Hollywood Babble-On 45

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin say g'bye to Bubba and Cha-Cha."
Runtime: 1:31:39
Recorded Sat, 6th Aug. 2011
Released Mon, 8th Aug. 2011

Note: The images are not available for this episode, so some images may be difficult to locate.

0:00 SModCo Ads.
5:30 Intro by Kyle Hebert.
6:00 Ralph has several mic problems. Upcoming Vegas-shows plug.
8:00 Ralph is referred to as the Boba Fett of Red State.
8:35 Shout-outs: Ralph says the images are on the episodes, now (Sadly, not for this episode, right now). Roger and Jason at The Lovitz, with kid out on CityWalk. Cesar Romero's Creepy Clown.
11:15 Lisa Silva recently started listening to HBO. Kevin asks if early episodes are still relevant. Wishes Kevin a happy birthday. Kevin mistakes her for a meter maid.
13:50 Quote: "Why don't you read this?"
14:35 Quote: "You would count as one of those old guys ..." Ralph's testicles discussed.
15:30 Rodney and Selena, on their honeymoon. Selena dislikes the word 'Cunt.' Doug from Australia gave Kevin and Jen gifts.
18:00 Evan Fonseca meets his cousin for the first time.
20:00 Katie and Chris celebrate one week of marriage, and Chris' birthday.
21:15 Quote: "Life is for the living, and a hundred's for the giving!"
21:55 Email bag: James Paul from New Zealand made a video Kevin Smith's Transformers.
24:00 Guy from RI, asks for a Harvey and Bob Weinstein impression. Cop Out takes a hit.
25:38 Cop Out Debt: Paid in full.
26:08 Daryl Booth made a photo of Kevin in SMotal Recall. (Image not found). Total Recall discussed. 
27:25 Kevin Hellians like Ralph's Aaron Neville. Friday by Rebecca Black as Aaron Neville.
29:45 Craig from Philly shows Ralph as Spider-Man. (Image not found). Rhys Ifans and Ralph at Comic-Con discussed.
31:40 Dana from ChicagoLand has been sharing HBO with her son.
33:00 Craigs Babble Trek
34:30 Tinseltown Stiffs: Annette Charles.
35:30 Quote: "Rubbin' her crotch on Danny Zuko's face!"
37:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Bubba SmithUntil It Hurts.
40:10 New Releases: Magic TripThe Change-Up and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
41:25 Smith strokes out on-stage. Apes discussed.
45:15 Shit That Should Not Be: Brian Kerrigan nominates Planet of the Apes.
49:10 HBO Headlines: Samantha Ronson arrested for DUI. Mugshot. Kevin compares her to Martha Plimpton. Goonies discussed.
51:00 Jennifer Lopez on American Idol. J-Lo and Santeria discussed again. Ralph busts out a Sublime reference.
52:50 Helen Mirren wins Body of the Year from LA Fitness. Kevin defends. BikiniHelen Mirren young. David Beckham wins the men. Kevin defends Daniel Craig as Bond.
55:50 Quote: "What a Foo-Foo Bond he is!"
56:30 Miley Cyrus tattoo. Kevin cites the Necronomicon.
58.10 Meatloaf suffers an asthma attack in Pittsburg and NJ. Balloon attacks discussed.
1:00:10 Chris Hansen caught cheating againStripper.
1:01:10 Quote: "Butterface."
1:02:45 Jerry Lewis rants against Reality TV. Jerry threatens Kevin.
1:05:20 Kevin still doesn't know who Olivia Wilde is; she will play Linda Lovelace.
1:06:30 Danny DeVito wants to make Twins 2. Arnie's childhood home discussed.
1:08:00 Clue, Monopoly, Magic - The Gathering; no. Battleship; yes!
1:08:55 Quote: "Elf. Crown. Penis."
1:09:50 Oprah Winfrey will recieve an honorary Oscar. Kevin defends The Color Purple.
1:10:50 Die Hard 5 in the works. Die hard history.
1:12:30 Geek News: BREAKING NEWS: Kevin left the toilet seat up.
1:13:20 Quote: "Check yourself before you wreck yourself!"
1:14:00 Roger Hayhurst is The Knight Warrior. Ralph imitates The Knight Warrior.
1:17:18 Marvel announce Doctor Strange movie. Green lantern II.
1:19:30 Larry Fishburne cast as Perry White. (Nope!)
1:19:45 Henry Cavill as Superman. Vault. Batman fighting Bane. Kevin calls that Bane isn't the main villain in The Dark Knight Rises. Kiss and make upCatwoman on BatPodOutfit.
1:25:00 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.