Hollywood Babble-On 52

Episode: Link.
Comments: "This week, Ralph is joined by Kev's fill-in, Jon Lovitz, as he continues his hunt for the one-armed man."
Runtime: 1:32:55
Recorded Sat, 24th Sept. 2011
Released Mon, 26th Sept. 2011

Special Guest Host: Jon Lovitz.
0:00 SModCo Ads.

6:56 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
7:37 Ralph directs listeners to garmystrong.com and seesmod.com
8:00 Ralph introduces Jon Lovitz with a recent video.
9:15 Jon was at Charlie Sheen's house to see the broadcast of the Roast.
10:00 Shout-outs: (Ralph forgets the theme music) Pelé from Denmark with Martin and Brian. Pelé wrote a message for Ralph to read out.
12:20 Monica, one-armed Claude and gang.
13:25 Jon does a japanese impression.
14:10 Jarrod and Holly. Jon offers a pregnant Holly a drink.
15:40 Troy and Andrew from Perth try to sell Troy's werewolf movie.
16:50 Jon compliments Ralph on hiis Jerry Lewis impression, and wants to ask the Australians a question.
17:10 Who I Know: Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Harvey Bullock (Inventor of the Jetsons). Clive Owen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tracy Morgan, Kris Angel, Roy Bank, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, 
17:49 John McGuire is in the house!
19:00 Jon questions the Danes on their heritage.
19:52 Email bag: Liz who broke Stephan's heart gets a good ol' 'Fuck you.'
21:10 Jon has recently been dumped, by Sophie (Cuntalina).
21:45 Derek writes in with Sean Connery in a wedding dress.
23:00 Pernile from Denmark asks for Ralph to read a request for her boyfriend, Benjamin.
24:20 Pernile has a follow-up email. Master Thesian wraps up.
25:40 Tinseltown Stiffs: Tom Wilson12 and 3. Ralph unimpressed.
28:35 Quote: "He won't be missed!"
29:00 Tinseltown stiff: Victor PaulCostume.
29:10 Quote: "He died at 84 years of old."
20:25 Jon accuses Ralph of self-abuse with Robin.
30:50 Shit That Should Not Be: (Jon says there is a word for it, but he can't think what it is. The word is "ANACHROMISM.") The Flintstones. Jon wonders how they made it.
32:25 Plate dropped at The Lovitz; Jon concerned.
34:25 New Releases: Killer EliteAbductionDolphin TaleMoneyball and Red State.
35:00 **first appearance** Ralph as Taylor Lautner.
35:45 Ralph is brought a drink. Jon asked for cake, and plugs his fried shrimp.
36:45 Jon has a blowhole story.
38:40 Quote: "Fuck SeaWorld!"
39:15 Jon plugs Red State.
39:55 Jon's cake arrives.
40:30 Charlie Sheen Roast was the most successful roast in history.
40:55 Quote: "Chinning."
42:05 Jon tells the story of Steve-O trying to blacken his eye with Mike Tyson.
42:50 2.5 Men had it's premiere. Jon watched at Charlies place.
45:24 The Lone Ranger is going forward.
46:20 Ralph recalls Jon as Tonto on SNL. Ralph explains Sharktopus.
48:53 Quote: "Damn you, Sharktopus!"
49:50 Jon talks about Phil Hartman. Foodfight.
50:55 Arnie signed the deal for his Autobiography: Total Recall. Jon predicts a passage, and he recalls stories about Arnie.
54:20 Possible ScarFace reboot.
55:25 Schweddy Balls follow-up; protests against Ben & Jerry's. Jon on gay marriage.
58:45 Tracy Morgan engaged. Jon defends Tracy. Jon loses Ralph's joke.
1:01:15 Kate Winslet in love with Ned RockNRoll.
1:03:00 Ellen Barkin asks boyfriend to marry.
1:04:40 Kris Angel to be married. Jon whistles.
1:05:40 Doug Hutchinson and Courtney Stodden have a reality show. Eeeww! Jon tells about when he applied to be a gameshow host. Church life discussed, and Father Albert. 
1:10:50 Ryan Gosling is looking forward to quitting acting, as is Michelle Williams. Jon explains the job of acting. Ralph takes a shot at Jon.
1:13:50 Lindsay Lohan can't complete her community service. Paris Hilton finished hers.
1:16:30 Hugh Jackman gives out lottery tickets when on a new set.
1:17:15 Charlies Angels: Minka Kelly her ass slapped.
1:18:23 Extreme Musical Chairs in the works.
1:19:00 Gary Busey on Celebrity Wife Swap.
1:20:15 Wet Goddess: Dolphin love. Ralph is told to file a joke. Dolphin love discussed at length.
1:23:00 Geek News: Captain America still to debut in Japan.
1:24:15 William Shatner on Star Trek Vs. Star Wars. Jon on Star Trek.
1:28:55 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.