Hollywood Babble-On 67

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin give away free elevator bucks."
Runtime: 1:45:18
Recorded Sat, 7th Jan. 2012
Released Mon, 9th Jan. 2012

 Intro by Kyle Hebert - extended theme.
1:28 Kevin just came straight from Santa Monica - J.J. Abrams Bad Robot night. Ben Affleck did not say hello to Kevin. Harley likes Super 8 and wants to see the Q&A.
4:00 Quote: "Too Fat To Fly won't give me a ride ..."
4:20 Ralph was changing diapers.
4:45 Shout-outs: Kevin cuts Ralph out with a compliment for his drinks-maker, as does Ralph.
5:52 Scott and The David from San Francisco
6:00 Laquisha gets a drink from an audience member.
7:55 HBO: Better than a broken TV.
8:10 Quote: "Joe DiMaggio shot JFK!"
9:15 Kevin on prenups, Skywalker Ranch, 
10:40 Quote: "Diplomatic Immunity!"
12:00 Mike and Charity from Utah, celebrate their nuptuals.
13:50 Ralph getting jerked off by various celebrities. An Evening With Adam West plug. 10 year-old Ralph questions himself.
16:10 Kevin met Chad Silverstein and father in an elevator.
17:25 Quotes: "Be a mensch!" "You're a dick, Ralph!"
18:00 Kevin Smith: Man of one Voices.
19:30 Natalie and RJ, RJ of the Slam Dance Film Festival. More Margaritas theme.
20:15 Kevin tucks the table-cloth into his pants.
22:00 Quote: "Come on now with the Jack and Jill ... that was shit!"
22:50 Alley Irvine celebrates her 25th birthday - Life advice from Kevin and Ralph.
23:10 Quote: "She just happens to be ordained!"
24:30 Ralph pissed away 15 years bartending and huge rails of cocaine.
25:25 Ross and Kylie and friends get their christian names discussed. Ross would like a small speaking part in Hit Somebody. Kevin obliges.
27:40 Quote: "Fuck you, Ross! Twice!"
28:10 **First appearance** Bill Cosby Creepy Clown.
28:55 **First appearance** "Puddin' pop!"
29:11 Kylie emails in, and brings gifts. Cleavage shirt judged. Kevin: Cock Key-chain and cock straws. Ralph: a creepy clown."
32:00 New Kevin Smith cock straws ad!
32:35 Email bag: Marvin sends in Doctor Who. Kevin references Chasing Asia, and Mallratz.
34:15 Mason Francis puts out a shout-out for other HBO listeners in Delaware U.
37:20 Shawn Watson majors in criminal justice and references Kinsey.
38:50 Kevin has found competition for Liam Neeson's cock.
40:04 Quote: "Michael Assbender."
40:15 Babble-On Begins stills: Kevin, Ralph.
41:45 David Bowie's birthday tomorrow.
43:45 Exquisite Acting: Santa Claus: The Movie.
45:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Angelo Bowers. (All available links in this article).
48:02 Tinseltown Stiff: Bob Holness.
49:10 Quote: "Jimmy Bond."
49:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Bob AndersonFencing.
51:38 Shit That Should Not Be: Star Trek.
54:00 HBO Headlines: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel engaged. Ralph on prenups, again.
55:35 Sinead O'Connor marriage back on. Mad tweetz.
58:00 Lindsay Lohan starts 2012 in a bad way.
59:20 Worst celebrity baby names.
1:01:40 Nick Cannon in the hospital.
1:02:15 Quote: "Dem Babies." Ugh.
1:03:50 Celebrity Apprentice news. 1,318 entrants.
1:05:20 Quote: "Set phasers to boner!"
1:08:30 Mackenzie Philips on Extreme Clutter.
1:09:50 David O. Russell meltdownNiece.
1:14:20 Gwyneth Paltrow's diet on goop.com.
1:15:50 Kim Kardashian wants to adopt a baby. Amber Rose/Kanye West/Kim triangle. Kardashian magazine to launch this spring.
1:17:20 Justin Bieber gets new ink. Zoom.
1:18:50 Jenny McCarthy due to return to TV in a comedy series.
1:19:40 Talentless Cunt update. Beth Phoenix defends WWE. TC responds.
1:22:30 Paranormal Activity sequel announced. Horrible Bosses sequel announced.
1:23:30 Demi Moore and porn. Duel Linda Lovelace movies discussed.
1:25:14 Elton John biopic in the works.
1:26:00 Apple to sue against Steve Jobs inaction figure.
1:27:30 Geek News: new Star Trek movie villain will be Benedict Cumberbatch. Ralph only seen the first Harry potter movie.
1:29:00 A live action version of Akira in production Hell. Kevin defends Kristin Stewart.
1:30:00 The Hobbit Part 1 will be released in a year. Kevin likes Martin Freeman. Christians For A Moral America plan to protest the movie. Logic takes a hit.
1:33:30 Start saving for Ralph's Christmas 2012: he would like this bike. Ralph sings the Tron theme. 
1:36:10 Erica Quinn turned her house to look like the T.A.R.D.I.S.
1:37:10 GeeksAreSexy.net Batman via Dr. Seuss and Joker and Two-face.
1:39:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.