Hollywood Babble-On 46: Babble-On Las Vegas

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin set their phasers on sin. Recorded at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, 8/12/11."
Runtime: 1:19:00
Recorded Fri, 12th Aug. 2011
Released Mon, 15th Aug. 2011

0:00 SModCo ads.

4:10 Intro by Kevin Smith.
5:30 Hooters has filed for bankrupcy. Ralph talks about his flight into Vegas.
6:40 Kevin is in charge of tonight's theme music.
7:35 Shout-outs: Kevin makes an England Riot joke, to a Liverpool guy! Liverpool guy berates Ralph's accent. Ralph mentions the London riots clean-up operation.
9:45 Scott Rawdick from Rathdrome, Idaho, celebrating 16th anniversary and wife earns degree.
11:51 Josh and wife in the house. Cop Out takes yet another hit.
12:50 Tim and Julia celebrate their anniversary. Dirty Sean Connery shout-out.
13:55 Ryan is out with his parents. Little Mermaid made funny.
17:00 Quote: "What kind of bullshit did you bring me to? Wait til I get you home!"
17:50 Quote: "You're never on top!"
18:00 Quote: "Wrecking her, you are!"
18:55 Jessica and Judy here for Star Trek Convention, and Judy's birthday and sing Happy birthday. Judy called Patrick Stewart a pervert.
21:10 Quote: "Backstage pass."
23:05 Email bag: Laura Ford of Iowa sends in a female intro for HBO.
24:30 Neil of the HBO Drinking Game asks for different beer suggestions. "Root." "Yuengling." "Fat Tire."
25:30 Sabastien from France emails in. Uses the name Frank Garman.
27:00 Quote: "Fuck this frog!"
28:15 Matt from London asks for Kevin's "Manchester, England. England!"
29:30 Nathan asks for the Green Lantern oath as Ed Wynn.
30:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Francesco Quinn. The dangers of Exercise.
33:20 Tinseltown Stiff: Jani Lane.
34:00 Quote: "Ralph and Kevin found dead in a standing 69."
35:30 Cherry Pie video discussed.
36:15 Kevin doesn't understand John Kennedy Oswald.
37:20 New releases: The HelpGlee30 Minutes or Less and Final Destination 5.
38:29 HBO Headlines: George Lopez show cancelled.
39:00 Michael Moore would like to see Matt Damon as president. Kevin does the Team America Matt, and then defends Matt Damon.
40:23 Fox involves itself in politics.
41:30 On-line petition to let Bert and Ernie get married.
42:50 Jesse James got Sandra Bullock into chewing tobacco. Ralph drank the spit once.
44:00 Kardashian Klothing Kollection for Sears released.
44:50 Michael Jackson sketches unveiled in a hospital. Kevin was offered the script for Hot Rod, where Michael turns into a car.
46:30 Vanilla Ice has a job (Performing in a Chatham Pantomime!). Ralph raps Ice-style.
47:50 Justin Bieber new DVD released. Selling hair. Bieber crimes. Bieber on a plane.
49:00 Quote: "Justin, by the way, is a little dick."
49:50 Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife comments on his member.
51:45 Rebecca Black on Good Morning America. Kevin and Ralph sing Neil Diamond. Ark Music Factory present: Madison Bray's Girl Swag. Rebecca Black changes schools; being home-schooled. Fries Girl makes a return.
54:35 Quote: "You're fucking nine!"
57:40 Quote: "If people do bad things, you should be able to kill them."
58:00 Cher Lloyd has this week's UK no. 1. Kevin defends.
59:45 Simon Cowell will earn $75m for X Factor, this year. Ralph will guest on episode 2 of House.
1:01:00 Ralph runs through the list of big earners for this years TV.
1:02:50 Bewitched coming back to TV.
1:03:20 Sex and the City; the Early Years.
1:03:50 Quote: "Period pieces?"
1:04:10 Kevin can't see the horse resemblance.
1:04:40 Tom Hanks reimburses someone's money for disliking Larry Crowne.
1:05:15 Dirty Dancing reboot. No Swayze cameo.
1:06:45 Hong Kong Phooey remake and formula.
1:08:10 Smurfs will have a sequel.
1:08:55 Geek News: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt II. 3rd most successful movie. Kevin talks about Avatar.
1:10:45 Chris Evans isn't thrilled with older fans. Kevin tells when Mewes saw Chris Evans at the radio.
1:12:20 Nic Cage said he had a vision that he would make the Ghost Rider. Ralph gives props to the second movie.
1:13:25 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.
1:14:16 **first appearance** "How big is it?!"