Hollywood Babble-On 50

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin mix it in, but not in a filthy way."
Runtime: 1:29:53
Recorded Fri, 9th Sept. 2011
Released Mon, 12th Sept. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.
3:28 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

4:05 Kevin confuses the days.
4:45 Oct. 17th HBO goes to Philly.
5:30 Shout-outs: Ross celebrates his 18th at the Lovitz, with his aunt Jennifer. Rabbi Kevin solicits Jennifer.
8:45 Brian and Nicola, from Newcastle, UK are revising the former colonies.
11:15 Joel and Erica ask Ralph to clown it up!
12:45 Elizabeth and Robert. Robert is sad to see Kevin retire. Ralph doesn't believe him. Ralph's liver considers a future in performance.
15:00 Derek Married-to-Crazy gets a drink bought for him.
16:55 Email bag: Kevin talks Twin Peaks. Zebedia from Mazula, Montana wants to go to HBO, and offers his left nut. 
19:40 Challenge: Ed Wynn and David Lynch perform Pulp Fiction.
20:50 Toddske and Tito create Red State for Oscar FaceBook page. Group discontinued.
22:40 Red State returns to screens in the New Beverly with Q&A and mini HBO. Info.
24:30 Faith (14 y.o.) loved Red State, and painted Ralph and Kevin.
25:40 Quote: "Happy Anniversary and you lay the best pipe around." (Liz and Tyler).
27:45 **first appearance** Hollywood Helpers Margaritas Theme.
29:25 Batman joke.
30:10 Ralph comments on the lack of Tinseltown Stiffs.
30:40 Hollywood Helper: Josh Duhamel.
31:00 Kevin rings the death knell for the Hollywood Helpers theme, and requests the new theme, providing audio clips.
33:33 Shit That Should Not Be: (Kevin has been subconciously looking for things while watching movies, namely ScarFace). (Ralph forgets the theme). Star Wars. (Joel from Kansas).
36:40 New Releases: Bucky Larson: Born to be a StarWarrior and Contagion.
37:40 Quote: "Matalo, matalo Bane Bane!"
40:40 Kevin picks on the red bird of Angry Birds.
41:10 Eddie Murphy will host the Oscars.
42:10 Mel Gibson to make a movie about the jews.
44:25 Quote: "Halvsies."
45:00 Jim Carrey annoying his neighbors.
46:25 Reese Witherspoon was hit by a car. "The Jay Leno of women."
47:50 Neil Diamond is engaged to his manager.
48:50 Charlie Sheen roast to be filmed, and cast (sounds horrible). Lovitz will be there, though. Ralph will watch the season premiere of 2.5 Men.
50:40 Quote: "I'd rather watch as an innocent bystander."
52:15 Lindsay Lohan has done very little community service.
53:30 Snesley Whipes still in prison.
54:15 Quote: "Criminal Crimes!"
54:40 Gumby robs a storeWanted Poster.
58:10 Kevin can blow himself.
58:20 Sarah Jessica Parker leaves America at times, because people are mean (Ralph's wife is in the news).
1:00:10 Evan Rachel Wood celebrates her birthday, and is whacked in the face.
1:00:54 Jessica Simpson wanted a breast reduction.
1:02:00 Schwetty Balls. Ben and Jerry's announce ice-cream.
1:04:15 Tito Jackson to tour to honor Michael Jackson.
1:05:10 Toddlers and Tiaras Pretty Woman outfit.
1:06:45 Quote: "I'm a hooker, and I'm only 3!"
1:07:00 Wilson Phillips return with a reality TV show.
1:07:45 Kardashian Klothing Kollection at Sears. 1 and 2. Real.
1:09:30 Geek News: ShoesReplicas.
1:10:30 Quote: "37?!"
1:12:00 New X-Files movie coming.
1:12:40 Disabled man from St. Louis robbed of his Superman collection.
1:15:20 Star Wars blu-ray to be released. Vivid to release Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody. Kevin would watch.
1:17:30 Parody of a porn parody trailer.
1:18:00 Quote: "Poison H. Ivy."
1:19:25 William Shatner covers space songs. Space OddityBohemian Rhapsody. Ralph suggests a musical version of Babble-On.
1:23:20 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.