Hollywood Babble-On 42

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Ralph and Kevin are now somewhat Audible."
Runtime: 1:36:46
Recorded Sat, 16th July 2011
Released Mon, 18th July 2011

Sponsor: Audible.com
0:00 Audible ad.

0:15 Intro by Kyle Hebert.

0:55 Carmageddon braved, as is Garmageddon and Charmageddon.
2:00 T-shirts available here. But not here, or here.
2:45 Brand new sponsor: Audible.com
3:50 Kevin comments of the cancer of reading, these days.
4:30 Ralph used Audible to get the Audiobook of Go The Fuck to Sleep.
5:25 **first appearance** Great Moments in Celebrity Autobiographies: William Shatner: Up Til Now.
8:00 Shout-outs: Maria from Australia here to cover Comic-Con.
8:20 Ralph forgets the shout-out theme and is duly reminded by the audience.
10:10 Paul from Melbourne, Australia. Plugs his show. Is abused by Sean Connery.
11:48 Cheryl and Aaron at The Lovitz. Aaron compared to a muppet, and is promised anal.
12:10 Quote: "Pull the trigger, dude!"
13:58 Mike from Minnesota on SMacation, changed his travel plans to the tune of $400 to see HBO. Kevin buys his drinks for the evening.
16:25 Quotes: "Swallow that guilt!" "420!"
16:45 Carly and Chelsea try to hook up with Lovitz. Kevin is amazed with the mother.
19:10 Quote: "C.U. next Tuesday."
19:40 McDonalds Fries Girl sings "Happy Birthday."
20:05 Quotes: "You want cake with that?!" "I think I wet myself ..."
21:10 Email bag: Jeff Bell is a Babbler, and made this.
23:20 Keith in Milwaukee named his baby Dante Elias.
24:10 Noam Steiner set up a tumblr to get him to HBO.
25:50 Quote: "I think there will be peace in the Middle East before he gets here."
26:10 Chris from Oklahoma sent in this video of the bandcamp.
28:22 Quote: "KinderGarman."
28:40 Joshua in Australia asks for Bobcat Goldthwaite.
29:10 **first appearance** Bobcat Goldthwaite.
29:50 Bret Butler comments on Ralph's appearance of the SMorning Show, and creating this image.
31:10 Dave says Movie Review Discussion show should be called "Credits," and comments on the difficulty of watching streaming movies once they are mentioned on HBO. Kevin offers a free ticket.
32:05 Josh in Chatanooga comments on Ralph's IMDB page, and Doogie Howser, MD. Ralph offers setup before clip.
35:05 Proposed new segment: Ralph Garman Time Machine and A Brief History of Ralph.
36:15 Quote: "Garmanbage (Garbage)."
36:45 Tinseltown Stiffs: Roberts Blossom. (pic). Kevin on Northern Exposure.
38:30 Tinseltown Stiff: Alphonso Mizell
39:45 Tinseltown Stiff: Rob Grill. Duel Bob Dylan impressions
41:10 Tinseltown Stiff: Sam Denoff.
41:35 Tinseltown Stiff: Sherwood Schwartz. Video. Ralph recalls meeting Mr. Schwartz.
43:20 Quotes: "I am immortal, and I will remain immortal until the day I die." "Tiny ship full of win."
45:05 Hollywood Helpers: Justin Timberlake. Kevin notes that Hollywood Helpers started at episode 1 (Actually, the first appearance was episode 4). 
Marine in Afghanistan asks out Mila Kunis.
Justin Timberlake lends a helping hand.
Female Marine asks Justin.
46:30 Various Top Gun references.
49:05 Quote: "Hollywood Hustler!"
51:38 Shit That Should Not Be: The Last Samurai. (From Ben in Elstree).
54:00 Quote: "BAM!"
54:35 New releases: Winnie the PoohHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II.
55:00 Kevin has already seen Harry Potter. Various Potterism's.
56:10 Quotes: "Voldemort, huh?" "Beaticus!" "Cashicus!" "Jersey Witch." "Listen to me, Hufflepuff." "Donkeyus." "Stinkpalmicus!"
56:30 Kevin muses on being married to JK Rowling. Kevin wonders who goes to the midnight screening. They are at the Lovitz. Kevin cried, and describes Snape's end in the story. Ralph plugs Audible, and Kevin sings the praises of Jim Dale. 
1:01:20 Kevin explains how he would have made the movie.
1:02:10 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are finished. J.Lo will be paid $1m to sing 3 songs in the Ukraine.
1:04:20 James Thompson wrote a Lindsay Lohan theme. Had photoshoot, but wouldn't grant interview.
1:05:05 **first appearance** Lindsay Lohan News theme.
1:07:10 Arnie plans work on a new western. Ralph as Arnie in the Ol' West.
1:09:00 Dave Grohl kicks a guy out of a Foo Fighters gig.
1:11:22 Rebecca Black will release a new single, My Moment.
1:11:55 Quote: "She's not .. talented .. to the extent .. that I enjoy."
1:13:30 Lady Gaga attempted egging.
1:14:30 Kevin leaves a bad joke in to teach Ralph a lesson.
1:15:00 Jonah Hill weight loss.
1:16:25 Quote: "You get your period or something?"
1:16:50 Oprah set to host the Oscars.
1:17:50 Carnie Wilson to foreclose on her home. Ralph sings to Carnie Wilson.
1:19:30 Geek News: Dark Knight Rises poster. Ralph is unimpressed. Kevin is going to punch Ralph in the face.
1:20:30 Teaser trailer.
1:22:22 Quote: "Matalo matalo, Bane Bane!" 
1:23:04 Harrison Ford says Dr. Jones should die in Indiana Jones 5.
1:23:25 Quote: "What a dick!"
1:24:20 New Amazing Spider-Man photos. 123. HBO at the HOB.
1:26:45 Quote: "Basketball-head."
1:27:25 Ralph will neither confirm or deny and details as he is on the panel for this and other movies at comic-con (including the new Ghost Rider movie).
1:28:25 Kevin will have a chat with William Shatner, and plugs his Q&A at Hall H, and Kevin will show a Red State clip.
1:30:00 Quote: "You put pussy over Batman!"
1:30:23 Liam Neeson's Cock jokes.