel. Mistakenly calls Emma Stone 'Emily.'
55:22 Mark Webb is a fan of K-ROQ.
55:55 Kristin Stewart car crash.
56:30 Cash Cab is in trouble. "Cash Hearse."
58:20 Celebrity Sick-Bay: Eric Dane. Ralph on Grey's Anatomy.
59:40 Ralph on Charmed.
1:01:10 R Kelly had an abscess on his tonsil. Kevin looking for Ralph's approval.
1:02:15 Lindsay Lohan off of house arrest. SAG insurance expired.
1:04:45 Britney Spears bodyguard to sue her and reveals unflattering details. "Queen B or Jennifer."
1:07:10 Porn Star Kim Kardashian sued Old Navy.
1:08:40 Robert Wagner is out of Charlie's Angels. Ralph getting annoyed with a heckler.
1:09:50 Quote: "I'm gonna put a fuckin' hot out on you ..."
1:10:00 More Fran Drescher to look forward to.
1:11:11 Celebrities being asked to the Marine Corps Ball. This week, Betty White! Betty says no!
1:13:40 Wal-Mart celebrates 15th anniversary of South Park with Cheesy Poofs.
1:14:50 The Boss inappropriate bust. Ralph won't take Kevin's bait.
1:16:20 Dwight Yokam to play the villain in The Lone Ranger.
1:16:50 The loaded girl drops her drink on somebody. Rhys Ifans joins Skyfall. Ralph met him, and describes The Lizard to Kevin. Ralph praises Andrew Garfield.
1:19:30 Kevin interviewed William Shatner. Kevin is amazed to learn Shatner is 80.
1:20:30 Liam Neeson cast in The Grey. Drillin'.
1:22:00 Geek News (Extended): Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. II takes a shed-load of money. Kevin defends JK Rowling. JK Rowling gets a gift. Ralph on Inappropriate Dumbledore.
1:24:40 Quote: "Forgeticus!"
1:25:00 Ralph annoyed with Ralph Fiennes. Tights. Kicked out of the Ralph Club.
1:26:15 Emma Watson to star in Beauty and the Beast.
1:27:15 Ralph Vs. The Talentless Cunt.
1:28:25 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.