Hollywood Babble-On 44.

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin try not to make out."
Runtime: 1:43:47
Recorded Sat, 29th July 2011
Released Mon, 1st Aug. 2011

Sponsor: Audible.com

0:00 Audible ad.
5:30 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

6:00 Show is sold out.
7:50 Great Moments in Celebrity Autobiographies: Rob Lowe.
10:14 Shout-outs: Seth hitchhiked from Georgia to arrive to HBO, comped a ticket.
13:30 Amy and Steven celebrate anniversary. Anne Heche's Butthole played. 
16:10 Scott from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Witches tit discussed. Ralph on dating a witch.
16:45 Quote: "Dickin' a wiccan."
17:33 Quote: "Magic shit."
18:38 Quote: "I'll fuck you, my pretty!"
19:15 Quote: "I have quite the chequered past ..."
20:40 Scott and Jennifer ask for Kevin's Sexy-Creepy voice.
21:42 Summer and Jacob are at The Lovitz for Summer's 21st birthday. Star Trek: The Next Homosexual.
22:45 **first appearance** George Takei. "Oh my ...!" 
24:05 Alica and Thomas get their friend Nick, called a "Smug cunt."
25:00 Martina, Morgan and Martin Eriksson from Sweden. Ask for Kevin to sing. Kevin tries to instigate a singalong.
26:25 Email bag: Credits, from John.
27:25 Martin from Belfast lost weight listening to HBO.
28:20 Percy from the UK speaks of possible Tesco sponsorship.
29:30 Tanya from Texas dashes Ralph's dreams and reveals that the Alamo Drafthouse doesn't have a hard licor licence.
31:15 Mick in Australia made an Indiana Jones and the Penitent ManGrate video.
33:10 Tinseltown Stiffs: Amy Winehouse27 Club. Kevin mentions George Carlin's death.
38:17 Quote: "I'm hoping Bieber is next ..."
38:50 Tinseltown Stiff: Dan Peek.
40:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Christopher Mayer.
41:53 Quote: "Little General Lee full of win!"
42:10 Kevin requests that he wants to be found dead, choked on a dildo. Cop Out takes a hit.
43:25 Shit That Should Not Be: Wildcats. Kevin likes Wildcats, and defends Goldie Hawn.
48:20 New Releases: Attack the BlockCrazy, Stupid LoveThe Smurfs and Cowboys & Aliens.
51:00 Quote: "The Producers are smurfed."
53:30 Al pacino's daughter arrested for DUI.
56:50 Linda Ronstadt writing her autobiography.
57:15 **first appearance** Aaron Neville.
58:30 Quote: "It's getting Hoth in here ...!"
59:05 Denise Richards autobiography out, details released, and history of her tits. All bets are off.
1:02:15 Ben Affleck's new hair. Monkees. Ben emailed Kevin regarding the cast of Red State/Argo.
1:03:30 Alex Trebek blows out his tendon.
1:05:30 Lindsay Lohan falls off the wagon. Freaky Friday predicament.
1:07:30 Alexander Saarsgard is single.
1:08:20 Quote: "She's a bobble-head."
1:09:15 Crystal Harris on Howard Stern.
1:10:40 Jesse James and Kat Von Dee split.
1:11:30 Rob Kardashian will be on Dancing the the "Stars." History of Kim on the show. Kim has psoriasis. Ralph on Khloe's feeding habits.
1:13:00 Quote: "The mannish one who looks huge? That's Khloe."
1:16:15 Jurassic Park IV. $300,000,000 yacht.
1:17:55 Marines asking celebrities to the ball. ScarJo, and the celebrities who have been asked.
1:20:00 Mila Kunis had an ass-double in Friends With Benefits. Kevin describes Single White Female.
1:22:20 Quote: "Side-boob."
1:23:10 Quote: "Sibupip."
1:23:40 Kevin is confused by Olivia's. CGI nipple chat.
1:26:40 Harrison Ford to play Wyatt Earp.
1:27:35 David Hasselhoff as Cap'n Hook. Celebrating his 59th birthday. Picture.
1:30:25 Katy Perry and Russell Brand have a hypnotherapist for their cats.
1:31:05 Pete Best gets his own street in Liverpool, the homeland.
1:32:20 Geek News: Batman Live. Ralph says he won't go. Then says he will. Bane leaked. Heath ledger pic.
1:36:20 Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel.
1:38:25 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes. Kevin wonders if Liam Neeson has ever got wind of this.