Hollywood Babble-On 48

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin remember the Alamo. Recorded at the Alamo Drafthouse in San Antonio, TX 8/26/11."
Runtime: 1:38:57
Recorded Fri, 26th Aug. 2011
Released Mon, 29th Aug. 2011

Note: The images are not available for this episode, so some images may be difficult to locate.

0:00 SModCo Ads.
3:28 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

4:30 Kevin thanks San Anonion for selling out this, and the following Red State screening.
5:38 **first appearance** Kevin's Jabba impression.
5:45 Shout-outs: Matt and Susan celebrate their fuckaversary.
6:40 Quote: "Y'alls."
7:10 It's all about The Alamo. Charlton Heston as Jim Bowie and Sean Connery as Davy crockett.
8:00 Quote: "Pee-wee Herman in a movie theatre.
9:15 Mandy and Jim celebrate 16 years together.
9:33 Jacob and Jason and three-nipple boobage.
10:55 James and Brenda from Mississippi come to the present. Lovitz shout-out.
12:40 Roberto El Castillo brings gifts for Ralph and Kevin.
14:00 Steven C. Owens' wife, Sian is a war hero. Miley Cyrus salvia clip.
16:49 Post-shout-out theme.
17:15 Email bag: Andrew from London popped his cherry with HBO.
18:15 Jukebox Garman.
18:50 Chris would like Ralph and Kevin to trade vices.
20:40 Tinseltown Stiffs: Jimmy Kimmel's Uncle Frank.
22:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Jerry_Leiber.
23:40 Tinseltown Stiff: Nick Ashford.
24:35 Hollywood Helper: Kate Winslet on Necker Island. Ralph speaks Branson, and back-and-forth.
29:00 New Releases: Our Idiot BrotherDon't Be Afraid of the Dark and Colombiana.
31:25 Kevin gets clowned.
31:35 Quote: "Don't be afraid of the dark; be afraid of the acting."
31:50 Ralph refuses to accept the acting skills of Katie Holmes. Kevin props Zoe Saldana.
33:30 Jim Carrey sends a video to Emma Stone.
36:00 Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith to divorce.
37:10 Quote: "Resistance is futile!" Staged photo op.
39:00 Alec Baldwin and Hilaria, the yoga instructor. Ralph dated a contortionist, and a woman with two vaginas.
42:15 Quote: "Morpheus' blue pill, red pill."
45:00 Quote: "Suck on that, Alec Baldwin!"
45:05 David Letterman has death threats.
46:20 Ryan Gosling broke up a street fight. Video.
47:30 Worst Celebrity tippers.
52:00 Megan Fox removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo. Ralph recommends a Garmy tattoo.
53:15 The Wahlberg brothers are opening a restaurant together; Wahlbergers.
54:15 Kevin cuts of Ralph's "Lindsay Lohan, " to "Lindsay Lohhh...!"
55:25 Lindsay Lohan news: Suing Pitbull. At Kardashian wedding, and shots with mom.
59:00 Kardashian Sex Tape crazy downloads as she's getting married. (8/72).
1:01:25 Hustler has a sextape of Rihanna and J. Cole. Garman analyzes the situation. Smith on Sex-tapes.
1:01:35 Quote: "Fucking ... ucking ...ucking!"
1:05:10 Snooki is to release a perfume.
1:05:40 Hollywood Walk of Fame says no reality TV stars on the walk. Stars with stars discussed.
1:07:50 Quote: "No means no..?"
1:08:50 Star costs $30,000 at the moment. "Clerks guy lives here."
1:10:00 Simon Cowell wants to be frozen when he dies. 
1:12:20 Punky Brewster wrote a book about raising children, and had a strange experience with Michael Jackson.
1:14:25 Britney Spears boating.
1:15:25 Penis names.
1:17:30 Mad Men casting news. Bobby Draper recast again.
1:19:25 New Sex and the City movie being planned.
1:20:25 Broadway musical based on Ghost. Kevin on seeing Ghost as a kid.
1:22:30 No illegal substances in Amy Winehouse's system at time of death.
1:23:00 David Bowie has retired from music.
1:23:47 **first appearance** David Bowie music.
1:25:15 Geek News: Dan Akroyd says Ghostbusters III will happen. With or without Bill Murray. Ralph asked Catherine Reitman about it previously.
1:27:25 David Goyer will remake The Invisible Man.
1:28:45 Man of Steel photos released.
1:30:15 Proposed new segment: "What Would Batman Say?"
1:31:10 Kevin says they will return, and says Credits will start soon.
1:32:40 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.