Hollywood Babble-On 49

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin get it out in a curious way."
Runtime: 1:36:29
Recorded Sat, 3rd Sept. 2011
Released Mon, 5th Sept. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.
3:28 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

5:00 Red State released on V.O.D.
6:00 Catherine Reitman's review of Red State released on Breakin' It Down.
6:30 AMC announces to show Comic Book Men (then known as The Secret Stash), featuring Bryan Johnson, Walt Flanagan, Michael Zapcic and Ming Chen. Needs Brian Quinn. #TellEmSteveDave.
7:40 A pilot-reel has been created for HBO.
8:40 The iPhone joke.
9:40 Ralph predicts Hollywood Doom for his own pilot. T-shirts for sale.
10:40 Shout-outs: James Thompson offering the shout-out theme from iTunes. Kevin hunts for the song.
12:25 Lizzie, Daniel and Justin and the McDonalds Fries Girl.
13:30 Quote: "threepeecmagnugetssixpeecmagnugets...ninepeecmagnugets."
14:25 Josh celebrating his cousin's birthday. ThorMotherfuckinNorseGodOfThunder! Thor jokes.
16:03 Kevin finds the MP3.
16:05 Gillian and Hectór Conde celebrate Gillian's birthday and her 10th HBO appearance. Margarita on HBO.
17:50 **first appearance** More Margaritas!
18:10 Austin and Sonia, and Sonia is 14 weeks pregnant! HBO is now 1 year-old.
19:30 Email bag: Kevin proves he downloaded the Shout-out theme. Ralph suggests a remix version.
20:35 Rob's band is going down the tubes. Ringo Starr as Ed Wynn.
23:00 Thomas Peterssen drew this.
24:45 Logan names his cock named his cock Bartleby.
25:30 Warren Brown's crossword.
26:00 Shit That Should Not Be: Anaconda (Video unavailable).
28:40 New Releases: The DebtA Good Old-Fashioned OrgyShark Night 3D and Apollo 18.
29:50 Kevin pimps Sock from Reaper, and then David R. Ellis. The Fall Guy mentioned.
33:15 Kevin' Bionic Man released, and Ralph enjoyed it.
34:45 Kevin was freaked out by Paranormal Activity.
35:10 Jerry Lewis not on the telethon, this year. Jerry stops in to defend, and sings You'll Never Walk Alone.
38:20 Quote: "Matthew Fox punched a bitch, this week!"
38:25 Matthew Fox got his ass kicked.
40:20 Marine Corps ball update. (Kristin Cavallari). Ralph labels talentless cunt.
42:00 Army Vet asks Kevin Smith for employment. Kevin says he'll honor the request.
43:30 Dancing with the Stars cast news. Ralph sings Wilson Phillips.
46:40 Chaz Bono causes uproar.
49:30 Rob admits Chris Jenner forced him to do the show.
50:20 Vivid has been asked to sell Kim Kardashian sextape (still).
52:40 New husband sat by Ray Jay on a flight. (14/72).
55:10 Quote: "Keep fucking me until you cum!" (Arnie).
55:40 Punk'd is making a return. First EP Justin Bieber punks Taylor Swift.
57:10 Romancing the Stone TV series in the works.
57:15 Quote: "America asks: 'Why so soon?'"
58:25 Blues Brothers possible TV series. Kevin contemplates selling Jay and Silent Bob under his own terms. Cast Chaz Bono as Silent Bob-
1:01:20 Lindsay Lohan gets a tattoo.
1:04:30 Asses and Titties.
1:05:50 Talentless Cunt Update: The Man with the Golden Shoes. "Goldloafers!"
1:07:00 Billie Joe Armstrong thrown off a Southwest flight.
1:09:10 Space Oddity turned into a book. Bowie not happy.
1:12:25 Sean Combs releases 'Culo.'
1:14:15 Sinead O'Connor looking for a manNow.
1:16:50 Quote: "The difficult brown."
1:18:20 Geek News: George Lucas to release Star Wars on Blu Ray. George Lucas raped our childhoodYoda clipAdded dialogue. Kevin defends.
1:21:05 Quote: "Nooo ... NoooOOOooo!" **first appearance**
1:24:25 Twilight franchise shots mini film of the Wonder TwinsVideo.
1:25:15 Kevin on SNL's John Hamm and Jimmy Fallon.
1:26:00 Michael Archer sends in George Takei and Patty Duke ad. Ralph would see Jay and Bob do that, too.
1:28:00 In Warsaw, Poland, Spider-Man is terrorizing local people. Desperately Seeking SpiderMan.
1:30:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.