Hollywood Babble-On 000 & 70

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph was sliding down Adam West's Bat-Pole this weekend, so no new Babble-On. Instead, enjoy this collection of c*** jokes that's almost as gigantic as the penis that spawned them."
Runtime: 2:39:00
Recorded Fri 16th April 2011 - Sat, 21st Jan. 2012
Released Mon, 30th Jan. 2012

Episode: Link.

Comments: "Kevin's on the road, so Ralph is joined once again by Jon Lovitz, as puppets change hands, drinks are bought, and a rusty wagon wheel is given."
Runtime: 1:24:22
Recorded Sat, 4th Jan. 2012
Released Mon, 6th Feb. 2012

Special guest host: Jon Lovitz.
0:00 SModCo ads.
1:00 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
1:55 Ralph welcomes Jon, as Kevin is promoting Comic Book Men.
2:30 Ralph plugs An Evening With Adam West.
3:20 Who I Know: Adam West's kids, Robert Hegyes, Don Cornelius, Harrison Ford, Kevin Bacon, Justin Bieber, Adam Sandler, Fran Drescher, Liam Neeson.
4:20 Ralph and Jon animated by David Hansen. Ralph and Jon would like to hire him.
6:15 Quote: "You son of a bitch ..."
6:20 Shout-outs: Dan Becker and Nate made puppets.
7:05 Quote: "How big is it? I can stir your drink from here ..."
9:05 Dennis and Brian from Newport, Virginia get a glass of water from Jon.
9:45 Jon's birthday cake joke.
10:05 Jennifer and Michelle Mendoza celebrate Jennifer's 31st birthday.
11:30 Jessica and Taylor celebrate Jessica's 22nd birthday. "The drunk bitches in the front ..."
12:15 Jon asked for the horny, loose women.
12:20 Marsha Selario celebrates her birthday and anniversary.
13:10 Jon asks about Marsha's travel arrangements and speaks in Spanish.
13:25 Quote: "Yo no sé porque, pero mi pito está en fuego ..." 
14:35 Nate, Missy, Brian and Alicia at The Lovitz, Alicia is not wearing underwear, and is singled out by Jon.
17:00 Email bag: Chris celebrates the birth of his son.
17:55 Adam from Perth with Neeson's jousting opponent.
19:35 Richie LeFevre from Ottowa asks for the McDonalds Fries Girl singing 500 Miles. Steals DJ James Franco's closing spiel.
21:10 Jon asks about the origin of the McDonalds Fries Girl. Jon elaborates the word 'Retarded.' Rallies against Sarah Palin. Ralph asks Jon not to offend anyone.
22:10 Quote: "He called me a flower ..."
23:55 Brandon for Hawaii suggests this for Ralph's rider.
24:25 Jen Schmidt from Baltimore participated in the Polar Bear Plunge.
25:35 Jon suggests Sean Connery in bed with the Fries Girl. The Garmy throws Ralph under the bus.
27:10 Brian from Vegas asks to see Ralph's BatCave. Jon got to drive the Batmobile in The Benchwarmers.
28:15 Daniel has a Batman tattoo. Jon inspects Daniel, a little too closely. Jon got a tattoo.
29.55 Jay Irvine from Hamilton, Ontario had a good birthday. Louis Armstrong Green Lantern oath. Louis Armstrong with the Fries Girl.
32:00 Tinseltown Stiffs: Robert Hegyes.
32:40 Tinseltown stiff: Leslie Carter.
33.05 Tinseltown stiff: Don CorneliusSoul Train. Jon taught to dance in the 70's. Jon on almost every offensive subject ever created. Jon won't let Ralph proceed.
37:30 Exquisite Acting: Oliver JP suggests Gary Oldman in Leon: The Professional.
38:45 Hollywood Helper: Harrison Ford helps out at Home Depot. Jon as Cheech Marin and skinheads looking for work.
42:40 Shit That Should Not Be: Gentry sends in Friday 13th. Jon on a boner at a play. Ralph asked to file a joke.
46:10 HBO Headlines: Jin Hensons Muppets against Fox News.
47:55 Roseanne Barr for president. Jon asks about the Green Party.
50:00 Lindsay Lohan moves house. Stalker chat. Questionable behavior. Jon defends, and quotes 'sources.' Ralph defends the alcoholics. Jon unimpressed, and rails against his ex.
52:29 Snooki refused work in Hoboken. Jon is not bitter.
54:50 Miley Cyrus breaks her coccyx. Cock cake.
56:15 Rachel Weiss L'Oreal ad. Ralph gets called a son of a bitch, again. Jon pays Ralph a nice compliment. Rachelweiss.
58:20 Movies That Will Suck: (Ralph asks for theme). Justin Bieber to remake fear.
59:25 Taylor Lautner will not be involved in the Stretch Armstrong movie.
1:00:00 Adam Sandler to make CandyLand: The Movie. Mr. Lollipop never heard of CandyLand. Jon hates Hot Wheels, and other toys. Jon is a man of action.
1:01:30 Quote: "Were you raised in a lab?"
1:03:50 Kim Kardashian had a stalker show at her house. Denim Kollection. Jon wonders about Khloe's paternity. Various Kardashian minutiae. Vid.
1:07:25 Anne Heche refuses to get married. Anne Heche's Butthole.
1:08:00 Fran Drescher alien scars.
1:10:10 **first appearance** Mysteries of Showbiz: Christina Aguilera. 123.
1:12:30 Quote: "Brown tears."
1:13:19 Geek News: Back to the Future: Broadway Musical.
1:15:00 Catwoman pepper-spray's some fool. Jon shows off his fancy mouth-work. Captain America mocked.
1:18:44 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.