Hollywood Babble-On 3: Jerry's Kids.

Episode: Link.
Comments: "Make a gift of a panini to that phallic."
Runtime: 1:19:24
Recorded Sat, 4th Sept. 2010
Released Mon, 6th Sept. 2010

0:00 Intro by Matt Cohen.
0:30 Kevin is thunderstruck to meet Ralph's wife.
1:30 Kevin muses upon the whereabouts of Rusty Miller; author of the Jedi masters Quizbook.
2:30 **first appearance** "Blowing guys for beer money ..."
5:20 Callback to Family Guy.
5:45 Lost In Space takes a thrashing.
7:03 Ralph spoofs Boy George, and George Michael.
9:00 Top Ten movies for the weekend ending August 29th, 2010.
11:04 Expendables 10 with have Freddy Prinz Jr, Tom Green and Robert Pattinson.
11:46 Justin Bieber to star in remake of Back to the Future.
13:15 Kevin impersonates Justin Bieber, Ralph; Doc Brown.
14:34 The validity of remakes is discussed.
17:14 **first appearance** Ralph chides the audience for groaning at his Mickey J. Fox joke.
18:30 Quote: "You know who else is fucked?! Chris Reeve!"
19:00 Christopher Reeve digitally walking.
20:14 **first appearance** Ghostbusters III. (Has storyline, Oscar is Venkman's son).
21:50 Fantastic Four reboot. Replaces Scooby Doo II as Harley Quinn Smith's favorite movie.
25:10 Ralph critiques Adrien Brody's build in Predator.
25:30 **first appearances** "Give the pianist a sandwich!" "Give that penis a sandwich!"
27:00 Stan Lee wanted to be cast as Odin in Thor. His procedure or creating characters is touched upon.
27:29 Stallone impression, and Charo impression/trivia.
32:49 Zsa Zsa Gabor is at death's door, and she plans to be plastinated.
33:22 Quote: "Sorry Mr. TV Tune!"
34:25 **first appearance** "Eleventy."
37:40 Hollywood Gone Wrong: (Zsa Zsa Gabor, still).
39:30 Paris Hilton arrested for cocaine possession in Las Vegas. Said it was gum.
40:15 Ralph discusses his time as Officer Grudin on NYPD Blue.
43:30 Ralph says cocaine is his favorite drug; Kevin promises never to play basketball.
45:49 Quote: "Oo! That's a good cover, man!"
48:45 "What does Jerry Lewis think about this?" Watch here:
50:05 **first appearance** Ralph Garman as Jerry Lewis.
52:14 "Did I ever tell you about the time Jerry Lewis sued me?" Story ensues. Hear the whole saga here. (Thanks to @Forgeticus for the heads up).
54:30 Quote: "J'ai je va, je vous va!" and translation.
56:10 Quote: "Damaging his standard in the International Community."
59:25 Quote: "Le Nutty Profeseur!"
1:01:00 New Movies: The American, Going the Distance, Machete.
1:03:57 Quote: "If your pastrami has no balls, fuck it!"
1:04:48 Quote: "Mexicans with weapons scare me!"
1:05:20 Kevin tells the Bruce Willis/Justin Long/Die Hard story.
1:10:15 "She has, opposed to carpet; hardwood floors."
1:10:55 http://www.annehechesphincter.com/
1:12:43 Quote: "Machete ..."
1:15:12 "The Fucks of Life ..."
1:15:48 **first appearance** Casey Kasem.