Hollywood Babble-On 68

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin finish the mystery and rock like Fraggles."
Runtime: 1:33:52
Recorded Sat, 14th Jan. 2012
Released Mon, 16th Jan. 2012

 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

0:55 Kevin calls for security for a guy wearing a Flyers cap.
1:50 Ralph has a cold, as does Kevin.
2:40 Kevin explains the origins of Comic Book 
Men, Tell 'Em Steve-Dave's podcast.
3:50 Kevin discusses his dying dog, Scully. Kevin steals a Doctor Who quote.
6:25 Quote: "Welcome to Marley & Me!"
7:00 Shout-outs: (A lot of emails this week; some omissions).
7:35 Stacey Lowe got tickets to the Lovitz from her husband, for Christmas. Husband made wife a Kevin Smith fan.
9:20 Linda celebrates Carol's birthday. Linda beats Ralph about the head that no-one knows them.
11:20 Noel (Buzz Lightyear) and Joy (Rock like Fraggles).
11:55 Quotes: "Buzz Not-too-light-Year," "37?!" "Booger, booger, booger, booger ..."
13:25 Wendy and Kevin Cam celebrate their 3-month anniversary. Schwartzenegger sings Wi(e)ndy.
16:00 Eddie Valdez, Cooper and Co. celebrate Cooper's 21st birthday.
16:40 Quote: "Cigar cutter."
17:20 Joe and Bill Lancaster from NY, listen to a tonne of HBO's. Michael Parks praised.
18:40 Sarah and Brian Samson are a no-show. Ed Wynn Edelweiss.
19:15 Quote: "It's fun to be an asshole."
20:40 Email bag: Paz de la Huerta asshole.
21:55 Drinking Game amendment from Chris S: Ralph blasts a celebrity, audience groans, blasts audience by asking if family members are present.
22:20 Kevin tells a Jennifer Lopez story.
23:50 Mark from Australia made the HBO cock-straw infomercial. Kevin wonders how many they could sell.
25:15 RJ, the pacifist, would like to join the Garmy. (Punzer Division).
25:55 Kimble made a David Bowie dance video.
27:33 Tinseltown Stiffs: Richard Alf. San Diego Comic Con History.
29:35 Shit That Should Not Be: Quantum of Solace. Ralph plugs the HBO email and the Shit That Should Not Be website.
31:55 Hollywood Helpers: (Ralph messes up the theme,) Eddie Van Halen donated 75 electric guitarsTattoo.
35:05 Hollywood Helper: Girl makes a video for Jason Seigel, and gets a date. Jason Seigel a genius.
38:00 Exquisite Acting: Faye Dunaway in Mommy, Dearest.
38:45 Ralph impresses Kevin with his Woody Allen impression. Network discussed. Ralph waiting for the Harley Quinn Smith book.
43:30 Quote: "No ... Southworst ... Tickets ... EVAH!"
44:00 HBO Headlines: Beyonce and Jay-Z have a baby. Kevin defends. Ralph is not impressed. Rent out hospitalGlory.
48:40 Quote: "The Notorious B.I.C."
50:00 Quote: "You're jealous ... of a baby."
51:45 Quotes: "Uh!" "Oh!" "Uhhh!"
53:42 **first appearance** Movies That Will Suck: Evan Almighty Sequel. Police Academy Sequel. Ralph unimpressed with the new 21 Jump Street poster. Kevin champions Steve Gutenberg.
54:00 Kevin describes Evan Almighty. Morgan Freeman the Prison Snitch.
59:00 Beetlejuice 2 in the works. Kevin references Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian.
1:00:50 Goodfellas: The TV Show on AMC.
1:01:00 Judd Apatow won an award for Bridesmaids, and took a shot at Jerry Lewis. Ralph takes a shot at Funny People.
1:04:40 Lindsay Lohan gets a new tattoo. Lindsay didn't pay income tax in 2009.
1:06:40 Celebrities with Extra Body Parts.
1:10:10 Quote: "Burn her at the stake!"
1:11:00 Quote: "I think I was thinking of Mallrats."
1:11:45 AnnaLynne McCord nipple.
1:12:20 Quote: "Tweeted by one of her fan."
1:14:10 Quote: "Let he, who is without nipples, cast the first stone!"
1:14:30 Porn Star Kim Kardashian involved in various failing marriages. Ratings and circulation down. Khloe Kardashian illegitamate. New dad.
1:18:30 Kate Gosling hosting a fan-based cruise.
1:19:20 Quotes: "Why am I here?!" "John and Kate plus AIDS."
1:20:40 Geek News: Dark Knight Rises midnight IMAX screening sold out. B.I.C. cruise and screening.
1:21:40 The Hulk robs a bank.
1:23:00 Dracula falls on hard times. Dracula Creepy Clown Time, Cosby Creepy Clown Time. NBC releasing Dracula soap opera.
1:23:10 Quote: "Bleur!"
1:25:00 Star Wars live action TV series: Star Wars; Underworld. Star Wars to be rereleased in 3D. Star Wars Burgers.
1:28:50 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.