Hollywood Babble-On 4: Simon & Garmanfunkel

Episode: Link.
Comments: "As Hollywood turns all that it touches evil, Ralph and Kevin sing."
Runtime: 1:30:39
Recorded Fri, 10th Sept. 2010
Released Mon, 13th Sept. 2010

0:00 Intro by Matt Cohen.

0:20 **first appearance** "It's Friday night in Hollywood, so it's time to Babble On!"
1:25 **First appearance** Hollywood Helpers. A.K.A. "People Who Aren't Assholes!" and "Hollywood Gretzskys!"
4:08 Hollywood Helpers: Kevin Pollock; texts to Kevin.
5:13 Kevin impersonates Kevin and Jabba the Hutt. Ralph is purported to be Salacious Crumb.
7:15 Ralph had lines in Red State; suggested that he should have none.
8:00 Top Ten Movies for the weekend ending 5th September 2010.
8:15 Ralph changed the format because Kevin gave him shit last week.
9:40 Quote: "Let's not fight in front of the kids."
10:26 Kevin references and describes The Poughkeepsie Tapes.
12:25 "I was in Poughkeepsie once, and I wanted to kill myself ... that town fuckin' blows."
12:40 Boob-talk, the girl from The Piano, True Blood's Stephen Moyer and Alexander Sarsgaard.
16:53 Cumpires.
17:22 Film idea: "Cumpire Kids."
18:50 "Van Felching."
19:10 Stephen Moyer fears being overly-aroused when filming sex-scenes. Envisions Margaret Thatcher playing naked ping-pong.
20:25 Kevin is taking Harley Quinn Smith to the V.M.A's.
21:17 Quote: "That shit about the plane ain't true!"
21:40 **first appearance** Chelsea Handler; talentless cunt.
23:00 Chelsea Handler takes a thorough reaming. Well done, Ralph.
24:04 Daniel Tosh Quote: "Comedy is hard. If comedy was easy, Chelsea Handler would be doing it."
24:25 **first appearances** Kanye West; Taylor Swift.
25:45 Quote: "Chelsea Handler shot JFK in '63!"
27:35 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure gets another sequel. Zack and Miri mentioned.
28:30 Kevin's suicide vest at K-ROQ.
29:55 Keanu is referenced.
30:17 **first appearance** Tron.
30:32 Kevin blasts Tron. Ralph tries to defend.
31:00 **first appearance** "How dare you, sir!"
31:53 Quote: "Tron is my Chelsea Handler."
32:20 Judge Dredd remake news. The remake of Star Trek is touched upon.
35:30 Machete announced as second-worst movie of the year, behind Antichrist.
36:00 Kevin tells a tale of renting Bloodsucking Freaks at 10 years old.
37:53 Quote: "Her mouth will make an interesting urinal."
38:45 Ralph on Obama.
40:00 Mad Men season finale discussed. Kevin cried at that, Toy Story 3 and Snoopy Come Home.
41:40 Willow Smith Debut single released, "Whip My Hair."
43:13 Quote: "She's fuckin' nine! She's got nothing to sing about!"
44:47 Quote: "I was still getting my ass wiped at age 9."
46:50 **first appearance** "And whatnot."
48:45 Kevin talks about his father.
53:00 Will Smith was in Jersey Girl.
53:33 Seven Pounds, and the Smith Children.
55:30 Ralph cock-blocks Kevin.
55:55 Paste Magazine reveals the 40 best TV themes.
57:10 Ralph and Kevin sing various theme tracks, and The Waitresses. The Waitresses made Ralph hard.
1:00:09 Kevin doesn't understand counting down to 1.
1:01:24 "Lindsay Lohan's a slut! O hohohoh!"
1:04:10 "I put 5 cock rings on to celebrate the Olympics!"
1:05:30 Kevin blew out my headphones singing.
1:07:17 Hawaii 5-0 signifies the end of the day's cartoons.
1:08:45 "Björk is the Chealsea Handler of music." Video.
1:10:15 "They didn't release this song; it escaped!" (Kevin loves it.)
1:13:00 Quote: "It's Björk, Bjitch!"
1:13:20 Björk attack video.
1:14:30 Joe Francis assistant writes a book about Paris Hilton hiding drugs in her vagina.
1:16:50 Boofing, keistering and ass-panini.
1:17:31 Kevin appeared in Bottoms Up with Jason Mewes and Paris Hilton.
1:19:07 New Movies: The Romantics, Resident Evil Afterlife.
1:21:02 Katie Holmes praises Kevin.
1:23:25 (Tom Cruise mentioned) "Before she was cast as his wife."
1:23:35 An Officer and a Gentleman mentioned.
1:25:59 Cereal-box Head. (The Dawson)
1:27:00 Chris Tucker language. 3D is discussed, as is The Hunt for Red October. Irish curse.
1:29:40 Ralph has pendulous balls. Kevin imitates AC/DC.