Hollywood Babble-On 53

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin give up the brown-eyed cyclops."
Runtime: 1:25:43
Recorded Fri, 30th Sept. 2011
Released Mon, 3rd Oct. 2011

0:00 SModCo Ads.

6:44 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
7:30 Special Guest host: Kevin Smith!
8:00 Someone boo's Philly. Ralph perturbed. Upcoming dates.
9:05 Ralph apologizes that he can't read all of the shout-outs, due to time constraints.
9:40 Happy birthday to Santiago.
10:15 Bart, Justice and Mario are The Three Crusaders!
11:00 Quote: "Brown-eyed cyclops!"
11:20 Kevin has a beer (!)
11:44 Corey Smith celebrates his birthday, with 11 friends.
12:32 Dave, Pat and Val from Rochester, NY.
13:13 Quote "Lucky ..." Pat's did a picture of Harley Quinn. Website.
13:55 Justin and Nick from Dallas, TX applauds himself. Kevin makes a JFK joke.
15:00 John and Veronica celebrate their one-year anniversary. Ralph taunts them into get married.
16:20 Quote: "Nipple-work. Labia-work. Clit-work."
17:00 Arnie and Liz Villa celebrate their anniversary. Ralph speaks spanish. Liz is a true survivor.
19:20 Email bag: Indy from Madrid made a trailer; The Garmy.
21:40 Kimble made a Red State sequel poster.
22:40 James Cooper listened to the entire HBO run in a week, and has some comments on Secretariat Jessica Parker.
23:45 Dan Leatherdale has come up with a new segment.
24:00 *first appearance** Exquisite Acting, and theme.
25:10 Exquisite Acting: Taffin.
25:11 **first appearance** "Then maybe you shouldn't be living here!"
26:10 Hollywood Helpers: (Kevin dislikes the intro) Sean Penn.
27:00 **first appearance** Harry's Hollywood Helper/More Margaritas theme.
28:16 Quote: "Pussy-porn."
29:10 Shit That Should Not Be: Sean Penn! Bad Boys OG.
32:30 Ashton Kutcher caught cheating. Separated from Demi Moore. Sarah LealIn car.
34:18 Quote: "She's like the Yoda of fucking."
36:35 John Travolta is a vampire.
38:25 Leisha Hailey kicked off Southworst Airlines.
39:35 Quote: "Pull your pants up! Stop kissing! Lose weight!"
40:00 Dancing with the Stars news: Nancy Grace nip-slip.
41:30 Quote: "Areola Boralis!"
41:50 Andy Rooney, 92, finishing 60 Minutes.
42:40 Quotes: "One day I'm gonna die ... soon!" "We'll see him in Tinseltown Stiffs!" (He died some days later).
43:45 Most annoying celebrities. Source.
45:20 Rihanna shooting a video on a farm. Pic.
46:50 Betty White raps. Ralph is angry. Kevin defends.
47:45 Quotes: "What happens when I enter her and snap her pelvis?" "I would fuck her to dust." "Betty White-shaped cloud." "Looking forward to next weeks Tinseltown Stiffs ..."
50:40 Arnie has commissioned 7 bronze statues of himself.
53:05 Quote: "Here's me in Junior with a big pregnant belly!"
53:45 Prince stops a newly-reformed The Time use their name. Now called The Original 7ven."
55:45 Quote: "Eeeww!"
57:20 Quote: "The Artists formerly known as The Time."
57:50 Brad Pitt refuses to appear on Chelsea Handlers show. Ralph was impressed with Moneyball. Ralph amazed by past baseball movie grosses. 
1:01:00 Brad Pitt eats all the time, in all of his movies. Food List.
1:02:30 Lone Ranger going forward.
1:02:15 Quote: "They scalped it."
1:04:50 Taylor Lautner on Abducted. Wants to play the lead on Dirty Dancing.
1:05:40 Quotes: "You guys have pushed me too far, I'm cheesed off!" "Nobody puts baby in a corner!" "I don't get it!"
1:08:00 James Bond 23 will feature Bérénice MarlohePic.
1:10:00 Ralph interviewed Denise Richards at the premiere of The Bond Is Not Enough.
1:11:40 Quote. "I wish her Betty White's future."
1:11:55 Geek News: Luke from London sends in Darth Vader playing bagpipes on a unicycle.
1:13:50 New Catwoman photo. Kevin promotes Havoc.
1:15:00 William Shatner is Iron Man!
1:16:10 Kevin asks for this week's Exquisite Acting to be shown again. The audience asks Kevin to chug his beer. Taffin shown again, Kevin records to show his wife.
1:20:20 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.