Hollywood Babble-On 51

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Caught short, Ralph welcomes Brad Williams to fill in for a Blighty-locked Kevin."
Runtime: 1:13:33
Recorded Sat, 17th Sept. 2011
Released Mon, 19th Sept. 2011

Special Guest Host: Brad Williams.
0:00 SModCo Ads.

3:27 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
4:05 Ralph gives a little history of Brad Williams and shows some video.
5:50 Brad seems to be well-versed in Garmy Lore.
6:30 Quote: "One and a Half Men."
645 Shout-outs: John and Tracy welcome Brad.
9:20 Barbara and Gerald +8. Barbara + butt.
11:15 James and Becky from Southampton, Becky's birthday.
12:20 Jackie Riché has seen HBO live 8 times. Dad beat cancer. #GoAlex
14:30 Brian, Jennifer, Steven and Britney celebrate a birthday!
15:30 Email bag: Kardashian Klothing.Happy Gilmore.
17:25 Elliott Hai: Drinking game rules:
- If Ralph says "I shit you not!" you take a drink.
18:00 Mark from Bristol made Pulp Babble-On.
19:25 Joe (member of scoobyfan.net) asks for a dedication.
20:00 Jonah and Locum.
21:10 Josh and Christopher.
22:20 Tinseltown Stiffs: Cliff RobertsonCharly.
24:55 Tinseltown Stiffs: John Calley
25:13 Tinseltown Stiffs: Andy Whitfield
26:32 Tinseltown Stiffs: Frances Bay
26:32 Tinseltown Stiffs: Percy FosterBadger Death seems to be a hoax.
29:40 New Releases: Straw DogsDriveI Don't Know How She Does It, and Lion King 3D.
31:55 Shit That Should Not Be: The Lion King.
33:45 Brad worked at DisneyLand for a spell.
35:30 Quote: "I was like a seeing-eye midget."
36:10 The Scarlet Johansson affair. 1 and 2.
38:20 Mila Kunis hacked, Justin Timberlake pictures.
40:00 Demi Moore pics. Zoom.
41:05 Quote. "Bony. Jagged. Frail."
41:35 Snooki gets a tattoo.
43:05 Quote: "Her getting a tattoo, is like putting whipped cream on shit."
43:50 Michaele Salahi runs away. Brad on Journey songtitles. Offered new job.
47:50 Hulk Hogan's MCW. (Unable to locate video).
49:45 Brad worked with Hulk Hogan on CMT.
50:30 Colin Farrell's lost his belt.
51:40 Forbes 2011 Rich List. Brad defends David Spade.
54:22 Lindsay Lohan throws her drink at a photographer. Brad does Ed Wynn. Wynn-Off demanded.
57:00 Shops at the 15 Items of less line, with 20 items. No money, and asked to put items back. Allie Lohan.
58:20 Quote: "CryptKeeper."
59:10 Megan Fox wants a family.
59:35 Point Break to be remade.
1:00:10 Quote: "Madonna is a c*nt."
1:00:15 Madonna makes her assistants not look at her.
1:00:45 Gumby arrested.
1:02:50 The Carrie Diaries planned.
1:03:00 Nic Cage discovered man in his bedroom1870's Cage.
1:04:05 Quote: "It was my last Fudgesicle ..."
1:06:25 Geek News: Superman Collection which was stolen has been recovered.
1:07:45 Quote: "Those people have super strength ..."
1:08:50 Star Wars cancer adstandup2cancer.org
1:10:20 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.