Hollywood Babble-On 66: Babble-On New Year's.

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin ring out 2011 and bring on 2012."
Runtime: 1:55:24
Recorded Sat, 31st Dec. 2011
Released Mon, 2nd Jan. 2012

 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
1.05 Kevin predicts the end of the world.
2:40 Batman meets The Fister.
3:20 Quote: "Oh, it's going to be one of those shows, is it?"
3:40 Ralph reads out the Hollywood Babble-On Drinking Game rules.
6:08 Quotes: "Boo Years Eve," "Giving me the spooky clown ..."
6:50 Shout-outs: Kevin references David Ferrie from JFK.
7:50 Lloyd drove from Calgary with wife and 3 kids.
10:15 Quote: "The dingo's mate our baby, eh!"
11:26 Chris and Coleen at the Lovitz. Chris leaves old job.
13:50 Tyler and Amy impress Ralph and Kevin with Tyler's hockey shirt.
15:17 Quote: "Ralph Gacy!"
15:40 John from Dallas and empty chair are at the Lovitz. Fighting with his wife.
17:20 Charlton Heston is billed as Charlton Easton in Greece.
19:15 Del and Jenna from Huntington W. Virginia celebrate Del's 38th birthday. Del has a cock the size of a Pringles Can.
21:35 Quote: "Switch lanes without signalling ..."
22:30 Kevin quizzes Jenna on Del's cock.
23:15 Quote: "It's not gay on New Years Eve."
23:40 Nicole from Colorado brings gifts for Ralph and Kevin. Ralph: "I shit-you-not Garman." Kevin: "Ñom-ñom-ñom." Nicole would like to kiss a female at midnight.
25:35 Quote: "Heteroflexible."
26:30 Kevin finally removes his eyes from Del.
27:00 Joel, Rachel and Ryan from Spokane, Washington. Ryan came last year.
28:00 Kevin's closet has been modified to "Win Our Shit!" School-crafts. Ralph explains the rules.
29:38 Luke and John from Phoenix, AZ, leave Matthew and Mark at home. Ralph references Tom Clay's What The World Needs Now. John would like some of Kevin's herb.
30:50 Casino sitcom.
31:55 Eric and KT celebrate their anniversary, and a dude on the third floor will buy them a drink. Eric and KT are the 1012 Mr. Penis and Mrs. Sandwich. Ralph made the sashes.
35:45 Ashleigh brings Ralph free booze. Ralph fucked toilet roll holders.
36:54 Shit That Should Not Be: Pet Semetary.
40:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: Joe BodolaiBlog.
45:43 Tinseltown Stiff: CheetaHitler Impression.
49:00 Exquisite Acting: M. Tilden sends in Nick Nolte in The Hulk.
50:40 HBO Headlines: Russell Brand and Katy Perry are divorcingNo ring.
54:00 Quote: "No Arthur 2!"
54:40 Mel Gibson single. Audience member tries to get Ralph's attention.
56:04 Sinead O'Connor divorced after 18 days. Wedding photoHouse photo.
1:00:40 Taylor Lautner magazine is fake.
1:02:30 Michael Jackson's mom does Christmas in Vegas. Ralph references An Officer and a Gentleman. Card to friends.
1:04:10 Dolly Parton's life to be immortalized in a Broadway musical.
1:05:25 Lindsay Lohan signs up with JAG jeans.
1:06:40 Porn Star Kim Kardashian will have her own Barbie doll. The Chelsea Award.
1:06:57 **first appearance** Kim Kardashian theme music by Justin Slaughter.
1:07:30 Chelsea Award Nominees:
- Kim Kardashian.
- Lindsay Lohan.
Rebecca Black.
- Justin Bieber.
- Courtney Stodden.
1:11:48 Santa Ate My Box.
1:12:30 The 2012 Chelsea Award goes to Courtney Stodden!
1:13:30 Liam Neeson can't control his Bl. Ad. Der.
1:16:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. Kevin puts his cock on the Golden Vagina.
1:22:00 Win Our Shit: 
1:23:28 WB Hal Jordan's foot locker promo. Paul wins! (Boondock Saints lead stars)
1:27:00 Cris Angel Mindfreak box. Dude wins! (Big Lebowski question).
1:28:00 Batman: Arkham City Batarang Controller. Casey gets a Green lantern ring! (All 5 Planet of the Apes movies).
1:29:40 Quote: "Catwoman's browneye!"
1:31:14 Zack and Miri Star Whores t-shirt! Michael Trujillo returns! But loses! Better luck next yearm, Mike! (Batman TV series!)
1:33:10 Batman Arkham City Controller. Dude win Green lantern Ring (Robin Williams Batman roles).
1:34:00 Family Guy Stewie pint glass. Chris Breedlove (Chris wins outright!) Chris hurts Kevin's hand.
1:36:00 Arkham City Controller. David Keane wins! (Who returns as The Joker in Batman Beyond).
1:37:20 Batman Christmas Lights, and Captain America trading cards. Gabe got his poster shown on HBO (Can't locate), (Legends of the Dark Knight question). Gabe wins!
1:40:30 Applause for Gaby! Ralph gives her the ring.
1:41:13 Trivial Pursuit: The Millenium. Pete wants everything! Pete loses, but gets Thor trading cards.
1:42:54 Trivial Pursuit Dudette wins! (Catwoman question). Ralph kicks her off the stage.
1:45:00 Stewie Ice-cube tray and pint glass. Eddie Valdez wins! (Arkham City boss).
1:46:50 American Dad t-shirt. Johnny D wins a hug! (Star Wars grossing question).
1:48:40 Avengers, Black Books, and the American Dad t-shirt. Dude loses, but gets the stuff! (Robin question).
1:48:50 Quote: "Just give it to her! She's got giant cans!"
1:50:30 Win Our Shit concludes. Kevin wraps up. Wives on-stage.
1:52:35 Last 40 seconds of 2011.
1:53:18 2012 - Hot blonde kissed Nicole.